Arsenal transfer woes….

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It seems to be going according to plan for the Arsenal in the current transfer window…. slowly.

But some of the prices being paid by other EPL clubs seem a bit high….. Liverpool paid  Newcastle £17m for Wijnuldum and paid Southampton £36M for Sadio Mane, but thy’ve recuperated some of that with the sales of Ibe, Teixeira and Skrt, however, the prices paid for two average players from the EPL is alarming.

Chelsea have spent £65.2m on Kante from Leicester and Batshuayui from Marseille, United are still pushing to sign Pogba for near £100m and City have spent £34.8m combined on Gundogan and Nolito plus an undisclosed fee for a player called Zinchenko.

Arsenal have spent £34 on Xhaka, £2m on Rob Holding and an undisclosed fee for the Japan forward, Asano…… so for us it’s all going a bit slow but rumours persist that we are in for Mahrez and Lacazette…. we’ll see. Wenger continues to say he is active in the market but with a trip to the USA just starting and the season beginning in 3 weeks he doesn’t have much time. Add to that the news that the BFG is injured and could be out for up to 5 months things are not looking good for our first game against Liverpool on the 14th of August. Please Wenger…. spend some fucking money.




39 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer woes….

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, merci beaucoup pour le post. What a stunner! No, no not the post, run of the mill at best, 😀 the picture!

    Seriously though, I’d like to think Wenger has something up his sleeve, apart from short arms to go with his long pockets.

    Maybe while he’s out of the way in the States, Gazidis and Law might sneak down to Poundland and by us another crock to keep Danny company in the recovery suite.

    Now apart from you calling everyone wankers, it’s going to be all sweetness and light on here today, isn’t it you miserable load of b******s.

  2. nice arse,and mertesacker is out for only 5 months.good planning by the boss.At this rate we will have to cancel our opening fixture due to lack of players but when the eleventh hour cometh all the new signings will have to squeeze through the door and have a wholesale medical.Cough please 🙂

  3. Merts is not the only centre back out of contention, Gabriel has tonsilitis, will he recover and be fit to start against the bindippers?

  4. Morning all steady boys steady, no need to fuss Merts out so what, many thought he should have gone, plenty of cover, the new guy, orenen Monreal could move over, Coqulen will be sitting the pine why not introduce him to the back line. Multi tasking is what we do, and there are loads of us

  5. Given he has never let us down *cough* where will we finish the season?
    I’m going to stick with the norm and 10 points off the winners. Further I will judge him in May….. along with every other fucking month.

  6. I hope we finish mid table then a riot can break out and Wenger can walk.Get a new young man in, give him a good wedge, change the predictable way we play before we lose the few decent players we have got left and if it means a year or two out of the CL ,which we never progress very far in, in any case, we might really get a good organised team ready to challenge.The only problem is Kroenke. Never trust a man with a syrup,eh NB

  7. French ligue one side Lyon have issued a statement confirming that they have refused a £30 million offer for Alexandre Lacazette from Arsenal.

    Earlier in the summer they put a value of £50 million on him.

  8. It is reported elsewhere that there was a brief spike in season ticket renewals, but sales latter fell back to the usual trickle.

  9. Ivan Gazidis interviewed today in The States so nothing to worry or doom about haha

    As always, rumors rule the day during the transfer window. Are there any updates as to what’s coming and what fans should expect when it comes to new signings?

    We’ve been really consistent and disciplined over the last three or four years in being very selective about the players that we bring in and not making too many compromises along the way. That has meant both developing young players – we’ve got some fantastic young talent that has come through like Hector Bellerin or Francis Coquelin, Alex Iwobi broke into the first team this year and we’ve got a number of young players that we feel very strongly about behind them – but it also has involved spending big money at times on talented players where we believe they’ll add real value. Players like Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez or this season Granit Xhaka.

    But again we don’t sign players in response to public pressure. We sign players because we believe they will progress us as a club. We’re really disciplined about that. We have to be. We don’t have the financial resources of some of the other clubs. If we went out and just tried to compete only on the basis of spending more than others in transfer windows, that wouldn’t be a successful strategy for us. We have to be very disciplined about staying true to our values, staying true to the foundations of the club and making sure that we make smart decisions.

    Looking ahead in this transfer window, we’re going to retain that discipline. We will certainly add players if we think and our manager thinks they add value to our squad. We’re actively in the market, as is every other club. We won’t do it if we don’t see the value that’s added to our squad. That’s the reason why our squad has developed over the last few years. That’s the reason it is stronger today than it was five years ago. I think anybody paying attention to what we’ve actually done with our squad will recognize that philosophy and that approach has given us a squad that is capable of competing to win the Premier League and we’re very hopeful about the direction of travel.

  10. Ivan Gazidis made a statement confirming that we only buy players who will add value to our squad. Note the word used “value”. Not “skill”, not “goal scoring ability”, not “the will to win”. Just “value”.

    He also indicated that we cannot compete in money terms with the some of the other clubs.

    So it looks like Wenger will be shopping in Poundland or raiding other clubs for their young talent in the foreseeable future.

  11. Good morning folks, we can cross Higuain of the shopping list, if he was ever on it, he’s signed for Juventus for £75.3 million. At that sort of money he was never an option for us.

  12. Morning

    i really don’t understand how I and others are called doomers by some fans..

    We payed 30 million for the Swiss lad which hopefully will be a good purchase then 3.5 on a couple of youngsters from Bolton and Japan and in every other alledged players we go for who has class we miss out usually because we don’t offer the going rate or they don’t want to play for us or inparticular AW but rather go to a club not in the CL.
    It really speaks volumes as how the respect and the way we do business has been flushed down the drain.
    if we buy the two players we stll need it will be because either no one else has bid or they aren’t top quality/

    Gazidis is already spouting his usual rubbish not once but twice in two days.”we are active in the market blah blah blah”.

    If I didn’t suport the club so much I wouldn’t be so annoyed and frustrated by the people in charge.

    How can that be dooming these are facts we are crap at securing a deal and again buy potential, the latest being the Nigerian kid.

    We keep buying these misfits hoping one in twenty might make the first team bench.It’s pathetic

  13. Morning guys
    I notice NG5 has been missing the last couple of days, possibly since Mertesecker starting dooming ha ha. I would be interested in his stats but broken down into 4 year increments, to compare, not so much league finishes, as last seasons was a woeful guide to our true performance imo.
    I am slowly coming to the conclusion that he isn’t/ hasn’t bought the amount of players we need to properly compete, is because if he spends big and fails he will have to be answerable to Kroenke, with this can’t find shit, he is answerable to fans which he and club have shown they can handle.

  14. ‘morning Poig, I think you put the wrong final word in your comment, it shouldn’t be “handle”, a more appropriate term would be “ignore”.

  15. Morning …………………………what a lying cunt that Gazidis is !…………………here he is saying in 2012 that we will be able to compete with other clubs in a few years time, well it is a few years time and we have more cash reserves than any club in the world, yet he now says we cant compete !…………………prize tosser !…………….always making excuses and most fans on the internet are fucking fed up with them !……………..spend the fucking money or fuck off and let us have an owner who will spend, there`s plenty out there, we dont need an owner who doesnt give a fuck !………………….CUNTS !.

  16. The only difference is 69er, we get to vote politicians in or out. Not the case with football club owners.

  17. Dont Real Madrid vote there head guy in or something like it ?……………..fucking shame we cant vote the Kuntand his fucking cock sucking CEO…….Pearl Necklace Gazidis !

  18. That fat cunt Mike Ashley didn’t want to spend money on players, drop down the league and watch “commercial partners” reduce what they give, a downward spiral which is hard to break, although tv money would soften the blow initially.

  19. Oh dear, the transfer window still wide open, and the Manager, the CEO, and the Owner saying we are still active and Supporters ready to commit hari cari. At least give it till the end of the window,, and all this because that Cart horse BFG can’t walk, he can’t run either, but that had nothing to do with his injury.

  20. A prudent manager should havesought cover for the BFG last Summer when it was obvious he was slowing up.Obviously getting injured now will put AW into panic mode and if he secures a quality player before the end of the window he will pay a premium.

  21. one young defender brought in,Chambers waiting for a chance, Paul Easter ready and waiting with a sore throat Debuchy Monreal Belerin Gibbs plenty of players.

    So many Midfielders, in fact to many, 3 keepers 5 strikers, plenty of players.If we buy no one else we still have plenty. And lets face it if he brought the best striker in the world’ you all still wouldnt be happy.

    You all wont be happy till Wenger’s gone ,and then you will sit on your arses for five years, way down the league, still letting the new man bed in. Trouble with some people is they dont recognise the strength in this squad, they will this season.

  22. I can understand supporters wanting a top striker NB but i honestly find it difficult to see what he has done wrong, 19 teams in the league and we beat all bar Leicester. What will they want from another Manager, surly not the league or CL

  23. Steve, I think we’ve seen everything Wenger has to offer and frankly nowadays it’s not enough.

    It’s not his failure to strengthen the squad, players just may not fancy the club, or the price is too high, maybe they expect higher wages than we offer or perhaps the agent wants too much, it’s his failure to recognise that the players he has signed and coached are just not as good as he imagines.

    We could do worse than keep him for another couple of years, but we could equally do better by replacing him as soon as a new head coach becomes available.

    Arsenal under Wenger have, over the past five seasons, become entirely predictable, every other club knows in advance exactly how we will play. A good modern manager will look at each opposing team and work out a way to beat them, not rely on our present stultifying, pass, pass pass possession game.

    A new manager might just be able bring a bit of winning mentality, a bit more desire but most of all a bit of tactical nous.

  24. GN5jr
    Whats got into you? adequate is ok? I don’t care if we finish 7th or 8th as long as we are trying, using everything at our disposal, limping into 4th place isn’t what is about for me.

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