When is top class not top class

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Recently Steve mentioned a comment by GN5 referring to “having to resolve our scoring problems”.  I think that’s probably the nearest to a direct criticism of Wenger that GN5 has ever uttered.  However, it’s an entirely valid point.

Most of us simply see the solution in buying, at whatever the cost, a new, top class striker.

Which begs the question, in whose estimation is a striker “top class” or not.  Again, the simple answer is Wenger.  Only thing is how reliable is the manager when it comes to choosing strikers.  We know he is brilliant at finding attacking midfielders, he has recently even signed a couple of the defensive variety in Xhaka and Elneny.  When it comes to defenders the record is not quite so good, who can deny that Sylvestre, Stepanovs and their ilk were somewhat less than adequate.

When we move up-field to the strikers the situation begins to look dire.  Anders Limpar, Kanu, Sylvan Wiltord, Jose Antonio Reyes, Nicklas Bendtner, Andrei Arshavin, Emmanuel Adebayor, Julio Baptista, Joel Campbell, Maroune Chamakh, Eduardo, Olivier Giroud, Serge Gnabry, Ryo Miyachi, Park Ju-young, Alexis Sanchez, Ya Ya Sanogo,  Robin van Persie, Carlos Vela, Theo Walcott, Christopher Wrey, I’m sure there are others that I have missed, but I think you catch my drift.  How many of the above would you call a “Top Class Striker”.

Now to get back to the point of the post, “having to resolve our scoring problems”,  I still say the way to do it is buy a top class striker. But is Wenger the man to choose that goal scorer.

On past performance…..I don’t think so.

Written by Norfolk Gooner

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  1. Morning NG
    Thanks for starting a page, getting weary keep scrolling down.
    To your post, you rightly question his ability buying strikers. I have no idea is the truthful answer, Falcao looked good until he arrived on these shores, definitely dodged a bullet there, not that I believe we were in for him. Ibra looks good on paper but the league is very different to what he is used to.
    I’m being bold and would suggest someone who is relatively young but is getting a name, there of course will be a premium to pay, but there is a chance of resale value, should it not work out for whatever reason. Nothing very specific, I’m sorry, but I don’t do names as there are people better placed than me to judge.

  2. A recent example of his less than stellar signings, the much maligned Sanogo, reasonable underage scoring ability, but sent back from a loan because and I paraphrase “no natural ability”, this is really a damning indictment of our scouting department, unless they were ignored, either way, its not much comfort to the fan who expects a lot more from the club.

  3. Yes a nice quick post and straight to the point, its ok Norfolk my old mate, your on Walfaren now so you dont have to rush it but thank you as you have been through a lot just recently, and shows just how much the Gunners mean to you.

    Bloody good question as it happens, and i think the answer is that the good strikers we have had under him have been by fluke . Arsene Wenger is tight, he doesnt have to be but he fucking is, Many strikers who have done the buisness for us had to be able to play multiple tasks, thats how he wants his teams to run. Spends very little on players but he is a lucky Manager.

    Wenger i feel has more of us in him than a lot of the other Managers in as much as he see’s a price and thinks fucking hell you must be fucking joking. You Mrs wants a washing machine and picks out the dearest one in the shop, most guys look around and finds a cheaper one as lets face it it still washes clothes. Well i believe our Arsene is much the same, and although wrong he still gets those high placings.

    What we have got at the moment is an adequet washing machine it washes but it dont sparkle it rinses but it dont dry it works when you press the on switch but it aint great now that sums it up nicely for me.
    N5 of course will probably come out with stats he knows them all but he also knows a fucking good washer from a shit one, and that is where Wenger fails Adequate in this league is top 4, buy the dear one son and we will all be walking round sparkling. Thank you Norfolk

  4. Good morning folks, I did say I might have missed one or two, and here’s a second one Gervinho.

    I honestly think Wenger has only ever bought one truly world class striker and that’s Mesut Ozil, although on the Arsenal website he appears under the heading midfielder. Okay, I know there’s always Thierry Henry, but was he World Class when he first arrived? There’s no doubt he certainly developed into something very special.

  5. Money is the key,Donald Trump is walking away with it out there in the old US of A but the man just seems to be saying what the people want to hear. Will he win Who Knows and who fucking cares, but believe me when i say if he does, he will need allies like us. Obama said If we leave the EU you will go at the back of the que as far as working with us what a load of bollox that was Trump will straight away look to us.

    Now that is a position the Arsenal are in we have the money to be the best, but we just do not have the man at the helm. Now god forbid i slag this mans name but he will never rise to the echilons if he keeps our money tightly locked up. Wenger is known world wide, he has friends all over he knows all the people he needs to know and he talks like a very rich man from a very rich club, where he falls down is his negotiation penny pinching do a deal kind of thing and that is what seperates him from the big boys. Sure people listens when he talks they may take advice from him and he may even talk a guy from a poor background to come and play for us but he will not get a top class player unless he shows the clubs wealth.

    Players who may need to leave their surroundings may just be tempted but when another offer of obeseness hits them they just have to take that imediate wealth. But that is football today, most top players are millionairs they live a fine life many with constant sunshine and fame they walk about with a stunner on their arm to a fabulous car and manshion and they enjoy the moment. All thes guys follow the leagues and as soon as an offer comes in they google Arsenal football club what have they won what do they pay how the weather who am i to play with and they see Giroud Mertsacker Walcott and thinks fuck that mate i am staying here with this nice bint. A Donald trump he is not.

  6. Steve, it always amuses me when I read of Donald’s surname, trump is the slang word, in this part of Norfolk, for a fart.

  7. What a load of Anti Wenger shite, Cant buy world class strkers!!! Well who can or does, spending other peoples money is a speciality subject for some on here, if you have a budget (all of those who read this), then you go for what you can afford, a punt on Sanogo or Park is right there in the ball park, if you have unlimited funds you can go and waste it on Falcao,Shevchenko, Mutu Zamora,Carroll,Torres,(believe me the list is endless), Talk about no win, he buys no-one, he’s tight he buys a loser like Falcao, Michu or Bony he’s clueless.

  8. Welcome Philbet, not necessarily anti Wenger shite, as you so charmingly put it, more a critique of the great man’s ability to discover a top class striker, or with one notable exception, to recognise one in the making.

  9. Well said Philbet.

    It’s so, so easy to attack Wenger “after the fact” is not so bloody easy to have “foresight”.
    The better way to judge Wenger would be a season by season analysis that assesses the various criteria involved -ie:

    1. Arsenal’s cash position
    2. Other teams cash position
    3. Players injured
    4. Players purchased
    5. Players sold.
    6. League position
    7. New Stadium
    8. Season’s statistics.

    It’s only with this type of critical analysis that we can get to a deeper understanding of the causality of our success or failure.

    By the way I continue to maintain that based on last season we need to solve our lack of goal scoring.

  10. Norfolk,

    After the fact we can all make our assessments on the achievements of the attacking players AW has purchased. However as I said in my 12:31 it would take a deeper analysis to determine the criteria that predicated their purchase.

  11. Over twenty years now we have watched Wenger struggle to either buy a class striker, I won’t even say top class, or with the exception of the exceptional Thierry Henry, to developers one.

    How much longer should we have to wait?

  12. I know the answer to my question NG and it works out that in pre AW years we had 1 every 10 years, in AW’s time it works out to 1 every 5 years.

  13. Foresight you say, perhaps a list of players he nearly bought would be a better indicator. I posted a video some time ago, if you care to go back.
    Whilst I accept you won’t hear criticism, doesn’t mean you are right.

  14. Poig “nearly bought” bought are the key words. How does anybody other than AW know who he “nearly bought”

    It’s not that I won’t listen to criticism it’s more that I prefer to deal with more factual information.

    Your 1:27 sums up my views perfectly;

    1. Jungle drums = speculation
    2. Arsenal.com – fact.

  15. A record goal scorer if brought young can last you five to ten years Van Persie was with us about 8 years six of those years he was injured or rubbish i loved him in his final years with us but he did go on for a couple of years after he left us, Henry was a special talent he had everything that you would want from a goal scorer I believe Arsene was arsehole lucky with him but he did take him off the wing and made him into what he would become.

    I dont think anybody doubts that he can recognise talent, but he doesnt recognise the price of some of them, which is why we have struggled since they left. For what he has spent his results are faulless, but at the end of the day we still have scoring problems. Giving the man his dues he has still given us good finishing positions, our second place last season is testament to that fact our goals were shared out by the team.

    Mr Wengers stats are up there with the best managers the premier have thrown up , His one critism of late, is not buying when we actually need a position filled. Of course we posses Giroud Welbeck Walcott Sanchez Sanogo Akpon so although many feel we need a good Striker we are certainly not short of them. Looking at all of these strikers i have to say that i am at a loss who i would pick as a first pick. Being \Honest somebody else.

  16. NB
    Philbet’s equals quote extremes, and little bearing on reality…they come in dumped their load and sod off…thankfully

  17. These are the players listed on Arsenal.com as our 1st team forwards.

    Chuba Akpom
    Joel Campbell
    Olivier Giroud
    Serge Gnabry
    Alex Iwobi
    Alexis Sanchez
    Yaya Sanogo
    Theo Walcott
    Danny Welbeck

    Akpom, Iwobi and Sanogo are future potential with Iwobi having the highest possibility, but none of them have demonstrated and ability to score goals.

    Campbell and Gnabry have had multiple opportunities in the 1st team but have failed to make the grade.

    Sanchez is an out and out super star and has shown the ability to score
    Walcott is a dilemma!
    Welbeck has shown his scoring ability at the international level but has failed to achieve the same at Arsenal – he is also plagued with injuries.
    Giroud is our only proven goal scorer but like all strikers he has lean spells (maybe too many)

    So my summation would be that in Giroud, Welbeck and Sanchez we have three two players who could be our salvation but my absolute preference would be to offload, Walcott, Campbell and Gnabry and wait for Iwobi, Akpom and Sanogo to develop.

    However we must buy a player who can consistently put the ball in the net – but good luck with that as there are most likely 10 or more European clubs looking for the same player.

  18. NB – he spoke sense – maybe I’m a secret troll myself – as I’m accused of skipping from site to site seeking acceptance.

  19. That’s true Poig but deals are very complex and are not consummated for many various reasons – most of which we will never know.

  20. oh and Philbet…. we can say what the fuck we like on this blog…. if we want to say that Wenger is a tight arsed fucker who wouldn’t know a good striker if one kicked him in the face… then we’ll fucking say it…. if I want to call you a cunt, then I’ll fucking call you a cunt….. now you know the fucking rules…. you cunt 🙂

  21. Been down to get some bait and how surprised am i N5 and i have the same opinion. Now you wont get a more devoted Arsene supporter than N5, and i must admit i have been waiting for some time to see when he will agree that the strikers we have, have limitations, Now i dont think this is Wengers fault as he gives players many chances to show their worth, but in all honesty he has given them long enough. I am sure he feels the same way. Usually when he makes his mind up an ozil or a sanchez appears and i am hoping that that time has arrived.

    someone said yesterday that perhaps he has played many of our fringe players to put them in the shop window so to speak as we do have a lot of man power but only so many positions.. I like to think that Arsene see’s that we need another out and out striker, perhaps he see’s a striker who doesn’t have to double up on other positions just concentrate on getting ball in net let others defend. Maybe I have misunderstood N5 but i think the worm is turning. 🙂

  22. Personally I would like to Campbell get a decent run of games, he seldom get consecutive 90 minutes, and does try to work hard for the team, I also realise that AW sees him in training, but compared to Walcott who has had years to get it right, Campbell appears to have drawn the short straw. I don’t rate Sanogo at all, not for our future methinks.

  23. GN5
    I can accept that some deals are complicated but certainly not all, but will never know which is which.

  24. Steve,

    I’ve always understood the limitations of our squad and I’m open to discussing them at any time. What I will never understand is the amount of abject and inane criticism that is continuously aimed at Wenger for everything that goes wrong – for fuck’s sake – he even gets blamed for our injuries.

    Beating the drums of doom pre season emphasises my point – if there is nothing to moan about they invent some with a series of negative “What if’s”

  25. N5 do you know if our Japanese guy has a number, as somebody said that he is not legal yet.

  26. I think it has been confirmed, but as he can’t play in England, not a lot of point giving him a number.

  27. Looking on the transfer web pages, there seemed to have been lots of names, and it seems that some have substance, and some that seem like made up stories. I honestly believe that we have somebody in mind, probably somebody that has played in the interlul,l and no confirmation will come out until such person has had a nice long break away from prying eyes. If there is one thing about Wenger is he has the players interests in mind, he seems quite calm and Gazedez hinting its all over, so eyes are on Arsenal and not on targets that may have made a deal already.. N5s news about the No 9 shirt number, has me convinced we have somebody, but who that somebody may be, will be released when it suits. At least i hope so 🙂

  28. Thanks NG !

    Arthur Scargill was a top striker and had a ginger comb over !………….takes some beating that does !.
    I must admit that I`m very disappointed that there`s been no entertaining hostilities between the `sorearses !…………..come back Kelsey !.
    Just because Steve wears jack boots, wanks over old Pathe newsreels of storm troopers whilst reading Mein Kampf and has been hoarding LPG gas bottles for over 40 years doesn`t make him a Nazi racist !
    Gazidis needs to be gassed !…………………any chance of borrowing a bottle Kango ?………………for the crap he`s been coming out with !…………….. thinks we dont have to spend mega bucks on quality players as he thinks the squad is good enough and then uses Leicester as an example of how right tactics and super fitness will win the league and that the days of the “big 4” are over !………………………..what a cunt !………….yes ! the right tactics and fitness help, but get that and quality players and you are on to a winner !………….and we all know quality players cost money !.
    Leicester was a one off and normal service will be resumed, well unless you are Gazidis and have had a fiver on Stoke being the new Leicester…………….twat !.
    This is the man who said we will be able to compete with all the others in the transfer market and now has changed his mind saying we cant………….cunt !…………………..now Wenger has come out and made Gazidis look the cunt he is with…………………….“I am sure that my chief executive didn’t want to dampen the expectations on that front,” Wenger told Arsenal.com.

    “We are very active. If we find the right candidates then we will spend the big money. We have already spent big, Until now, nobody has spent more on a transfer than we have in this country. Even if Pogba might fly from Italy to England today, I don’t know… Overall we have made a big investment already but we are active.

    “I wouldn’t like to come out on names because if you don’t get them afterwards, people ask why. We are active, very active every day and it’s not over. Today we are on July 22 and the transfer market finishes on August 31. You know that a lot happens in the last week, so it’s a long time to go, but we are active and we are working.”

    Now we all know Wenger too has said in the past that we are active and working hard, only to let us down !…………..so who the fuck do you believe ?………………………….I have this theory of how our transfer dealings are thought out !………………….it`s a meeting at Stans £501M ranch where the inner sanctum 4 of……….. Wenger, Kroenke, Gazidis and Dick Law discuss players whilst they are naked and masturbating over a pole dancing duck !……………..they call it the……………Four Spunk Duck Technigue !……………………….cunts !.

  29. Season ticket renewals must be slow if Wenger is saying we can still spend big. When they’ve sold out he’ll use the usual excuse, he couldn’t find the players with the qualeetee to prove the squad.



    ……..The Usual Bull Shit

  30. And another one bites the dust. Following on from the departure of Thierry Henry his replacement in the coaching department, Tony Adams, has also left the club after only a week or so of a trial period. He joins a growing list of ex-players under Wenger who have either rejected offers to work for the club or, as in the case of Henry, fallen out with the manager and left.

    Dennis Bergkamp, turned down a scouting role, Patrick Vierra chose to join Man City’s academy, as did Mikel Arteta and Marc Overmars also moved on.

    It has to be said that some of the positions vacated were used primarily by former players working towards their coaching qualifications and may not represent any real loss to the academy in the long term.

    To my mind this all adds to the feeling that our control freak of a manager has too many fingers in too many pies. At a time when the first team is on a run of Premiership finishes where we have barely challenged the actual winner, surely the manager would do well to concentrate his efforts on putting that situation right and let other people get on with their own jobs without unnecessary interference.

  31. Just to get the click count up to fifty, here’s a bit of cheering news for your Sunday Morning delectation, Arsenal are considering a £75 million double deal for Mahrez from Leicester and Lazacette from Lyons.

    Now doesn’t that help your lightly boiled eggs down. 😀

  32. Arsene has said he`s….”very very active !”………..well what do you expect !, Stans syrups dont clean themselves !

    I bet Kroenke has spent more money on wig dryers than he has on players from his own pocket !

  33. I realise that photo is quite disturbing and creepy ……………….I would sleep with one eye open if I was Kroenke. I can just imagine the syrups ganging up on him for a good kicking as he doesn`t wear them that well…………….syrups have feelings too !

  34. Well before you mentioned it NG I would have said Stans as I didn`t realise Trump wore a syrup !………..now I have to ask myself is Boris wearing one ?………..so natural !

  35. Off for a 9 mile run now with my neighbour……………..he`s been recovering from a stroke and wants to run the New York Marathon next year, so I`m keeping him company, we will take it upto 10 miles in a few weeks time and that will be our normal Sunday run. I do it because I`m a caring person underneath all the crap and also that his wife is scared he will have another stroke or die on the run !……………mind you if he does kick the bucket or collapse on the run, I will be in there straight away for his gold teeth and wedding ring…………..then I`ll phone for an ambulance !. hahaha

  36. Morning guys
    NG, your 0639, I have wondered about his overall control and how IG feels about it. AW has contradicted him a couple of times now. Obviously IG is a company man, but does he go home to his wife and say “that fucking Wenger is pissing me off” or “I’m so glad we have Arsene for a manager, he is brilliant”.
    My view is that privately he can’t wait to get rid of him and run the company in a more business like manner, ie where the manager manages the team, and not responsible for too much else, but is hamstrung by Kroenke’s wish not to rock the boat.

  37. Just for cockie and the frog that jumps from here to there.
    Despite consistently poor performances in the league over the past decade, it has often been Wenger’s lack of perspective or arrogance in the transfer market that has cost them the silverware. On occasions, it’s a blind belief that the squad doesn’t need reinforcements, as was the case last summer. On others, Wenger has refused to match asking prices, deliberately offering lower amounts to frustrate selling teams, leading to the tired cliché of ‘we almost signed him’.

    Time and time again, Arsenal have passed up on the opportunity to sign the superstars they desperately need, just because Wenger would prefer a cheap, young prospect for the future instead. With his contract expiring at the end of next season, in what is arguably the best chance for the title for several years, it’s practically guaranteed that the manager will once again ignore all reason and drag the Gunners down single-handedly.

    I reproduce this as to me it is true,it’s time for a change.Whatever Gazidis says,Wenger says the opposite but I think it’s pretty conclusive but maybe not exactly accurate that we have more money than ever at our disposal to strengthen the team.

    Kroenke will stay silent as the cash flows in, CL being a bonus.IMO players no longer are attracted to the club and for one man to have total control is just blatantly unhealthy.
    The days roll on and quite probably we will buy some player of repute and the fans who don’t really care who it is, will be pacified for a few months.

    I find it hard to write the same thing time and time again.

    Of course I could take the alternative point of view and two or three really good players are signing imminent and all is well, but history tells me otherwise..

    Do you think the fanbase is interested in the potential of the bolton or japanese lad.Fotball is business no doubt, but to improve your business you have to invest in the best. Think about it.

  38. Cockie, enjoy your run I hope it’s not too hot way out west.

    I don’t see why Trump shouldn’t have falsehair, many bits of his many wives are false.

  39. Poig I’ve often thought we should have a Director of Football to oversee a small but select team of coaches and scouts.

    The DoF would set the style of play and select coaches to implement his ideas it would be the scouts job to find the players to fit the style.

    The DoF would continually monitor the squad and as a transfer window approaches he would, in consultation with the coaches, choose which players to bid for and which to release. He would also oversee the academy to ensure a flow of suitably trained and ready young players for the future.

    The job of managing a modern professional football club is simply too big for one man to cope with.

  40. It was a cool drizzle all the way NG, perfect for running ..

    Nice one Kelsey !……….any news from your friends son who is an Arsenal negotiator ?………like what part of the world is he in ?
    If Kelsey isn`t talking transfer rumours then I go to the Oracle of David Ornstein !……………..If he says something Arsenal then you can bet even Wenger thinks it`s true !…………..in fact, Arsenal.com check Ornstein before they put anything up !.

  41. Todays conundrum from le boss, cockie “We are very active on the transfer market but it’s a long time to go. Everybody has a handbrake on at the moment. It’s a little bit of a poker game until mid-August in my opinion.

    “So we might have to be good at poker.”

    I haven’t got all the stats to hand as to how many of these type of quotes we have heard in the last number of seasons from him.

    Just buy anyone as long as it’s from the petty cash, are the instructions.

  42. NG
    I would be stunned if we didn’t, just what the complete job description is would be the question….I agree that the job as is, is way too much for 1 person to be a master of all.
    At this stage, I’m convinced Ivan has a plan. He is nobodies fool and suspect he has a finger on the pulse.

  43. I will continue to blog like this ,what several call being a doomer until someone at the club wakes up and realises this is a billion pound business these days and one has to invest wisely but buy class not potential to compete.It’s not rocket science.
    We are becoming an embarrassment to deal with,always penny pinching, keeping injury prone players or those not good enough for far too long, and that means getting a new younger manager who can make demands from Kroenke to give that man real funds so as that we can compete.
    It may be a dip for a year or two as there are never guarantees and if the new man doesn’t work out get rid of him, like all the other big clubs do.
    Arsenal are in a time warp and frankly most can see it. Stats mean fuck all.When did we last win the PL or CL .Wenger was good but now he can’t motivate nor even close a deal. Go before you become a laughing stock and let us remember what are now distance memories of a great team.

  44. Where is Steve? if a true Arsenal angler perhaps caught a crab or something completely inedible, rather than a juicy trout or similar.

  45. Same old same old, Kelsey !………………………every transfer window he say he`s looking to buy and then disappoints us with a panic buy or a hospitalisedc loan player !…………………………although I wont grumble about the Ozil and Alexis purchases, just not enough of them when we are desperate for them. Last summer with Cech and no outfield player was a gross naive and sackable offence imo…………cost us the league no doubt !.
    Surely he has learned a lesson …………………………………………………….

  46. It was `69er and I`ve no doubt any `sorearse would have spent much more money and more wiserly !………………………….probably had visisted every massage parlour on the planet and still had enough money left over to have Sanogo exterminated !.

  47. Kelsey
    Stats are fine but relative…We have been a top 5 club in terms of value and turnover for the most of the last 10 years. Someone posted elsewhere the cups and titles they had won compared to us, its not good reading. This continued poor mouth we have isn’t even a joke. People say we can’t compete with the big teams…can’t or won’t. Last week 2 european clubs said that a player wasn’t for sale…guess what both have been. It’s not doom, its real.
    A few years ago we were being compared to Bayern’s approach, last week the same man comparing us to Leicester’s ffs, a gulf of a difference. What’s even more alarming to me, is that there is talk of a new contract, fiction maybe, but no smoke without fire.

  48. Cockie
    I doubt he is invading a country yet, he has to make up his mind first as to which one 🙂

  49. I like your optimism, GN5, it is a contrast to the more entertaining dooming !………………..what would the world be like if there was only doom !………………..we need your Jesus like approach to The Arsenal !……………………amen !.

  50. GN5
    There surely has to be a point where you consider AW to be failing. What would you judge to be enough to say “ok its time for him to go”?
    Just curious, as we all have lines in the sand.

  51. Anyone see that news about a man having a double hand transplant ?……………………….first thing he said was that he couldn`t wait to hold a pint at his local !……………………….I wouldn`t have even said a first thing as I would have straightaway had a wank !………………….wanker !………….I mean, fucking alcoholic !.

  52. He doesn`t need a boat !………………and could feed the whole of the Emirates at half time with a finger roll !…………and probably turn `69ers piss into wine !……………………even though `69er wouldn`t know the difference !.

  53. Very interesting Cornwall? The first thing i suspected when i heard that poor bloke lost his hands was excessive masturbation. The only good thing though, is its your cock that goes first, so after that, you dont mind losing your hands.

    i dont see what Wenger has done wrong? He bought Granite early and is now looking to get the right the player at the right price. Whats wrong with that?

    Anyway, We all do things wrong sometimes. In my late teens i was seeing this girl and made all the mistakes. Telling her that i loved her, that I missed her, that i wanted her, that I had a terrible wanking habit etc (Though luckily, I still have my hands).

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    Cant see Wenger making a mistake like that.

  54. Cockie/Poig,
    I am just amazed at the amount of doom being expressed we have already spent 30+mil and the speculation over more purchases is very hot. So I see no reason to spout doom, I prefer to live a life full of optimism and hope not pessimism and doom – pretty simple really.

    I suspect it will be the most competitive PL we have seen in many years and I am looking forward to the opening game – and I recognize that it’s – a competition not a coronation.

  55. Hahaha Stretch I admire his multi-tasking too, but I suspect if the two timing bitch had not pulled your syrup down over your eye`s the amature boxer would have got his comeuppance !. He may have been trained in the arts of the Marquis of Queensbury rules ,but thats no match for a lead lined Arsenal slipper !.

    For give me if I`m wrong Stretch but somehow I have a feeling that you wished Arsene had no hands so you….the compassionate guy inside would offer to wank him off !………….you go that extra length to help people………truly inspiring !.

    Come on GN5 !………………Arsenal could sign Messi and Ronaldo and I`d still doom !………………it`s the same as you !…………….Arsenal could be relegated to the Ishmian League under Wenger and you would still champion the manager !…………whereas I would cut his fcuking hands off !.

  56. Now if could read between the lines, I would say that Per is having a slight dig at out at our lack of transfer buys ( yes I know GN5….. there`s still years left in the window) and it`s effect on this and last years seasons and dont forget we have lost Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky and the strong possibility that we will start against Liverpool without Ozil, Alexis, Ramsey, Giroud and Koz……………that is an enormous worry as we could start the season playing catch up…………….doooooooooooooooom !.

  57. GN5, we all know that you consider yourself some sort of missionary preaching to us poor benighted unbelievers in the joys brought to us by Saint Arsene of the Emirates. Dooming, as you insist on calling it, is anathema to you and must be stamped out.

    But do you have no memory of last season? Let me remind you.

    Despite the obvious need for more goals, we bought a goalkeeper. Anyone who dared to say that we wouldn’t win anything without strengthening our attack, were themselves attacked as a doomer by you. But you know what? We didn’t win a thing and finished ten points down on the Champions Leicester, this despite the fact, yes the fact, that two of the usual top teams Chesea and Man U had very poor seasons.

    Since all the indications, apart from T.U.B.S., are that once again we will not make any more necessary improvements to the squad you express amazement at the amount of so called dooming.

    For the coming season, all of our main rivals for a top four finish have either appointed new and previously successful managers, significantly strengthened their squads or done both. We, however, have done neither.

    I think it fair to say that our squad will be very little changed from last season, indeed by the looks of things we will be significantly weaker due to the late return of senior players from their summer international tournaments. Our manager and coaches will be the same as last year, we have seen some of the brightest of our young players given a chance of first team football at the back end of last season, non were exceptional.

    In view of this, can you not see good reasons why a number of very long term and loyal supporters have doubts about the ability of the club to seriously challenge for the Premiership title, let alone the Champions League.

  58. if pers says that and he is our very mobile captain you know the players are worried. but don’t fret we spent 3.5 million on two players,one can’t even join until the end of August and we might sell 6 dozen extra shirts to japan, but wait, lets get fucked in the opening games and then panic as we did with ozil last minute as real madrid had to sell.

    Great planing isn’t it,but stats don’t lie.It is so logical what we need,Every man and his dog can see it except Wenger and he wants no interference from anyone,what he says goes,but then he has stats on his side.

    Funny how Kos,Giroud and Ozil all played better in the Euros than they did for us last season

  59. There is no agenda on my facebook site with just 40 members of which many are in their seventies,i am in my sixties.I actually encourage a counter argument but we all sing from the same song book.NB can verify that as he,Raddy and two others from AA are members.never a word about stats.many have given up with Wenger and their season tickets as they have had enough.Some have been very successful business men and actually they understand as I do that football has changed and you have to invest at the going rate,which we can to compete.You won’t get that with Wenger,he will never change.
    I would never question he is our greatest manager ever but as the seasons roll on that fact diminishes and people want to think about now.Stats mean nothing in terms of trophies,surely any half intelligent person can see that.

  60. Speculation is hot–fiction…..dot com–fact
    Getting the right player for the right price, when the dogs on the street know what we need.
    3 weeks to go and1 first team purchase, and everything is rosey in the garden. Great.

  61. Kelsey, the Grand Prix is over, Le Tour is all but over, the cricket is rained off, my neighbours are barbecuing so the garden stinks, what else is there to do but blog? 😀

  62. And the beat goes on……………

    You can say what the fuck you like about me but I refuse to become a drummer in your doom club.

    I will not result to snide innuendo’s and childish insults, I will stick to my belief’s even though Kelsey’s face book clan disagree.

  63. We don’t want you,surely the penny has dropped. realists that’s what we are not doomers.It’s not a doom club but you can only see everything your way that’s why you flit from one blog to another and make demands and i know that is absolute fact.

  64. If you think I’m a doomer perhaps you ought to read what Mertesacker has to say…a doomer, but in a better position than us.

  65. Let me make one thing absolutely clear to the few who post on here but many read.

    I invited GN5 to my FB closed site and within a very short time whilst we were building it up everyone was polite to one another he decided we were all negative and publically wrote it on the blog.This was not received well be a few people so I deleted him.The stupid man had two options jusy not post,delete himself or better still message me privately.Whatever he says that is the truth and I have three witnesses who swa his post.

    He complained bitterly to me that AA wouldn’t publish his posts when they needed them, but low and behold there he is back on there arse crawling. The stats are just a way of diverting the truth.

  66. Kelsey

    You really are a big fucking child who will go to no end to get sympathy.

    I wrote on your blog that I found it to be dour and negative and that I would no longer make any comments. You lost your rag and sent me an fucking spiteful message (I can post it if you like) after which I deleted your FB site. removed you from my face book and blocked you my Email.

    I have never demand anything on any site and NB69, Peaches and Rasp can all attest to that. I was very upset over a particular post that AA decided not to publish but over time I got over it.

    Get a grip on your fucking emotions and stick to dooming about Arsenal.

    If NB wants me off of his site then he can tell me privately.

    Now go and spew some more lies – if it makes you feel better.

  67. GN 5, quote “I will not result (sic) to snide innuendos and childish insults” You do on a regular basis both here and on another site, where you use a different name. I don’t know if your accusation is aimed at me for my comment at 4.11, but let me assure you it’s like water off a duck’s back.

    I don’t think anyone wants you to change your opinions, I’ve certainly lost all hope of that, but you might like to consider the vague possibility that others don’t always agree with you and may well hold their own opinions just as strongly.

    As 69er has said on many occasions, on this site we can say what we like, I for one will continue to do just that If you can’t accept that the problem is yours to deal with as you see fit.

    Now I am tired of reading your diatribes, so I would appreciate it if you would kindly not address any further comments to me.

  68. Norfolk I have no issue with you but we will never agree on things Arsenal – at least not until we win the league.

    But I will not sit back and be slandered by Kelsey’s bullshit and his interpretation of events. You will note that I did not use any childish insults or innuendo’s, I just used actual facts.

    In all honesty I have never blogged under any name other than GunnerN5 – I’ve used it since the mid ninety’s on every site that I have participated on – so I have no idea where you are coming from. I have no reason to blog under another name – other than in fun.

    If NB69 wants me to leave his site I will honour his decision.

  69. me too, you are the liar and that;s it.Selective memory GN5 and as NG don’t address me again. Every thing I said is true, you just don’t like the facts,so stick to stats.

    Who send anything about sympathy,not me.Pathetic I am afraid.Everyone who disagrees with you and your twin Wenger finishes having a fight with you.

  70. Wenger is quoted as often saying he is a liar when being interviewed.Sorry NB but i know the facts he knows the stats but will not listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with him. i have often said we had great times under Wenger but now is the time to say goodbye.

    I don’t care a shit about sympathy, GN5 on the other hand wants reognition. Totally different,anyway as NG says GN5 will never change so let’s start a new page.

  71. Thank you Kelsey and GN5 !……………….I knew you both would not let me down with the entertainment !………..love it !………more please and can you be a bit more expletive as curiously it has a sexual arousing effect on me ! 😆

  72. I“m curious to know who the AAers are who read the site but dont comment ?………….spill the beans Kelsey !…………who are the peepers ? ……………I bet one of them is the Gay Viking with the bent horn who banned me from AA !………that was democratic decission by him and his shirtlifting cock !. hahaha

  73. Like this old quote from Arsene ……………………………….. “We were considering Ruud van Nistelrooy and Francis Jeffers and, in the end, we went for Jeffers.” Speaking in 2001 about his signing of Francis Jeffers.

  74. The funny thing cockie that apart from NB who is always pissed all the other hundred odd contributers all disagree with GN5. Someone must be right, no. Anyway he will sod off back to AA and then when he offends someone else go to the only blog that would welcome him uUtold Arsenal. Will the penny drop.

  75. Kelsey,

    Be very careful, if you continue to abuse me like this I will have no choice but to publish some of our private Emails – I kept every fucking – one including those about your “friends” on AA and your family.

    Your fucking choice – cease and desist or I will publish the true facts.

  76. What sort of prick are you Kelsey, now you are abusing NB who has put up with all of your whining bullshit.

    You are just a fucking minnow I wish I had not wasted

  77. wasted 6 years of my life supporting you and listening to all of your tales of woe and doom and gloom and complaints about everybody and their brother. It’s fucking unbelievable that you turn on me after all I have done for you – and justl because I wrote that your FB site was dour and negative and would no longer participate.

    You are just a fucking joke and blame everyone else for what ails you -.

    Is this exciting enough for you Le Coq?

    More to come — if provoked.

  78. Good morning, is it it safe to appear or are there more showers of invective heading this way? 😀

    Back to football, well transfer speculation actually. There are varied reports concerning the Leicester forward Riyadh Mahrez. One says the player’s agent was in attendance at the Arsenal friendly in Lens on Friday evening, although he denied there had been any offer made. Another said that shirts with the players name on were offered for sale also on Friday, Chelsea shirts that is.

    Wenger and his boys are off to the good old U.S. of A. this morning, so it looks like things will be put on hold until they return, it’s very difficult to get a signal n you’re mobile over there.

    Well the weather is looking good, early blood test today then no more for a week.

    Back later if Armageddon has destroyed the site. 😀

  79. oh now you are treading dangerous water GN5.it’s actually true,you upset everyone wherever you blog.Threatening me in public with private e mails how low can you get.
    I have never abused you as you keep forgetting that you started all this and NB couldn’t care a fuck about you,I aure you/

  80. oh NB lovesall your rants he ld me actually and ask him yourself.

    What has my private lgot to do withyou being a truncoat and never listen to anyone else’s point of view.
    Where does sympathy come into
    you are rattled and now are going below the belt so let’s see whose character is at issue.I will stop now but if you continue I will reply.

    Who asked you to AA in the first place, it was me. Yes I have had a severe illness as have you,but I don’t go down that route ever,think before you write again please,all tgis rowing will get us nowhere but please no threats.

  81. Oi you fuckng two idiots…. leave me out of it, I’ve got loads of e mails from both of you which I could publish, but they are private e mails and therefore, they will stay private.

  82. Kelsey…. I don’t delete posts, I’m not like those wankers over on Arsehole Arsehole, once a comment is up, it stays up…. it’s for you and GN5 to decide if you want the world to see what idiots the pair of you are!!!!! 🙂

  83. Shame the peepers dont comment though, `69er.

    Would be even better if either Kelsey or GN5 was the female love interest ! hahaha

  84. Morning guys
    Hope you are keeping score NB, I’m not sure who is winning.
    Talking peepers, do you get many regular voyeurs….I can’t think of one 🙂

  85. I can vouch that he doesn’t delete posts, fucker has dropped me in it before, with no mercy shown whatsoever.

  86. Poig,

    My philosophy is that if someone wants to make an idiot of themselves on the blog, then they have to live with the fucking consequences and the comment stays on for all to see ha ha

  87. Agree but threats are another thing,NB.
    Anyway I haven’t got anything to ay football wise as ifwe do any business it will be last minute.

    Deuchyis off after 2 years.14 million down the drain but Roma hav very nicely agreed to pay Szsney’s wages in full whilst stll on loan.

    our petty cash is bursting 😉

  88. Kelsey, how can you consider them as threats when they are nothing more than the things you have written about your friends and kin folk?

    I’m off now for a long hibernation – but I always keep my eyes open.

  89. GunnerN5 says:
    July 24, 2016 at 9:56 pm


    Be very careful, if you continue to abuse me like this I will have no choice but to publish some of our private Emails – I kept every fucking – one including those about your “friends” on AA and your family.

    Your fucking choice – cease and desist or I will publish the true facts.

    That is a threat whichever way you look at it. But you are an out an ot liar, Attack is the best form of defence. I thought better of you,but I misjudged you.

    be very careful what you say as i will counter attack but i would never ver be as low as to bring your health orfamilies health into our dispute.You are just scum.

  90. Afternoon all, Back from a 36 hour bank vigil, to find the elusive Carp and Catfish, sadly i was on the losing side. Mrs came as well so i was under a little brolly on a spunky little bed and she had the overnighter with the kingsize bed and sleeping bag while i had my winter suit on. 36 hours seem to drag when the alarms are silent, had a couple of bleeps at around two this morning, only down to a fucking big rat attacking my glowing bobbin.

    I like a bit of fishing, it gets you away from the hum drum of life and the fucking bitter spates of so called football fans who can’t wait for the season to start. Only second last year, what a fucking disaster, we have only spent a few million on A Jap and a couple of usefull DM’s. Now so far we have lost some of the deadwood, and there may even be a surprise to come.

    ^six oclock this morning and the Mrs had sausages and bacon eggs and tomatoes in the pan, the smell was to die for , the overnighter and my little brolly were soaked, I dont think it rained but there must have been a heavy dew, but that breakfast smell made Me glad i was alive. I had breakfast then had a quick look at the old dog and bone Gunnersorearse took a while to get a connection, but i soon saw squabbling i thought fuck me Steve your better off here mate. What is it with Arsenal Supporters, why do they feel that the world owes them a league title. They turn out eleven men and they play all season, they clinch a second and were still shit. One of these days i will ask a decent supporter what is wrong with them , but at the moment just trying to get over my failure with fishing.

  91. The fact of the matter is that 12 years of top 4 is as far away to winning the title as any other position in the league !……………..I would have preferred a title in any of them years and 11 bottom half table finishes !……….for one thing I could rejoiced at a title win and doomed even more in the other 11 years than I do now !
    The only thing that means anything other than a title or odd cup is being above the scummy spuds………anything else is irrelevant unless you are a masochist who like watching us struggle in the CL every year !.

    I laugh at all the bloggers who used to say that we need CL to attract the best players, yet we have Manshafter(twice) and Chavs attracting players without it !…………..a load of bollox !……………..money attracts players, not CL football !………..Kante leaves a CL team for a club not even in the Europa League !.
    We wre lucky to get 2nd this year and we will eventually slide downwards as long as Kroenke is majority shareholder, it`s only a matter of time !.
    I wont take sides on Kelsey and GN5`s battle, but I obviously agree Kelsey on his Arsenal thoughts and just respect GN5`s opinions !…………………..but just do us all a favour settle this with pistols at dawn !……………….seing as I like you both, no bullets, but piss instead…………….Piss Pistols at Dawn ! hahaha…………………………..what a great film title !…………..I see Michael Caine in the Kelsey role and Ray Winstone as GN5……………………………” Oi !…..stop aiming that bloody piss pistol at me !”…………………………..”shut it you slag !”

  92. 20 years of top 4 Cocky, when do you reckon we will start to slip. Of course we have had a couple of doubles in that time and a couple of odd cups. Will it be this season, as the worlds best managers are stacking up in our league. You wont have a better time to predict a slide, than right now. .

  93. What is so special about top 4, no trophies, CL is a joke and were are nearer to 5th place than 1st in terms of points, I’m not happy with mediocre and excuses when there is a shitload of money in the bank. That is not the way “big” clubs think.

  94. Ah for fuck sake…. both of you publish the fucking e mails and get it over with, then we can see all the dirt dished on every blogger in the universe… we can call it Diki-leaks…. to go with Steves spunky little bed ha ha

  95. We have a history of not getting relegated, we also had a history of not getting beaten by Watford.

  96. All this talk about being classed as a big club, I understand supporters frustrations, fuck me i suffer the same year after year, but that is just the nature of sport.

    Manchester United under Red Nose, almost guaranteed a trophy every season. The guy got to old to carry on, He wanted to spend more time with his loved ones, after all he missed out on a lot of their lives. Manchester United Big Club or shit club Now. Chelsea, Many managers and lots of sackings won a few trophies \Big club or shit club Now. Manchester City same MO as Chelsea Big club or shit Club Now I could go on but whats the point,

    Big clubs are not just clubs that win the league this season, they are clubs that are up there with the leaders, they take prize money, not all big clubs can take the spoils as there is only one League and FA and Silly cups CL is a European competition and i believe politics are involved there. Of course i make that statement openly as i do believe football is fixed. Now a bit of a bold statement i know but i believe in saying it as i believe it is.

    Champions League is a competition i believe you qualify for, but i dont believe the best team always wins it. Its my belief that Euefa is fixed the same as all their comps and similar to FiFa which has been proved. But usualyl big clubs qualify.

    Getting back to Big clubs, How do we define a big club, is it how wealthy it is, as that is an owner, not the club. Is it by trophies that it has won as a lot of clubs have them is it the players they buy that make a club a big club, or is it consitency by always being in the comps and also finishing in the top places and sometimes winning.

    Arsenal foot ball club if you are honest with yourselves scores highly on all those criteriors, they have wealth they have trophies they have players and the main thing they have is consistency. Arsenal football club is Massive in world football not the owner not the Manager not the players Arsenal by its self everybody knows them every body knows where their from and everybody admires their history, Now in my mind that is what defines a big Club and Arsenal are fucking Massive.

  97. Dont forget the fanbase as well Kango !…………….we have a massive fanbase which dwarfs the likes of the Spud cunts, but The Chavs have a massive fanbase as well, but that`s because of their recent history of winning trophies . In the new age of 24/7 internet and sports channels, it doesn`t take long to get a massive fanbase if you start winning trophies.
    The Arsenal, Manshafter and Liverpool built their massive fanbase`s from years ago before the world wide web.
    If you want to roughly see how big clubs fan bases are you only have to look on twitter and facebook…………..Arsenal have a massive fanbase if based on this, but like I said it will only take a club to start winning trophies to grow the fanbase, this imo will almost certainly happen when West Ham and Spuds start to benefit from their new stadiums and remember unlike Arsenal they are owned by Billionaire die hard fans……………..we have the cunt Kroenke !………………..So basically what I`m saying is todays world is all about the money and if we dont fuccking spend it we will start a downward spiral which will only be stopped if we are owned by a one mega rich owner !.

    Massive today…less massive in the future unless we keep up with the Jones`s..

  98. Steve, I hope the rat didn’t do too much damage to your glowing bobbin, haven’t heard it called that before. Try wearing boxing gloves in bed, then your little bobbin won’t glow so much.

  99. And I thought Steve was gone a long time because he was occupying a small country not a small spunky bed !

  100. We will be the best run cub in the world ad one of the richest never to win another trophy again, thanks Arene Wenger.;)

  101. Steve
    Can you with hand on heart say we act like a big club, as far as football is concerned?

  102. Cockie, Arsenal will soon lose the fan base if we finish below 4th next season, let’s see how Kroenke responds to lower attendances at the Emirates

  103. We are not a big club.

    We have an excellent ground, very good training facilities, a great income and a less than top class squad.

    We do not compete in the Champions League like a big club should.

    We do not attract the very top players as a big club does.

    Big clubs like Real, Barcelona and Bayern Munich do not fear us.

    We are in the upper echelon of English clubs but can’t at the moment be considered the biggest club in England and won’t be until we have won the league at least twice in the next three seasons.

    Under the present regime of owner and manager we will not invest the funds necessary to improve the squad enough to win the league or to compete in the knockout stage of the Champions League.

  104. And you have started the ball rolling !…………whens the last time you went to a game you fake french ponce !. 😀

  105. Any of you bastards been watching Big Brother ?…………….the reason I ask is that in one of the programs a gay contestant called Ryan said that he slept with a Chelsea footballer !……………….I`m just surprised that it didn`t get more news coverage and also surprised that it was allowed to be said on the program, he didn`t say if it was a current one or a past one, but he is only in his 20`s, so thought it might be a current one !.
    Nothing whatsoever against any gays just a bit of gossip ……………………….but aint it about time we beat them shirtlifting bastards !.

  106. Poig i can understand that you want trophies, but you want special trophies, You want the Premier league and champions League. Poig I have my hand on my Heart everytime i talk Arsenal,. I know your frustrated and you probably believe your club are letting you down. Well there is probably Millions of people like you, who are only interested in Winning. Maybe i am more of a realist where i just want my club up there with the best. I actually feel we are doing very well, Big clubs were all behind us last season, and that is where i like them. We Got second we may not have got a gold but we got silver better than seventeen other Premier big clubs. Poig, How is that so bad Second is better no matter what people say that you might as well be tenth, thats boloxs second is second and a fucking sight higher than those other fuckers.

  107. Dont agree Kango !…………the only reason I got a hardon for second was that we frogleaped the Spuds !…………..I would have got a hardon if we had frogleaped the Spuds to get 19th place !.
    Fuck european football, we`ll never win it, no CL last season and we would have won the EPL !……that`s why Leicester won it and either Manshafter or Chavs will win it this coming season !.
    You only want european football so you can go over and secretly spy on the countries you want to occupy !. hahaha

  108. Anyway i have enjoyed the duel and I assure youit was done in the best possible taste and in my case tongue in cheek most of the time.

  109. Every time we buy a player, you see now i am doing it, I am not buying, Kroenke is buying with his money, it doesnt cost me a penny, I have got my moneys worth, just seeing us play. But when they do buy a player i hope that that player is special, i hope he will do what i expect him to do, but he is only human and he might come up short like many of the players brought in. Their is a big difference in the pocket, of 20 million or a hundred million, and had it been my money i know what one i would buy.

    Kroenke is not even a football fan , so i expect very little from him, and if he sold out to the seond highest share holder i dont think he would pay it either.. Very easy to spend other peoples money by saying he’s tight , but i doubt he gives a shit, he has put a man in charge who does his best to get the club as high up the league as he can, on what he is given, and at present, their is no one better at it.

  110. Just one small but massive mistake there Steve !……………….Kroenke does not buy with his money !…….all Arsenal players are bought from the self sustainability of the club…….sponsors, season tickets, selling player etc`. Other than buying his shares which are worth an enormous amount more than he paid for them and he could sell them at a huge profit to pay for his LA Rams franchise, he`s only ever took money out of the club !…………….proper owners like Abramobitch have spent their own money hand over fist to make a successfull team of trophy winners……………..it will never happen under Kroenke, he`s a proper cunt !

  111. Cockie you have found me out mate, As far as i am concerned Cockie, i have seen all the countries i want to see, I was born here and i will die here, Supporting my club till the end win or lose, they was my first club and they will be my last.

  112. I dont care what anyone say`s, but I`m adamant that had Uzzy got all the shares before Kroenke Face we would have won plenty more and he would have spent the money £100Msssssss of it, just to get one over Abramobitch for starters !.

  113. OK Cockie you have me there, i dont know enough of the details needed to argue the point, but i think you know what i mean 🙂

  114. Stop it Steve, your breaking my heart !. hahaha
    Personally, I`d have no problem dying on a swedish nympho free love sex farm !.

  115. We may find out in the future mate nothing lasts forever, and if you are right, i will be the first one to thank you.

  116. Although I respect your opinions Steve, I have to say that you are becoming GN5 Jnr !…………now stop fucking about and get back to dooming you Kroenke !.

  117. Steve,
    Its not winning, its competing, being in there with a realistic chance at the end of season….what use is all that money? it neither scores goals nor saves them, we are a football club remember, not a fucking bank vault. Your right about it being his money for all intents and purposes, but he can’t transfer it to the US. So it has to be spent on the business, and football is our core business, and of course there is no value in keeping on deposit.

  118. I`m with you Poig !………………….there`s only a limited amount of trophies available and 92 league teams and that`s not including the european ones we cant beat !……………it`s about competing !………to be in with a chance of winning come the last day of the season is competing !………..when was the last time we actually went into the lsat weeks of the season with a chance ?

  119. Need GN5 here for the stat, but the last time we competed for the title was when we last won it !…………………and only once have we competed for the CL……..the final 2006 !…………..not good enough for the 5th most valuable football team on the planet……………….and second most valuable team in the EPL ( Forbes on both accounts !)

  120. Now listen Cockie, I am no N5 he see’s no wrong in Wenger, where i do, I think his tactics are shit, i dont like his zonal marking and i am not keen on his coaches. I dont worship the man as i know he could do a lot of things better, He may have a good record and he has pretty good results, but i also think things could be done better, But I am a Kango man not a Premier league manager, All i know is the man gets reasonable results and he gets the team i support as high as he can, and i appreciate that.

    Now your a man who looks after himself, you push yourself to your limits for self gratification, you do it not because you have to but because you want to, Wenger does not do it for the money, he has more of that than he will ever need, he does it because like you he enjoys it, Does he want to win the league , you bet he does, does he want to win CL you bet he does but understands the chances of that happening is pretty remote. If it was up to him i think he would spend why wouldnt he, but i feel that he is getting a good wage, i dont feel he has much in his life other than Arsenal, or thats what it seems unless he has a n itch like you that needs scratching now and again.. He does what he can and in my opinion it could be better but thats life mate.

  121. Watch Big Brother Cockie? Yer ‘avin a larf aincher?

    I don’t watch reality shows, cookery programmes, soaps or anything with the word celebrity in the title. Oh! Nor do I watch anything that means walking round a field with a stick and a ball while wearing one glove and a pair of funny trousers.

  122. Poig i want all the things you do, I want us to be the best why the fuck wouldnt i. I look at other clubs in the league , like last season teams like Leicester and at the end i was rooting for them, when i realised we couldnt stop them i was overjoyed by Raniery’s face at the end, and what i kiked about him was even when he felt they couldn’t lose it he still went one game at a time.

    Now of course i would have loved that smile on his face to have been wiped off by us but we had misfirering forwards all season we had players injured and we played some games fucking terrible. Now i didn’t blame Wenger because shit happens, and we had more shit than most, but we hung in there and challenged as well as we could muster, lets face it Poig a player gets a knock or does a hammy how can we blame the manager , in hindsight perhaps we could have done more but fucking hell, With how we played last season with who we had we did fucking brilliant we beat all those big clubs on a bad season for us, and that took some fucking doing no matter how good a Manager you are you cannot see everything.

  123. Looks like am the last man standing so i reckon you have heard enough of me, and seeing how i slept shit last night and i have to work tomorrow, i bid you all a goodnight my old bed is calling night all

  124. Well Europa Cup is about the best we can aim for.I blame one man and one man only.pers needed replacing last season.Now the rush will begin and we will pay over the odds for whoever we can get.

  125. Calum Chambers is Arsenal’s only fit senior centre-half on US tour .That’s a fact not a doom. Wenger should be lined up and shot,his planning is a fucking joke.Now I know we don’t have a good injury record but ffs to get a long term injury in the Summer when not even playing.Shoot the whole coaching and training staff, forget buying players and build a new wing to the hospital with all that petty cash.You couldn’t make it up but our stats for injuries are excellent and consistent.

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