Wengers transfer tactics

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We all know the scenario…. bids below the asking price, a refusal to sell and Wenger says he tried to buy in the window but the right players weren’t available.

It has got me thinking that it is a well thought out tactic on his part…. He never offers the asking price and therefore has an excuse for not buying…. it makes me wonder if he actually thinks a certain player should be priced at his valuation or whether he does it on purpose ??

Does he really think a club puts a valuation on one of their players just to accept an offer several million below that price? It’s bad business and totally illogical. I can imagine a CEO of a big club saying to his manager whilst laughing ‘oh Fuck, Wenger is going to make an offer, get ready to refuse the arsehole’ or something similar.

He did himself no favours last summer when he failed to recruit outfield players and then suffered several injuries to key players which probably ultimately lost us the title. This summer he got in quickly to get Xhaka but now Ivan Gazidis is saying we can’t compete with the big teams! Which is a turn around from what he was saying in 2012 when he stated that the Arsenal would soon have the financial muscle to compete with the big boys!

Well now, according to all accounts, Arsenal do have the financial muscle but are still trying to find bargains. Perhaps we will never know what is the determining factor behind this philosophy but it sure is frustrating for fans.

Arsenal are desperate for new striker and now desperate for a new CB after the news about the BFG, so I hope Wenger and Gazidis have put their heads together and have a plan…. even if it’s a plan C…. after plans A & B have failed. We have till the. end of August to complete any deals but in a perfect world, those deals need to be concluded before the first game of the EPL on 14the August. Personally, I don’t hold out much hope and would welcome being proved wrong.

Prices do seem to be outrageously high, for instance, Stoke paying over £13m to Liverpool for Joe Allen ha ha , but in todays market those prices have to be paid to get even an average player…. the sooner Wenger and the club understand this the sooner they will be back on top.





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  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I for one would be delighted if Wenger had a transfer policy, even if it meant we didn’t make any more significant signings. As it is he seems to stumble from one crisis to the next without actually solving any one problem.

    The Lacazette fiasco is a case in point, if the (non)-selling club are to be believed, Wenger made an initial offer for the player which was turned down flat. A subsequent offer was also rejected with the club stating the player wasn’t for sale even at £50 million, Wenger’s bid was in the region of £30 million.

    Let’s not forget the Vardy “signing” attempt, Wenger’s transfer dealings are turning the club into a laughingstock.

    I think you’re entirely right 69er, come the end of the transfer window, he and Gazidis will be bleating about how they couldn’t see get players who would add something to the squad or see sufficient value in the players available.

    We’ll probably finish up pulling a couple more half baked kids out of the academy, after all they’ll have very little competitive play as Arsenal turned down the invitation to field an under twenty-one side in the new EFL competition.

  2. Morning all. thank you NB,
    Manchester United break the world record for a footballers price, Paul Pogba, £ 92 Million, Plus Agent fee, £112 million, well that’s a mouthful first thing in the morning, United Manager who was sacked from Chelsea last season, has laid his intentions out clear, With United supposedly owing £500 million to debtors, he still gets them to spend. United’s debtors will just have to wait.

    Arsenal by comparison, have acquired Granit Zhaka £35 million, and a couple of youngsters. Ivan Gazedez has stated that Arsenal have a transfer fund of £120 million, but we cannot compete with clubs like United.

    Well there you have it we cannot compete, Gazedez has not said that Wenger would not spend the war chest if he could, he has stated that it would be detrimental to Arsenals future to be irresponsible.

    Arsenal supporters are up in arms, they are annoyed that Arsenal Hierarchy will not put us in a position to compete. Many feel we will drop down the league, while the big spenders will run away with the spoils. I know just how they feel i would love to live in a ten bedroom country Mansion but my finances just wont allow it , I would also like a brand new top of the range Motor. but again my finances just wont allow it.

    The difference with Arsenal is they have built up that £120 million war chest by finishing in the top four for twenty years. That money is a war chest for Players, and at the moment it is understood that we need two players before this new season starts, Without these players, the supporters are sure Arsenal football club will fall down the league, maybe even into a lower division.

    While Arsenal season ticket holders are paying the highest fees, they feel that Arsenal are cheating them from top honours, by storing their season ticket fee’s, they feel let down by the club, and i must admit it does seem that way at the moment, After all, a previous sacked Manager is being allowed to spend £112 million when they are £500 million in debt.

    It appears that Arsenal football club are inferior to the big spending clubs, their future is grim, the supporters believe they must speculate to accumulate, and anything else will spell a certain demise.
    Arsenal supporters, some supporting over sixty years, believe this to be a worrying time, but Arsenals Hierarchy who have only been in service for a handful of years believe it to be Arsenals savior.

    We seem to have conflicting views, While clubs like Manchester United go deeper and deeper in debt to be the worlds biggest buyer, we stagnate with huge amounts in the bank.

  3. As you Know NB, I have my own views, but it is important to understand others views as well. Whatever Arsenal do is not in my hands and certainly wont help me get my Mansion or my car. 🙂

  4. ‘morning Steve, if United are £500 million in debt and are intent on spending in excess of £100 million on one player what’s happened to Platini’s pet project Financial Fair Play? It was announced with bloody great fanfare and a couple of smaller clubs were fined for breaches of the rules but, just like Platini, it seems to have been dumped.

  5. Morning Norfolk, hope we find you well mate.
    You have me there mate, don’t have a clue.
    What i would ask, if anybody knows, is if CL pays out £30 million and top 4 pays high returns, why have we only got £120 million in the war chest.
    Now i know we have had mortgage payments, and i know CL money has been increased over the years, and now TV money has been upped, Now we have what many would say is a frugal spending plan, so why have we only got £120 million.
    How can we be rated in the top ten most richest clubs when we never spend any more than fifty million. The sums just dont seem to add up.
    Now i dont know how much we owe, i know Manchester United’s because its been posted often enough but what do w do with all the money we make.

    Second Place last season made us 90 million, CL money 30 million, that makes £120 million, now that is not a given. so how comes this season we have only what we made from last season.

  6. Morning guys
    Utd from what I understand have had their “mortgage” payments under control since 2015, like ours not a problem. What we have to spend on players, is something of a mystery. According to the legend that is Swiss Ramble we have plenty to spend without sales. A situation we have been in even with the move to the Emirates as the extra season tickets covered most things. This continual poor mouth fools only the most gullible. This holding money back in case we fail to get CL is crap, if they invested in the squad, instead of starting season after season a player or 2 short. Of course there are no guarantees, but to keep gambling invariably comes unstuck, and I suppose that will be excused as a “blip”, the refs conspired against us, injuries happened to key players, the grass was too short.
    We may have been known as boring Arsenal, perhaps it should be changed to Predictable.

  7. We are predictable Poig Top 4 for twenty years.
    Now of course we all want more, when has an Arsenal supporter ever been happy, never on my lifetime well maybe once or twice 🙂

    Lets face it, its times like this morning when i looked in my paper yeh a redtop, and i read the headline United buy Pogba. Now i wont lie, i would have had him in our team, in fact anybody rather than what we have , but i have to say that made me a little green with envy, because i know that will never happen in my lifetime at Arsenal. No not because of Arsene Wenger, because i could never see Arsenal spend that much for a gamble. When Arsenal push the boat out, they want guarantee’s like the stadium , £300 million was a massive gamble or was it. I have been on the waiting list for four years now, i had a mail from Arsenal last season telling me my name was nearing the top and i should be offered a ticket within the next four seasons. Now with that amount of supporters waiting and apparently with so many season ticket holders not renewing, it shows just how little that gamble was. In actual fact had they snapped their fingers and the stadium appeared it would have been full the next game , so hardly a gamble at all.

    A hundred Million on one player, now thats a different story, Imagine buying Pogba, and he plays like Sanogo for 2 seasons on the trot, what would be the sell on value, Now that is the way Arsenal look at transfers, gamble with a player and if you only spend small you can only lose small with a chance that should he play well, and you sell on then you make big, so not much of a gamble.

    Football is a game of chance a bit like Vegas, bet big lose big bet small lose small but on the rare occassion you be big and you win big you may even clean the house out, but what are the odds of that happening, of course someone has to win but its normally the house.

    No whether we believe it or not Arsenal are massive, Gazedez is like an estate agent, tell you anything to get you to believe him he is just a puppet. But even a puppet has to cover his arse and if it were down to him he wouldn’t take the chance. Thats why Arsenal will carry on doing their buisnes as they always have bet small and try to win big. its not always about winning the Kitty its about sharing the kitty and thats why we are a big club

  8. Steve,
    We have a fundamental difference on views of a big club….corporate yes, football no.
    I’m not going to say that I’m right, but the same scenario plays out each season, its getting boring. The same thoughts are posted on a daily basis ad infinitum. Change is what is needed, not change for the sake of it, but because its stale, everyone knows how to beat us, clubs know we have a shitload of money. A selling club if not in financial difficulties can tell us to do one, when we go in with a lowball offer. Trying to buy late in the window will only work if the selling club has a replacement or can get one.
    As of yet we haven’t sold 1 of last years high achievers, so with the addition of Xhaka we will surely win the league this year…yippee.

  9. No worries 69er. I’ve been here in the background reading all posts, but still remain disillusioned with my beloved Arsenal.

    Lost patience with our leaders from top to bottom.

    Probably the first year for many I will not spend a penny going to watch them until they start living in today’s premiership world.

  10. Morning all MLS 1 Arsenal 2 Arsenal clinch it in the last minutes by all accounts, Never watched it, but apparently Holding Played very well in Central defence Joel Campbel scored a penalty, and Akpon scored at the end, Didier Drogba our old nemesis got on the score sheet with a well taken goal to bring the scores level, apparently he was overjoyed.

    Arsenal gave a good account of themselves apparently, Theo Walcott was a little rusty but the Arsenal players seem to be getting fitter. The report i read said Zharka has a really good left foot, and showed it off a couple of times, Oxlaid Chamberlain had a good match. Lot of our youngsters were involved in this game and gave a good nights graft, A very competitive match, but Arsenal just showed their class in the end. All, to look forward to apparently. Petr Cech has resigned from international foot ball, and is now just concentrating on playing for Arsenal. He played the first half and was replaced for the second.

  11. I stayed up to watch the game last night at 2am french time, good game, Holding had a composed and confident debut, looks good and I’d say could fill in for the BFG, Chambers played next to him in the second half and although he looked a bit rusty still had a good game. when some of the youngsters came on in the second half we looked really dangerous, Akpom, Iwobi and Adelaide all looked sharp and hungry…. good signs but I wonder which ones will go out on loan? All in all, an assured performance against Americas All Stars.

  12. I forgot to mention Xzaka, looked very good and not afraid to have a pop from distance. Couls be what we need this season against the teams who play deep.

  13. G’day folks. I’ve been out for the usual Friday walk, as we finished near home we bought fish and and chips and ate them in the garden. Lovely.

    I recorded the match and got up at 5am to watch it, actually I got up to visit the bathroom, but stayed up and watched the game.

    I’m sorry to say I thought Walcott wasn’t just rusty, he was rubbish. He showed no conviction whatsoever in front of goal, one of the corner kicks he took went straight out on the far side for a throw in. At least he demonstrated to Wenger that he will never be a central striker.

    I thought the first half central defensive pairing of Holder and Bielke was pretty good until the whole defensive bunch got into a tangle and allowed Drogba three tries at goal, in the final minute of injury time. Typical Arsenal!

    After all the subs in the second half we had no shape up front, but got lucky when Monreal put in a cross which the defenders missed and Iwobi had a tap in.

    All in all not a bad display, one thing is very clear though we need a striker!

  14. Sorry, Akpom not Iwobi and it’s Holding not Holder. Too much sun, too much beer.

  15. Just watching the replay of the womens U19 uefa game between France and Switzerland …. lovely, the number seventeen for France is a little cracker, and when they score it’s a real horny experience when they all cuddle each other lol…. I know the score already because I watched the game yesterday ha ha

  16. Perhaps we should sign Drogba, the f****r still managed to score with four of our defenders round him.

  17. Good morning dickeads

    Considering pre season has started and there’s lots of gossip, it’s a bit slow on here…. Come back Kelsey and GN5…. comments and stats improve when you two are on the blog ha ha

  18. Man City have the right idea when it comes to making a transfer deal…. they’ve offered £40m for Stones and told Everton (who asked for £50m) to take it or leave it… that’s the way to do business Mr Wenger

  19. It won’t work 69er, they did the same last summer with two other offers, for Strirling and Dr Bruyne, but finished up paying the asking price.

  20. Apparently we are upping our bid for Lacazette to £35 million from the previous derisory offer of £29.3 million. Still £15 million less than the £50 million the Lyon chairman said they wouldn’t sell for.

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    I thought it was a football article on stamina.

    PS: We won’t get him at 35million no chance NG

  22. I know that, so do you Kelsey, but Wenger will be able to say he tried and Gazidis can say there wasn’t sufficient value in the deal.

  23. Afternoon all, Been fishing so out of touch, Man city offer £40 million for a player valued at 50 by his club and City come back and say take it or leave it, and thats the way to do it. But when Suarez’s Release clause was £40 million and we offered £40million plus a pound Arsenal are taking the piss.

    Seems to me that whatever we do is not right but anybody else its ok.

    As far as Lacazette’s negotiations are concerned, we started at £29’3 mill, but if the info is right, we have now offered £35 mill, now that sounds like solid negotiation, and many still criticise our negotiation, even though we have increased our offer by 5.7 Mill. why is this considered as a failure.

    We may not secure the signing of said player, but we are still negotiating, now that sounds better to me, than take it or leave it.

  24. Steve, I don’t think we are actually negotiating with Lyon, their chairman said, after our initial offer, “The player is not for sale, even at £50 million”. So what is the point of offering less than that figure?

    It’s a bit like angling, you know there’s a big fish around so you put a tasty bit of bait on your hook in the hope of getting a nibble, but if the fish doesn’t like the size of the bait he won’t bite.

  25. In the case of Suarez, the clause in his contract stated that any offer over £40 million received had to be put to the player for him to decide if he wanted to go. Barca eventually paid £75 million.

    I think it was Arsenal taking the piss and they rightly got laughed at.

  26. Sorry Norfolk, didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and dropped off in the chair.
    Thanks for the explanation, didn’t know much about the Lyon deal, just read that we had put in an offer. Still feel that we are doing what we should though, to get the player as cheap as we can.

    Suarez, in my opinion our opening bid was just to trigger the clause, no point offering more than we needed too. Lets remember that he was on a ban, He was an embarrassment to Liverpool, and the talk was that they wanted him out. Word i heard was that somebody from Arsenal had approached Suarez, and he seemed interested. Liverpool made a big fuss about our offer, but only to let the world know that Suarez was on offer. Usually Wenger keeps all negotiations hush hush, but Liverpool made a big fuss and said it was a derogatory offer. All Wenger wanted was to open negotiations.And remember no one else had made an offer

    All my Arsenal mates reckoned we should have bid 50 mill, but why bid 50 mill when word was Liverpool wanted to offload him, Their news to the press, made it impossible for Arsenal to further negotiations. Or that’s the way i read the situation.

  27. Poig, We have differing opinions, If a car your interested in, at an Auction is starting low, Why offer the full price at the start, after all if nobody else is interested, you would be a mug. We seem to see things different that’s all.

  28. At the end of the day Poig, Nobody else came in for him and Liverpool was stuck with him for another season, it just so happens he cleaned up his act and Played like Wenger knew he could. But lets face it mate, he had bitten two players and was also labled a racist.

  29. Wenger today” I won’t spend for the sake of it”.I support a class football club not an investment bank Mr Wenger.kroenke will keep smiling as the coppers mount up.

  30. Steve
    At auctions of any type there are incremental increases in bids based on the starting price, I will admit to not knowing what they would be at this level, but a penny as I have said is taking the piss, I would have done exactly the same as John Henry. Yes he was damaged goods, but if AW was serious, why try look super clever by taking the proverbial? I don’t have an answer but even with hindsight, know that wasn’t the right way to start any dealing.

  31. Afternoon Poig, At the end of the day Poig, we didn’t get him, and most Gooners never expected us to, the same with Vardy and many more. As far as supporters go, they never expect us to buy anybody, so why they all create puzzles me. They Know how Wenger and Arsenal deal it is no secret so why complain.

    Yes we may not win the Premier and will probably never win Champions League so why bother getting upset when we dont. You know as well as everybody else that big expensive deals are not common at Arsenal, and probably never will be while Wenger Kroenke and Gazedez are in place, so why get annoyed at every transfer window. Kroenke Owns the Majority of the club shares, Wenger is the most succesful manager we have had, and Gazedez is just useless.

    I read every window how bad we are at buying players but we still keep getting top 4, Last season we bettered all the big spenders, so what is the buying all about, Leicester never spent big, and won the league, and qualified for Champions League. Who’s fault is that, Arsenal were pretty shrewed if you ask me.

    Just because a club has lots of money, is no reason to spend massive amounts to only do what they done last season, in fact we did better than nearly all of them. And of course the window is still not shut. I am very happy with our two holding Midfielders, i have no problem with Coquelin playing as a central defender as i am happy with Holding and Chambers Bielic and Koshielney, Gibbs and Monreal, Belerin and Debuchey. Ospina Cech and Martinez Chamberlain Campbel Ramsey Wilshere Cazorla Welbeck and Walcott Ozil,Giroud Plus akpon seems to be showing form and a couple of youngsters in reserve who look promising.. Gnabry Jenkinson and i am sure i have left one or two out, but we had most of them last season and we got second this year we have aquired anothe 3 or 4 so we should do better.

  32. Hi Steve, are you really content with finishing second behind Leicester, ten points behind? Out of the C L in he first knockout round? Nowhere in the cups? That’s not competing, that’s just taking part.

    So far we are are worse of at the start of the new season than last. We have lost Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky and bought Zhaka in midfield. We’ve lost Merts until 2017. We’ve bought a young, inexperienced centre back and are looking for a more experienced one, Johnny Evans? Ffs!

    Welbeck is also out until next year and available strikers are looking decidedly thin on the ground.

    Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshire, Alexis, Giroud, are all on extended holidays.

    All our main rivals have strengthened their teams and three have appointed new managers.

    Meanwhile Wenger and Gazidis trot out the same old platitudes. It will take a miracle in the transfer market to make up the lost ground, and I don’t see one of those on the horizon.

    I certainly won’t be putting money on a top four finish this coming season.

  33. Afternoon Norfolk, Never happy with second Norfolk or going out of the cups. What other clubs do or don’t do does not really interest me. Many have New managers which suggests that their rich owners were not happy with the ones they had, Many were top names, any supporters wanted for us.

    Now i am never happy with not winning, but that is the nature of the game, win lose or draw, but thats the same for all the clubs. They all want to do better than last season, even us, and they are prepared to spend obnoxious amounts of their owners money.

    Now of course i would love every position we have, filled with the best players in the world , but that would take more money than we have. Is it worth a gamble to spend all the clubs money when we had a second last season with this team, if i was Kroenke i would see no benefit spending that amount on expensive players who put the cost up with no guarantee’s

    Now when you are in the lower part of the league and want to stay in thet league, then spending seems the only way, but we are not and havent been for some considerable time. It amazes me that supporters are saying they want Arsenal to do much worse to force Mr Kroenke’s hand, I for one would never want that for the club i support, but of course we all support in different ways..

  34. Leicester spent more than us last season and also bought shrewdly, we didn’t do either….Cech fell into our lap because he didn’t want to move. The reason I get upset is because I care, but even that is getting harder each season.

  35. Law of averages suggests that 20 years at top 4 has to end at some point, Maybe you should gamble your money, that this coming season will be the year. I’ll just keep mine in the old sky rocket.

  36. From the little I’ve see of him, Xhaka looks pretty good and could be what we’ve been calling for over the last several seasons, in fact since Gilberto left. I like Elneny but I suspect he was bought as a stopgap until Wenger could get Xhaka, I think we will need both as the position they play is a red card magnet.

    As all of our midfielders seem to be goal shy to some extent a new striker must be signed if we are to compete for the Premiership. I hold out no hope of the C L.

  37. Norfolk we are getting closer, as i would like a striker as well, even though we have a few, I am happy with the two new guys as well, Haven’t seen anything of the Japanese youngster, but i guess he was brought for the future. Holding looked reasonable. Its the way he sorts out the other midfielders that i have concerns with.

  38. Steve
    To be honest no, I wasn’t, nor was I happy about getting beaten at home by Watford….at no stage towards the end of last season did we look like we could win, without others tripping over. He doesn’t need people to make excuses for him…he is in the top 5 paid football managers, his recent record doesn’t even come close to “value” that they always talk about.
    And please don’t even think about talking about CL

  39. Message understood Poig, I wouldn’t try to excuse him, as i think he does for us what many would struggle to do, But that’s just my opinion, Come next year if he goes, we’ll see just how easy it is. I do think you are right about Champions league though.

  40. Wenger must know in his own mind if the upcoming season will or will not be his last.

    The one major blot on his copy book is the failure to win the Champions League. If he has decided to quit next summer surely he will want to put that right, could that mean sacrificing the Premiership to increase his chances of C. L. Glory?

  41. Not bothered if he goes or not Steve, Kroenke is the main problem he employs AW. is he going to give a new manager the same freedom and loads of cash to improve the team or just keep the club as a financial banking investment.I think I know the answer.

  42. Arsenal win their last game in America against league winners Guadilhara, 3.1 with goals from new boy Rob Holding late in the first half. Oxlaid Chamberlain scored again in what sounded a outing for him, And another goal for Akpon his second on the tour.

    Lot of transfer speculation, with Leicesters Varez supposedly agreeing personal terms and could be signing tomorrow, News that Johny Evans from United, is building, as a new improved offer to lacazett for their striker.

    Only speculation so far as Wenger will not confirm, but certainly a lot of talk on the web.

    Jack Wilshere was not involved in last nights game, as he is nursing a tendon injury, Wenger confirmed that is is just Minor.

    This little tour has shown some of our talent in the fringes as many first team players are still on extended holiday. Mesut Ozil was supposedly on the touchlines egging his team mates on.

    Beilic seems to be in the Managers plans to start the season , he and Holding seem to be forging a partnership. The team should be arriving home this evening, Maybe news tomorrow, regarding the speculation. .,

  43. I feel we all know that 90 million pound players will not be arriving at Arsenal, and personally speaking we are not grabbing headlines, but i feel its only fair to say that Wenger is active, Yes of course we have lost experienced players this season Experience that was hard earned, but arrivals have been arriving, with Elneny Holding and Zakha, A young Japanese striker, these are signed, so at least we are doing business. How these players will perform for us we don’t know yet, or how some will fit in, is also still to be sorted, but i must say activity this season seems like we will be trying to compete and after all that is what we have been asking for.

    Many Players at the start of last season was unavailable through injury, when they did start to fiter back they had a lack of form, but this season we should have most players fit and available. and i feel the window is still not shut, so who knows.

  44. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, it’s your fault. You know full well Arsene relies on your advice about spending. If you bugger off for a few days the poor old sod’s left in limbo. Now send him a text and tell him to crack open the piggy bank and just GET ON WITH IT!

  45. Morning guys
    Its all under control we have weeks before the window closes, what’s the panic, we have a great squad already..Walcott will come good this season and score so many goals, there will be no defensive lapses, we have cohesion…what else is there ffs?

    Oh yes some boobs and tight butts please. 🙂

  46. Good Morning all. only several days to go for the start. Getting excited.

    I’ve not seen an awful lot of Lacazette or Icardi, but, IMO, I think Icardi is the more complete striker?

    New boy Holding looks good. I think Wenger will start him against Liverpool.

  47. Mahrez for £37 million? According to an Algerian news outlet, the player has demanded Leicester let him sign for Arsenal.

    Wenger and Bould watched him play in a pre-season game, Leicester are moaning that by doing so they have distracted the player.

    If we do buy him it will spell the end for Walcott.

  48. Now reports in Italy say Mauro Icardi’s agent is in London for talks with Arsenal about a deal for the £60 million rated striker. £60 million? Can anyone imagine Wenger paying that sort of money for a player?

  49. Evening all,
    From the rumours on the web, it looks as though Wenger is soon to secure the striker he has been looking for, Rumours of course at the moment, but how upsetting many Gooners will be if he actually does get a striker and pehaps a defender as well.

    Many supporters have been giving me the impression that they want Wenger to fail, just so they can doom about him for the whole season. Of course many just want change , but the truth of the matter is they dont care who manages just so long that Wenger goes.

    Wenger could win the league this season but would they be happy, i dont think they would , after all they have been against Wenger for so long now it really wouldnt matter to them, it would just turn their attention to something else he hasn’t done..

    Now most of us have moaned over the years, but now with still plenty of time to secure players, many supporters have made their minds up already that Arsenal will fail, We wont get the players, second is the same as tenth, we will never win the league, or champions league. Double FA cups on the trot are not much of a trophy or not like they used to be.

    Well to be honest i have had enough of listening to all the moans, are these people really Arsenal supporters, i dont think so.. We have had Arsene Wenger now for over twenty years, in all that time we have never been out of the top positions, we have won plenty and have only just finished second but supporters feel it was because others fell away. or point out that we were still ten points from the leaders, how far were the others who finished behind us, who cares not them anyway..

    Ask them who else they want as manager and they grab names out of the air, why because they havent a clue who would be better. All they want is Wenger gone they are in that Wenger out syndrome, you know the thing i mean , Brought a striker , he should have brought somebody else just to make him wrong, whatever he does would of course be wrong and should he get us second again next season, somebody else would have done better, but they dont have a clue who that somebody else would be, just so long as they can blame Wenger that he failed again.

    This season i will wait till the end of the window, i will follow all of our games and where ever we finish i will still be supporting Players and Manager, if it is second instead of top i will still feel, Wenger and team have done fantastic, and should he go next year, it will be a very sad day indeed.

  50. I have never wanted him to fail, on the contrary, I want him to win, I support the club. I also never complains as to who he buys and for how much nor who to buy, I seldom criticise individuals. That said I do want him out, he isn’t a bad manager, but has very annoying traits that aren’t the mark of a manager that wants to win on anything but his own terms, which in my opinion is not acceptable any more.
    I have never suggested the flavour of the month for a new manager, but of course would have preferences, and there are no guarantees with the new man whoever or whenever he comes.
    All of which boils down to we know things need changing, and he is no longer visionary enough to do it.
    The game has moved on to a more commercially and efficient results based league at the top end. In football terms we are still doing the same things as years ago.

  51. Poig, my thoughts exactly.

    Steve, it’s entirely possible and reasonable to be an Arsenal supporter without out being a Wenger sycophant.

  52. I looked the word Sycophant up as i wasn’t sure what it meant, and the definition was a brown noser, or somebody who crawls up the arse of powerful people..

    Well maybe tha’ts how i come across, I have been called many things, and taken it on the chin, i am not an educated man, i just support a football club. For over sixty years i have supported Arsenal, i wouldnt say i was a good supporter as many of those years i played football my self and also had a family, so my money was spent looking after them instead of buying season tickets. But in all those years i have followed our scores. watched many games and cheered my side on. I have had the hump many many times but by the next week i am back catching up on our results, Maybe i should be called a fan and not a supporter, as Arsenal have had very little of my money over those years, so perhaps my words have less meaning i dont know, but what i do know is that in that sixty odd years, the last twenty have been special, doubles FA cups Invicibles top 4 every season, and we are now one of the biggest clubs in the world..

    Last season one club finished higher than us, but i point out that we never lost to them, they finished ten points above us thats over 3 games, but not from us. from other so called big clubs Managed by what some people call the best there are, but they never finished higher than us, I saw some supposedly great managers sacked, and now i see them spouting and spending club money to find their niche, but they still finished behind us, and could well be behind us again this season. And why, because our side were better thats why, Being at the top for all those years isn’t a fluke, its by playing the game of football to a consistant level. 20 years consistent is no fluke, and whether you think i am a brown noser or not, we wont find a better manager.

  53. Good morning Steve, the “sycophant” comment was not aimed at you as I know from some of your previous posts that you have been critical of Wenger in the past. I apologise for not making that clear.

    On the face of it second place last season looks good, but to be ten points adrift of a team over which we had done the double puts a different complexion on it.

    Too often, when we played some of the minor teams, we thew away points. Losing at home to West Ham and Swansea, losing to West Bromwich, dropping points at Norwich and Sunderland. In some of those games the team were seen to be lacking something in attitude, just not “up for it” in some way. Those games account for thirteen points dropped, enough for us to have won the title by three. The lack of motivation is down to the manager, and that is why I think we could do better with someone else.

  54. Thanks for that Norfolk, your points are spot on as usual, but where we differ is attitude, your right we had some abysmal performances, but surely that is down to the players not manager. Missing open goals for a pro happens it shouldn’t but we know it does, same with giving the ball away.

    Now we know the players, and we don’t expect mistakes, nor does the manager. He fields a side to combat the side we play, if the players don’t perform on the day, how can it be down to him.

    Latest news is that Theo Walcott has now stated that he is not a centre forward, and now wants to do a job out wide. He said that Arsene Wenger had given him chances, but he said that he would pick the games he felt would suit Theo, Theo must have thought about that, as assumed he would sit out many games, and has now decided that out wide might afford him more outings, after all Aladyce will want players who play regular. Is this a sign that Theo has heard a Striker is on the way.

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