2016/17 – Make or break for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain?

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First a quote from Arsene Wenger…It’s a very important season for him, you know?  He has been out for a long, long time last year.  He has not gone to the European Championship with England like he should have done if he was fit.

There can be little doubt that a fully functioning “Ox” would have been a big improvement on some of the underperforming “stars” of the England squad.  Unfortunately for both Oxlade-Chamberlain and England injury ruled him out of contention, just as it had for much of last season.

Arsene Wenger…..That is why I am cautious with him.  I hope I can get him through to the start of the season because it is very important for him.  He gives us pace, power, penetration.  When you look at Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, it is difficult to find what he has not got.  That is why I would like him to get to wherever he can go.

We have all been aware of the undoubted talent of the Ox, it is just a pity that so many injuries have prevented him from displaying that talent to it’s best advantage.

Arsene Wenger….Maybe he doesn’t completely believe in himself how good he can be.  That is the final step for him.

Pre-season has, so far, been pretty good for the Ox, a couple of games and couple of goals.  We have two more friendlies to play before the season gets underway if he can get some more playing time in those without mishap his confidence will be given an important boost.  With others of the first team squad still holidaying, he will be in pole position to start against Liverpuddle in the opening game of the season.

One of the problems the Ox will face in the upcoming games is the likely signing of a new striker, will that force Wenger to release one or more forwards/midfielders, if so would he be one to sell or move out on loan?

At the age of just twenty-two, the Ox should be moving towards his prime, not yet assured of a regular start in the first team, he needs to step up in the early games, he needs to demonstrate those qualities that Wenger has recognised in him, he needs to play with flair not fear, he needs to develop the self confidence that may be low at present.

I firmly believe that if he can overcome the legacy of his previous injuries this could be his break through season.  This could be the Year of the Ox.

Written by Norfolk Gooner

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  1. Nice one Norfolk, you answered my last question with that post, Theo may be moving on, and at a hundred and forty grand a week, a pay cut as well.

  2. Morning guys
    The Ox…so frustrating and yet he definitely has something to offer, we get to see glimpses but….
    It is the season to stand up, we have enough players in the first team with potential, and I’m sure many more with potential waiting in the wings. With the chances most are given we need a few to fulfil that.
    It is good that we do give youngsters a chance, but a line has to be drawn.
    I have my suspicions that in some cases youngsters getting their first contract and in the first team either consciously or unconsciously think they have made it to the big time and don’t need to continue working hard to progress. It is not a criticism as such, as getting big money in teenage years, well think back and for most of us here, think a long way back.
    So back to the Ox, will he he be one of the first names on the team sheet or a squad player, it is down to him.

  3. And now for something completely different….Assists
    Why do they get such publicity now? Surely key chances are a better indicator of a player.
    Taking Ozil his key passes that are missed are greater than his “assist” record. So based purely on his position, goals and assist stats he looks ordinary, when the opposite is true.

  4. Thanks NG……………….I love the Ox and he will be a top talent soon, now on to Lacazette !…………….`69er you piss artist, is Lacazette french for ………The Casette ?……………..if so, is Lacazette a VHS or Betamax ?………………..hopefully with Dolby Surround Sound !.

  5. Whats` this I hear about Walcott saying to Wenger that he doesn`t want to be a striker anymore but be a winger instead to try and get his career back on track !………………………listen son, yoe aint no top striker and you aint no top winger either…………..you have to be able to dribble !…………..and I dont mean in admiration at the size of Giroud`s cock !.

  6. From today’s Times
    Arsène Wenger has been told that he can have whatever transfer funds it takes to secure his main targets Alexandre Lacazette and Shkodran Mustafi.

    Arsenal had planned to limit their summer transfer spending to £100 million and have already spent £30 million on Granit Xhaka, the Switzerland midfield player, but the club acknowledge that they may have to part with more than another £70 million to provide Wenger with the players he wants in an inflated market.

    More bolloxs from Arsenal Investment Bank ltd 😉

    Note “: limit their spending to 100 million”

  7. The eleven Arsene said he was close to having !…………………………well Arsene sycophants, explain !…………….a couple would have been nice………hell !….even one !………but none !.
    I think we all know why on most…………….he wouldn`t pay that little bit more !

    Honestly though !……….if you were in for this lot, would you even say you missed one let alone eleven !…….admitting such failure`s does him no good, makes him look an idiot !…………………….better to have kept his mouth shut.

  8. Kelsey and GN5 are at it on AA !……………………………..shame that there`s no expletives though and are conducting theirselves in exemplary fashion !……………….goody two shoe bastards !. hahaha

  9. Not at it Cockie. He has his spreadsheet I look at the reality.He says he has been blogging since 1995,can you find me an Arsenal site of that date.he says Arsenal have a wordwide fan base of 20 million but when challenged can’t name them 😉

  10. Hahaha Kels`……………………………….I think GN5 is talkng bollox as I know for a fact that because of Kanu, half of Nigeria are Arsenal supporters…………. that`s about 87 million !…………..and no I cant name them but you could probably find out their names from the DSS as half are claiming benefits over here and the other half are traffic wardens in London ! 😆

  11. According to Sport+Markt – a German company here are the top 10 clubs with the most worldwide supporters.

    Juventus 20m
    Bayern 24m
    Inter 49m
    Liverpool 71m
    AC Milan 99m
    Arsenal 113m
    Chelsea 135m
    Real 174m
    Barca 270m
    Man U 354m

    So we are the 5th most supported football team in the world.

    I guess it’s up to Kelsey to let us know how many of our 113m are of the doom disposition.

  12. No mention of the Spuds, GN5 ?…………………….I know of four in Cornwall !………….funny enough, none of them are doomers and they have every right to be, although they are worse than doomers………they are deluded !.

  13. Cocky – Spurs were listed in the 12th spot with 11m supporters, Man City were 11th with 18m.

    Frankly there are a few Arsenal supporters who also suffer from delusions………….

  14. GN5
    I have no idea how Sport+Markt get these figures or indeed how accurate they are, but in truth I find it hard to believe Chelsea are so far ahead of Liverpool, which supposes they are fair weather fans. Much as it may pain to say it Liverpool have a massive following globally, last year tour of Australia 80 odd thousand turned up to see them. Here in Ireland I would guess they are the best supported team and spot the gunner, Just saying.

  15. Evening all, I see the friction among Arsenal supporters is still going strong, kinda reminds me of the referendum where we had the ins and the outs. What makes me laugh about these petty squabbles, is that the Majority have voted out, but we are still in, The public gave the government their orders, but still no Rule 50 has not been executed and we still pay 350 million a day to Europe.

    Now we come to the Arsenal, Arsene Wenger is still the Manager, He may be gone this time next year, where many supporters will be throwing their hats in the air, But at present he is the man responsible for this coming season, and the divide between supporters is still very strong.

    While Arsene Wenger is still in charge, i will still support the club and hope the rumours are true that players are being lined up, Should the exit voters be right and no players turn up by window closure, i still think we have a strong squad and believe we can still do very well.

    I have to say that i am disgusted with politics in this country, the referendum has shown that whatever party you have supported, are in complete shambles. An embarrassment to the electorate.

    I am waiting for the same kind of thing to happen with Arsenal, The outs with in fighting. and the ins fighting their corner as well. I find this a sad state of affairs. A football club with our history and with the most successful Manager in club history and supporters are divided.

    While we have feelings like that running through supporters and the club, i see no benefit to the club at all , How can a club in turmoil ever expect to win trophies when backbiting from all corners, are shown on the terraces and rubbed in by pundits and so called experts in the media, Arsenal in crisis or thats how Arsenal have been reported for quite some years.

    Kind of makes you wonder how Arsenal have managed 2 FA cups on the trot and a runner up position doesn’t it. Will all the bickering between the support hold the Arsenal back this season, I very much doubt it, Will there be down times, almost certainly, will we sink to oblivion, Never , could we challenge for trophies and the leagues , well of course we can and we will.

    One thing about Arsene Wenger, unlike Politicians he will work away untroubled, like he always does and he will plot our route through., He wont resign when things get sticky, he’ll be there right till the end, and he wont hide, he will answer question right through the season, You might not like some of the things he says , but he’ll say them anyway. They may find a leader that will lead Arsenal after Wenger and he may be better. i only hope they are prepared, certainly a lot better prepared than our Politicians.

  16. Steve
    Its my belief and has been for a while that politicians, look after themselves first, then big business and if by chance it helps the electorate thats a bonus.

  17. Morning all,
    Looking over some of the transfer web pages, and have realised that Arsenal are overloaded with players, Yes a squad of say 25 players, as you have to cover injuries, but when you look over Arsenal players, that is when you realise just how many Arsenal have.

    Most supporters ask for new signings, only natural really, but when you break things down, just how many new players can you take in and play. This Post is all about Oxlaid Chamberlain, since his arrival he has given poor returns, He has flattered to deceive in fact, Theo Walcott another Gnabry Wilshere Campbel Iwobi i could go on for a while and i am sure many of you could explain to me the merrits of keeping certain ones for the future or for now, but i ask you all just how many centre forwards do we need , how many goalkeepers or DM AM just who will be our starters and who will sit pine most of the season.

    I looked at players linked to us and straight away i thought what about the 3 players we have in that position already. At present a centre forward rumour is racing away a defender also. Surly if we take in we need to let go, I see we have two fairly new Holding midfielders in Zakha and Elneny, what happens to Ramsey and Wilshere Cazorla or even Ozil, we can only field eleven.

    Centre forwards, as asked before just how many do you need for a season.

  18. Hi Steve
    I think you are being a little harsh on Campbell and Iwobi. Campbell I think could use a run of starting games, when he has come on he tries to make things happen, but seldom gets 90 minutes for some reason. Iwobi only came through last season and is young, he will be inconsistent and make mistakes.

  19. Hi Steve, you ask a good question, how many centre forwards do we need? Well we’ve only got one, Olivier Giroud and he’s on holiday and wont be back until the end of August, since Walcott has ruled himself out and Welbeck is out until God knows when we are, in the words of our supreme leader, just a leetle bit short in that position. I’m discounting Campbell and any of the kids tried out at the back end of last season, Campbell because he is just not a central striker, and the rest because they lack sufficient experience.

    So, we need at least one more.

  20. Another question is, who are we going to offload in order to free up some dosh for wages?

    Number one choice for me is Walcott, ten years of mediocrity is surely enough. He agitated to be a central striker, failed miserably and now expects to go back to his old position on the right wing. A position in which he was pretty poor at best.

    Number two choice is Gnabry, too many injuries and has not progressed in any way.

    Number three choice would be Wilshere but who the hell is going to buy him with his baggage of persistent injuries. Look at his recent history, out for most of last season, got fit enough to be selected for the Euros, but looked rusty and out of form, came back and injured his kneecap. Now he says he’ll be fit for the next two friendlies, Blimey! A pig just flew past my window!

    Number four choice would be Campbell, okayish player but didn’t Wenger say, earlier in the summer, he should find himself a new club,

  21. Its strange he was quick to suggest Cambell finds a new club yet persists with Walcott who would be on far more money, and far less application.

  22. Hi Poig, I think it’s a pride thing with Wenger and Walcott, Wenger has so much of his reputation vested in the player that he finds it unthinkable to admit he was wrong by flogging him. Let’s face it Walcott has held the club to ransom over his last two wage rises and Wenger has swallowed it. Does that mean Wenger is stubborn, stupid or deluded?

  23. Cheer’s Norfolk, I estimated that number myself, but when people talk, they seem to get carried away with new players. A window seems to fire up supporters, and because others buy players like we buy sweets, people get on the band wagon and want to be up there with the Jones’s.

    Arsene Wenger buys youngsters like sweets, in my opinion he see’s talent, and thinks about the future, of course supporters want ready made players for the here and now, but in my opinion, Wenger see’s further than most,

    Most Managers do not plan for the future because the way things stand, Managers do not last that long in the job, so everything has to be for the here and now, and that’s why spiralling costs have hit the roof..

    Our young stars are not quite ready, but in most clubs they don’t have the luxury of time. We seem to have youngsters who have shown spells of quality but they really are not up for a complete season. Quality and experience take a while to blend, but of course supporters want instant success..

    I feel that many of our youngsters will not make it to become legends at Arsenal, because Wenger is coming to his last years, and future managers will want ready made ready to go..

    Getting back to players, i feel that Wenger’s mistakes in the past has been not replacing when the need was there, whether that was because funds were short i don’t know, but ultimately that is what has soured the support. Funds seem to be in place now, so hopefully we will get our striker.

  24. Just seen your other questions and of course both of you have your opinions, We do need a clear out of that i am certain, Walcott has to be the top one as he has not improved at all Gnabry i feel has never hit it off with Wenger so him to. Wilshere is a tricky one, he does show commitment when he’s fit but i feel he has to many injury days so he too can go. Giroud of course does a job but if you were left with him only he would never be enough plus he is ageing he to can join the list. Welbeck was a quick buy for us, but he has shown me nothing and he too can go as well. Cazorla has shown he is useful, but age and injury goes against him also on the list. Mertsacker also an older player good at what he does but to slow and he to on the list Akpon And Hayden not top quality they to can go. I would go for a complete crear out and go more for ready made players that seems the way Arsenal will go when Wengers gone.

  25. Steve, I think Wenger has gone through three basic phases, a) the early years when he came in and was able to sign some good talented players for not too much money, he revolutionised the playing side of the club and had some success. b) the stadium building years when he had the choice of shopping at Poundland or bringing on some youngsters. c) these latter years where the money is becoming available, but he seems sadly out of touch with today’s marketplace.

    There’s no doubt that he did a good job through b) in keeping the club in touch with the richer teams, but is finding it harder to compete for the Premiership in the face of the big spending clubs, last season was an aberration, I think we can all admit that, but to maintain the top four as a target he will have to work hard at attracting a couple more top players.

    Looking at the the youngsters blooded last season there are one or two who look promising but in all honesty are there any showing evidence of becoming top class in the near future.

  26. GN5 and Kelsey

    Fuck off back to AA and have your fucking disagreements there……………. wind up that bastard Rasp ha ha…. I see GN5 has already had one comment removed, go go go GN5

  27. I think with buying talented youngsters, is just a numbers game, very few make it to first team, let alone excel. We have been lucky with Bellerin, but who preceded him and how long ago?
    It could be argued we caught a cold buying both Chambers and the Ox for the money we paid, when a few more million would have at the time bought the finished article. Hindsight is the foresight of a gobshite I know.

  28. I`m not having it that Rasp is a cunt !………out of order `69er !…………………he`s more a cuddly fluffy muff !……………………………………Big Raddy`s the cunt !…………..patronising, arrogant cunt who is a world authority on humour !………………………a laughable cunt !…………………with a fetish for sucking off his cliguey AA mates !. hahaha

  29. OK gays !……………….some proper Arsenal rumours !………….no, forget that….facts !………..seeing as Kelsey is being rubbish on the rumour front this window lets go to the person who always gets it right !…………………..Ornstein !………………..forget about Mahrez and Draxler it aint going to happen, so unless Wenger gets a move on then we aint getting a striker and it will be Campbell or Akpom as striker untill Giroud comes back………………or Alexis up front, forget about Theo as he`s already admitted he`s wants to play on the wing because he couldnt score with a transvestite in Transplants loft !.

    Take this as gospel gays, so no more chitty chat about Mahrez or Draxler as your wasting your time and might as well have a wank over Arsene`s bank balance !.

  30. Nhttp://metro.co.uk/2016/08/04/arsenal-finally-complete-transfer-for-kelechi-nwakali-6048401/ew

    New signing

  31. Steve
    I don’t like to piss on your firework, but he isn’t a first player, he may well out to be good, but could just as easily not. As I said earlier very few make the jump.

  32. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, unless things go radically wrong he will sign it.

  33. To put in perspective, he gets in 1 year more than I earned in my working life, who would walk away from that?

  34. Dont think he does it for the money Poig, he must have more than he could ever spend.

    West ham win their first game in the Olympic stadium 3.0 against Domzale

  35. Arsene Wenger was worth 38 million in 2015 according to the rich list, Probably around 40 odd now

  36. Probably more than that Steve, I expect he gets a bonus from Stan for every player he doesn’t sign. 😀

  37. Glad to see West Ham get through to the next stage of the Europa league…. they will be contenders for a top four place this season so the more games they have to play, the less chance they have of doing well in the EPL……………. Good morning Arse Lickers

  38. Morning all. Not that many of you would have woke up yet, seeing how we have an older audience.
    I was thinking a lot over the last couple of weeks what one of our bloggers had said when he called me a racist, and then he pointed out that many of the sites i have blogged on over the years often find our pages and read what we have to say,

    Well i was intrigued by that knowledge, and this morning while our numbers are still in the land of nod, I went back to these old blogs and had a look at what and who are talking about. Well blow me down it was just like it was all those years ago, where the same names were saying the same things that i read many moons ago.

    Arsene Wenger may have his roots at Arsenal, and over the years he has certainly picked up many critics, he is a man who has been dissected and looked into more than any Manager ever. It is documented that every mistake he has made and every failure he has made every decision he has ever made, make him out to be a bad Manager.

    Bloggers that i shared time with, and people i thought had the same interests, are still spouting the same things they were, all those years ago. Well when i looked back and i then realised that may be i am still the same as well, I certainly seem to still get under peoples skin, so maybe we are all the same regurgitated and then spill out the same garbage..

    Arsene Wenger is many things to different people he is tight he has no vision he doesn’t listen he has a bad choice in players he earns too much he has been managing Arsenal too long and he has far to much power and he needs changing.

    How can so many people be wrong, after all he has been with us for twenty years, and the support a sight longer, surely they know best. Well our blogging friend has had his say on many occasions, not just on this site but many others as well, and he is well known and well respected, As he told us he holds certain positions for certain blogs and they seem to filter round the blogasphere, keeping tabs on everybody else, I laughed my fucking head off when i thought about that, As NB lets us say anything, he lets us swear he lets us slag everybody off, he posts nude women with minges gaping, and he lets people call a spade a spade. Well whatever these people think of me and my so called racist background , why the fuck do they come onto a blog when they detest bad language and naked photo’s.

    I look at Wengers record and it has to be said that he could possibly have done better, in the twenty years or so he could have had more doubles more cups Champions leagues than he has, He could have gotten Arsenal higher than top 4 Perhaps a mistake he made was leaving old Highbury and Moving to a bigger new Highbury after all had we still been at old Highbury we may of had the money to buy the players many feel we should have spent.

    Well i dont know about all that because its all water under the bridge, Wenger is still here and doing the job and i dont see the owners in any rush to move him on, supporters are still paying for their season tickets and we still buy the odd shit player, but the intriguing thing is were still at the top of the league. Arsene Wenger is no more a bad manager than i am a racist, but you just cant instill that in people who have a mindset like that.

  39. Morning guys
    Thinking back to my first ever post on an Arsenal blog, I remember posting something along the lines of “I think Usimov would have been better than Kroenke” …I was vilified, not 1 supporting post, and the few subsequent posts were mocked, unsurprisingly I left that site and didn’t post again anywhere for a long while. I think I am the same person today even though I’m not the Arsene fan that I was.
    And I still believe that I was right.

  40. Steve, the one thing we can’t blame Wenger for was the decision to move to a new stadium. I think that was on the cards long before he had such influence over club matters.

    It was a business decision brought about by the all seater stadium diktat brought in as a result of the Hillsborough disaster. Highbury 60,000 capacity reduced to 45,000 or thereabouts. Emirates 60,000 bums on seats, much higher ticket prices, almost all the refreshment business brought inside the stadium, merchandise outlet on site, and the old stadium converted to luxury appartments sold off on long leases, with hefty management and maintenance charges. Money! money! Money!

  41. I had the same opinion Poig and still do !………………………………………Kroenke Out………………Uzzy In

  42. Eight goals…. don’t get much better than that………….. Iwobi will be a beast, must start ahead of Giroud, and although Walcott scored, I think Campbell is a better choice

  43. Got back intime for kick off and how glad am i Arsenal 8 Stavanga Vikings 0 what a goal fest. I take it all back about kicking out our youngsters they moved the ball about tonight like artists Santi missed a penalty to start a good penalty but the goalkeeper moved halfway across the goal and in the end he got a hand to it. Took a little while after that to take the lead but once they did it turned into goal Friday. Walcott finally scored a goal and a good one at that, but he is not a central striker, lots of subs came on and mostly youngsters Iwobi again shows he has talent, i almost sold him the other day, i want to keep him now, Akpon was on my list to, he;s off it now, Campbell also off the list . Santi played 90 minutes he to off the list fuck me we have to keep them all, bar Walcott that is. 8 fucking nill well i never.

  44. I have to confess I fell asleep at half time and missed Santi’s goal (MoM), Walcott scored a good goal, but generally crap I thought, Campbell is a lot better than him. I thought Elmeny played well also. Found it hard to assess the kids that came on late, Vikings were fucked and demoralised, but you can only beat whats in front of you so fair play to them.
    If we start against Liverpool like we did against Vikings I think we may well be in trouble. These pre season tours are a bollox for training and fine tuning as there is so little time, what with giving everyone a game…..but they won’t go away now and I suppose everyone else is doing them so it equals out.

  45. Well you couldn’t get a better show than that. 8 – 0. An all round good performance.

    Walcott has almost totally lost his confidence. Furthermore neither he nor Wenger know his best position. With that sort of confusion there’s no wonder his game has suffered. Maybe his sweetly taken goal will set him on a better road and he’ll start to rediscover his mojo. If he doesn’t do it soon Iwobi will take his place. Now that’s a kid with it all pace, power and confidence by the bucket load.

    We have been looking for a fox in the box for ages, could Akpom fill the role, he was following each shot into the box and was ready to pounce on any rebounds, and did just that for his goal. Excellent.

    I wouldn’t mind betting that we don’t buy another centre back. Wenger seems happy with what he’s got already, Gabriel, Koscielny, Chambers, Holding and now Beilik, with Merts to central back in time.

    The one player to disappoint me this evening was the Ox, stuck out on the left wing and really didn’t do much, lost possession several times and looked a bit sluggish.

    A bigger test to come on Sunday against City, live on ITV. We’ll learn a bit more about the squad then.

  46. Being picky Beilik made a big mistake that could have been costly against better opposition, but that will happen on his learning curve. The Ox gave the ball away a couple of times, really does need to up his game and hope he does. I thought Willock looked very slight when he came on, still he is only 18 and will fill out some.
    Certainly a very rare scoreline. 🙂

  47. Morning all,
    After all the euphoria from last nights massive scoreline, I had to ask myself if there were any negatives, you know us doomers always have to find a negative, and as it happens i find myself still puzzled as to why we still use zonal marking.

    Now although Vikings never really give us many problems, i feel a better club would, Last nights game was all about a bit of a run out, Many players are still not back, and last nights game, well all this tour really, was just an outing that really hasn’t shown us much at all. Cazorla had a good game, i think they gave him MOTM and he did last 90 minutes, bodes well after a lengthy stint out injured. But all it proved was that against a weaker team, that did not cause us too many problems we can score a few goals.

    Yes our youngsters got a decent work out, travelling with the team can only make them feel professional, looking about them and seeing some of the senior players ,they have had another insight into what is involved in making the team. Of course Sundays match will be different, as they have a squad of superstars, whether all their players are back i dont know, but the quality they possess will certainly be a step up from last night.

    Getting back to zonal marking, now that still sticks in the back of my throat, i have to say that on set pieces we seem to still be vulnerable., i dont like to say it as it seems like i am looking for negatives, but is this really the best way to defend. Now i know this system is being taught right through the Arsenal system, so a change is very unlikely, but this system has caused problem in the past and i am pretty sure there will be more in the future.

    Getting back to last nights game, and the few comments i read, not many were that impressed by our Theo. Now Theo has come to the crossroad of his future, It seems pretty obvious that Theo has realised that even some of our youngsters are doing better than he is finishing off. His words to the Manager that he feels he is more suited to the flanks must have somewhat confused Wenger.

    I do feel that the manager has afforded Theo with enough chances to prove whether he can cut it up front, and although Theo has sustained injuries i feel that that is what stops him from being the striker that we need. I noticed last night that he pulled out of a few challenges and i cringe every time i see him. Our other youngsters ran on to loose balls and even finished a few with goals so Theo’s Future looks grim in my eyes. Can we afford to put him out wide now, and i have to say that that will hinder other players who also work down the flanks, so i feel Theo is playing some of his last games for us.

    Seeing some of our talented Youngsters last night, many that have played for the first eleven a few times has shown that we have some up and coming talent soon to be first team starters, but i still feel the need of an experienced central striker. Akpon has shown that he is hungry and that he feels he is ready for the step up, but in my mind i still think he needs perhaps another season before we can take that chance.

    I really feel that we are just a player or two short, but from what i have seen in this tour is we will not be short for long. Holding Midfield has certainly been filled Elneny Coquelin Zakha Santi Ramsey the choices just go on and on. Defence we have a few new faces, Young faces yes and some still a little raw but talented right across the back, attacking Mid we have some of the best Sanches Iwobi Chamberlain, we have the creative players Ozil Wilshere Ramsey when he moves forward Campbell Iwobi, but where we seem as if we have enough we still need that Central striker and i am hoping we will find one soon as i believe with careful management w have a squad that can challenge across the board, i dont feel we have to field weak teams for cup games as most of our players have seen action and i feel that we have a side that can do very well, very well indeed.

  48. Morning Poig, No mate, I am like Theo One out every twelve visits.

    Well we had a bit of a result Poig Didn’t we. I dont care what people say about shit team, you play who comes up and i am pretty certain the players felt like i did who the fuck are Stavanga Vikings, but that result will last all their playing days.

    I know we can only take out of this game the result, but against a side like that it was nice to see the lads fighting hard, Elneny i felt bossed the midfield i like the look of him, and if he is partnered with Granit i can see that turning out to be the start of something very good, Santi i felt enjoyed his time out there, he seemed to be able to take his time and he also wasn’t pushed to do to much, probably an ideal game for him to start back.

    I feel the game Sunday depending on who they field will be a a bit of a shock after some of the sides we have met, stray passes could be very damaging and i am a little concerned with our defending. Not that i am doubting their ability its more about our system.

    8 goals was a blinding thing to see and all the goal scorers must have been delighted, i did glimps one or two times Theo’s face after we had scored and i could almost read his mind. Wenger must be feeling pretty good right now, as many of his youngsters are hitting a bit of form, i feel a few will sit the pine on Sunday but i am looking forward to it

  49. Steve
    I’m sure you are being modest 🙂
    The unfortunate thing with playing a team worse than you, it doesn’t really tell you that much, and it’s easy to go overboard with praise, in many ways its better to play a team that you could reasonably expect to lose to. But what the fuck do I know?

  50. Well your initial view on Usmanov wasn’t such a bad thing Poig, considering how long it has taken to get players. I must admit that at first i probably would have disagreed with you, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  51. I think we should take a look at what’s happening at Everton. It could give us a clue as to what might happen at Arsenal.

    Usmanov’s long term business partner has taken over at the Toffees and suddenly they have money to spend. They have also just released a player, Tony Hibbert, who has been at the club for twenty-five years. His comments are indicative of the style of the new regime. “(Everton are) no longer the peoples club, but instead are a ruthless horrible business”. Moshiri must share a similar philosophy with Usmanov, would we really be any better off than under Silent Stan?

  52. NG
    Its hypothetical, they are both successful businessmen, but would venture the Uzbeck would have had more of an ego to win trophies, as opposed to the money in the bank trophy.
    Its hard to argue that we are a peoples club.

  53. Norfolk t,hat is what the support wants, they i am sure dont care what happens, just spend the cash the same as the big clubs. Personally i would like to see the club stay very much the same , but would like a new centre forward. 🙂

  54. Poig, I don’t think we’ve ever been a people’s club, weren’t we at one time known as the Bank of England club?

    Moshiri at least seems willing to provide money for signings whilst cutting out the sentiment. People’s club or not, I don’t suppose the fans will give shit if the team start winning.

    Kroenke is happy with the fourth place trophy and money in the bank, Usmanov might prove to be a more dynamic owner who’s willing to spend.

    Either way in the long term the status quo is not sustainable.

  55. Manchester City have announced their squad for our game on Sunday, and it looks a strong side Guardiola wants to start off the way he hopes he will continue, I reckon we will have a say in that matter, of course we still wont be at full strength owing to some of our stars getting extra sun sessions but we should still have enough talent to stifle peps plans.

    Julian Draxler has been fined by club Wolfsburg by trying to get a move to Arsenal, 85 grand was the figure a weeks wages, no wonder he wants to come to us.

  56. He’s a big name at a big price, but is he what we need? He’s certainly not an out and out striker and that must be Wenger’s priority.

  57. Morning all,
    As you say Norfolk an out and out Striker is what is needed, apparently he also wants an experienced central defender as well, He said after our victory against Viking that money is not a problem, but the criteria has to be right, The player, The asking Price, The sell on value, and Will he improve the squad.

    Now that is all well and good, But where he said that he will continue useing Walcott as a central striker for this season doesn’t bode to well. Should he buy said Striker and we start off with an experienced front man, Giroud Welbeck and Walcott and not forgetting Akpon would probably be acceptable to most, but if our frontman gets injured we are left with what we would have started with for the length of the injury.

    It seems to me that Football is a lot more complex than it has to be, If the talent you have is not good enough it seems that you replace with better , is that to simple to take in

  58. Personally speaking, i would say that our defence is fairly strong, I see that Holding has been brought in, and has shown that he is quite capable Gabriel Pulister looks reasonable Chambers also not too bad and Koshielney an experienced man who is unquestionable. Of course if push came to shove Coquelin could be drafted back there and there are one or two of our reserves look as if they could fill in. Midfield has never looked stronger more players than positions, goal keeping looks secure. I am reasonably happy with the side, apart from the front man, and its been a while since i said that.

    I believe that our forward strikers have one more season as they have not shown me that they are good enough, but i am not the manager and strikers are very expensive.

  59. Of course most supporters just want us to be competitive, Although many feel that winning the league is the only criteria, Second as we have seen, is the same as being tenth, I fail to understand that mindset but i am not an expert .
    I feel that what we have, looks pretty good to me, and i feel that we should be able to hold our own, But a lot of spending is going on, and all the other premier sides have also improved. Again i feel that this coming season will be as tough if not more tougher to win, but get our striker and i feel we will stand as much chance as the others.

  60. These are the 23 players called up by Pep for tonight’s game in Sweden:

    Goalkeepers: Joe Hart, Willy Caballero

    Defenders: Bacary Sagna, Pablo Zabaleta, Aleksandar Kolarov, Gael Clichy, Jason Denayer, Tosin Adarabioyo, Pablo Maffeo, Angeliño Tasende

    Midfielders: Fernando, Kevin De Bruyne, Fabian Delph, David Silva, Fernandinho, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Yaya Touré, Aleix García

    Forwards: Raheem Sterling, Nolito, Sergio Agüero, Jesus Navas, Kelechi Iheanacho

    That is a strong squad and should give us a better picture about our boys than against The Vikings.

    Sanchez starts for us.The guy has had a very hard Copa America was black and blue with injuries and AW clearly stated he needed a longer rest and would not start the season but our options are so limited Sanchez plays with a greater risk of a long term injury,and this is a reaccuring issue with several players because we don’t have quality depth in numbersBad planning especially as our track record for injuries is second to none..

  61. Sanchez has been back a the club for almost two weeks, ample time for Wenger to assess his physical condition. Would the manager take an unnecessary risk for a friendly?

  62. Wenger’s last stand. The headline in the Sunday Telegraph. Worth a read if you can get it on line.

  63. I think the telegraph online is a subscription Norfolk…. I will blog a new post tomorrow, after the City friendly, I didn’t want to blog after the 8-0 after the Vikings game because the positivity could have been a bit misleading ha ha

  64. Good debate at my place NB.Suddenly many are coming out as pro Wenger and think I am anti Wenger.Whatever gave them that idea 😉

  65. Hi guys
    You can read the Telegraph piece on line.
    Looking forward to the match tonight, should be interesting….lets hope he is still on “alert” which doesn’t sound very pro active to me, more like see whats left on the shelf before the supermarket closes.
    I expect the optimistic supporter will be saying, its all falling into place nicely…Wenger in.

  66. Its does make you wonder if there is any transfer planning. We know what we need and AW has said the same. So we are on the same page there. We have scouts and a data processing company, nothing wrong with that. It seems the problem arises with “sell on value”. This is where it gets interesting..on past performance, if their cost/ value has increased, rather than hold on to them they are sold, generally because they want more money and the opportunity to win trophies. Can’t really argue with that. Its when they are bang average or crap, that it makes “sell on value” as a requirement somewhat vague at best or a get out excuse at worst. We can accept not all purchases work out, thats a given for every team.
    Whats with the lethargy, from “working hard’ down to ‘we are on alert”…..Absolutely no planning or drive?
    Why does it appear to be the same every season, and it is the same. You could expect something different occasionally if there was? Surely.
    Whilst the results may or may not be dramatically different, its a game or small margins and we could certainly do with the extra 1%

  67. Ha Ha Ha…………. I’ve just had a GN5 – Kelsey moment with someone on Kelsey’s Facebook page… interesting how these things can escalate…. he was a Yid as well, not as in a Spud…. but a yid Gooner apparently………. I’ve invited him over here, so if he arrives I’ll set Cockie onto him ha ha

  68. Half time and we don’t deserve to be one goal down…. we are certainly the better team but as usual, haven’t taken our opportunities and one bit of bad defending gifted aguero with the City goal

  69. Its looks so wrong to see Arteta on their bench…Caballero’s positioning isn’t great, and squandered opportunities.

  70. Evening all got the times wrong and missed the first 30 minutes, seen the highlights and have to say we need a striker bad. Looking at the last fifteen minutes and i felt City looked better but listening to the pundits and commentator, it appears we were unlucky.

    I saw our chances and we could have been 3 up but without the striker we need we are lacking’ Theo on for the second half, he certainly needs to get stuck in and show this dynamic finishing he has been said he possesses.

  71. Another trophy, but a sad loss of Gabriel for quite some time. In all fairness not many have rated Gabriel, But it has to be said a new centre back will be joining this week.

  72. Wenger doesn`t panic buy, he says he will look at a player to see if they fit his criteria of four points…..Talent, Age, can they improve the team and resale value !…………so no Squillaci !……………who fails miserably on all four points !…………………………….that quote from Wenger is bound to come back and bite his Arse when he panics………….Mustafi has probably gone up £10M since Paul Easter when down like a sack of spuds !.

  73. I was thinking that Cockie…. every team with a CB ton offload will now be licking their fucking lips…. price goes up, we get fucked and buy a fucking dud…. Johnny Evans anyone ha ha

  74. I reckon Wenger should now go all out…. contact Everton, go £10m over what City are offering for Stones and get him….. Cities defence looked crap and if we could get John Stones from under Peps nose it would be excellent

  75. Two centre backs with long term injury, Means only one thing. Breaking the bank vault. We may have to forgo our centre forward. But with Akpon scoring in every game plus Walcott getting on the sheet again and yes that fox in the box Iwobi is going at it full pelt.

    Stan and Gazedez must be pulling their hair out, ”How much” Ha Ha

  76. Come on Steve none of this doom stuff from you 🙂
    Carrying on from my long speech earlier about planning….the time to buy a striker was last season, they are always in demand, so even a blind man could see with the increased tv money, prices would rise.
    Whatever we had in the bank last year, would have had more purchasing power than what we have this year..it wasn’t rocket science. So now we need a first team replacement as a centre back as well…Clubs will be rubbing their hands together waiting for the Emirates phone call…..That is my case about planning for the prosecution….GN5 your defence?

  77. Evening Poig, only joking mate, I would have thought that the irons been in the fire for a while, I feel he has plcked who he wants, it’s just the final price that is alays the same. Of course your right it should have been done long before now but Wenger always waits till the last couple of hours, it’s just how he seems to like doing it, and a lot of times he fuck up

  78. How many times Poig in the past of course have you been in a club or pub and seen a cracker, and you only have change in your pocket, you can’t pull her to early as you will look a cheapskate so you leave it late, and you fuck up the punch line, and then slink off on your own. Now that has never happened to me, because I have always gone in with a bird, but Wenger is a bit of a loner. 🙂

  79. morning all,
    Panic buying seems the order of the day Paul Easter looks like he has done ligaments in his foot, not as bad as first expected but will still miss a few games, so with Mertsacker out long term and Koshielney short on form it looks as though we have to buy before the weekend.

    Whether Wenger has a defender in mind or not, is any ones guess, But he has brought previously, Holding an Bielic Chambers as well so we are not in dire straights. Having two defenders struck down in the build up to the start of the season is a worry for most teams, but it has to be said that players have been at Arsenal ready for their chances should they be needed, and of course that time has fell for them.

    The Manager has been using all our defenders in these friendlies, and they all have done their bit, to be quite honest this is probably the best news for some of them, as they may have been earmarked for loan spells, but now these injuries have moved these youngsters up the placing order and from what i have seen of them they have settled in well.

    Arsenal is a club that buy a lot of young talent, usually we loan them out , and dont usually see them for quite a time , but those players when they get the chance will be biting at the bit for a chance to start the season. Chambers did very well at the start of last season as he covered for a few positions and in all fairness he was thrown into the deep end, but he held his corner up until the injured came back, and then used sparingly when needed.

    Now that is what a squad of players are for, when the chance comes up its hardly fair on them that we panic buy and push them back for a player who has jus been drafted in. We know Mertsacker will probably be on his last season so he would have to be replaced this has just opened a chance for a future player and lets hope their Arsenal training kicks in and moves them forward..

  80. ‘morning Steve, are you sure you weren’t a spin doctor in a previous life? Poor old Gabriel does his ankle and you see it as an opportunity for one of the other centre backs to step up. 😀

    Only a week to go to the first game of the season and our top three central defenders are unavailable. Even if Wenger could sign a replacement this week it will probably be too late to get anyone ready to play at the weekend.

    It looks like the choice will be two of three, Chambers, Holding or Bielik. Unless he goes with Debuchy and Monreal. Of course he could choose to play Xhaka there.

    Perhaps this could be an opportunity for Wenger to amaze us all and convert Alexis into a central stopper.

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