Advantage Wenger……..

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After the Viking game I didn’t want to start getting optimistic so waited till t=last nights game against Man City before penning thins post. Overall it was a good game and we were certainly the better team. It looks as if our striker problem may be put on hold whilst we have Iwobi, Akpom and Walcott, if they can all find form at the same moment.

Elneny put in another solid performance and Cazorla managed more pitch time without mishap so midfield is looking good. Cech had a good game but I would say he was at fault for both goals although bad defensive mistakes in front of him led to the shots being attempted.

The one downer for the evening was the injury to Paul Easter which could have been avoided if he hadn’t decided to go into a tackle in injury time when we were leading and the seconds were counting down, totally unnecessary. Puts Wenger under pressure just a week before the EPL KO to get a new CB, although I read this morning that he’s stated he will not get one in, so it looks like it will be Holding and Chambers starting in the centre of defence for the start of the season.

Less than a week to go till our first game against Liverpool, I’m not worried. It was a good result against the new glamour manager of the Premier League.


24 thoughts on “Advantage Wenger……..

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, yeah I’m pretty confident about our game againt Liverpuddle, confident that our rookie, or rocky, defence will get us in trouble at some stage. We’ll just have hope that our amazing array of goal scorers will see us through.

    Great posts by the way, can we have another one in a week or two? 😀

  2. Morning guys
    Lets not get carried away, it was a friendly pre season game and suddenly we have all the ammunition to win the league. My memory fails me, but didn’t we win all last seasons friendlies?

  3. NG 🙂
    I can’t believe City will be as limp at the back come season starting, they were worse than we were. At least we had a goalkeeper.

  4. Poig, I only saw the first half, I recorded the match but at the halfway point I managed to hit the delete button by mistake. What I saw of their defence looked pretty poor, but then our attack, in the first half, looked toothless.

  5. Wenger still has a problem about where to play Walcott. The player wants to revert to the right wing slot, Wenger has said wingers have to do a lot of defensive work, Walcott doesn’t do defence. So until Giroud is fit or we sign a striker, it looks like we are stuck with a reluctant front man whose confidence is shot to pieces.

  6. Afternoon all, been out all morning and fuck me another new post, we are being spoiled, I like a post to go on for days as it looks like we have a fucking lot of bloggers, now its gonna take fucking ages again.

    Norfolk, I am just trying to look on the bright side thats all mate. Now you know as well as anybody, that we have shitloads of money, but you know as well that it takes huge commitment to get the fuckers to actually write a cheque.

    Now i am not against new signings, in fact i fucking love em, but i have to say, Had i been a youngster who has been kept in the reserves learning the Arsenal system and being taught how to speah how to wipe my arse and how to blow my nose, I would be surely pissed off if a Squilachyi came in and doubled his wage, just for a couple of months and then went on to retire.

    Youngsters do need incentives, they need to feel that if a chance comes up that the manager may just call on them, What it does is concentrate the mind ,makes them keep a clean sheet and makes them try and catch the managers eye. Yes we have shitloads of money and should, if needed go out and fill the gaps, but whats the fucking point in having youngsters if you pass them over every time.

    Its my belief that youngsters need to feel that they may hit the top at anytime, whether they are seventeen or twenty three, they need to work towards the first team and they need to be included. Watching some of those youngsters over the last couple of weeks has shown me that comradely is present among them, a man scores and the delight in others faces with back slaps says it all, Everybody needs to feel needed and when a chance comes then they have to respond. Yes these youngsters will make fuck ups even Cech at his age made a few, but they have to start somewhere and here is better than elsewhere.

    We are no more short of talent than any other team , we have the bodies, and from what i have seen the hunger for a chance, Wenger will monitor them like he always does, and if he thinks they are not ready he will loan them, if he feels that we need a replacement he will get one .

  7. Hiya Norfolk, Henry thought he was a winger, but Wenger saw him somewhere else. I share your concerns with Walcott, but that little move yesterday was sublime, if only the little shit did that every time we would have a hundred million pound player on our hands.

  8. If that was the case Steve, he would be sold in a flash. Silent Stan would be drooling at the thought of that kind of money in his piggy bank.

  9. I have to say that i had started warming to Gabby, but i still felt he was a liability at times, Mertsacker has never been a favourite of mine although the guy has very good positioning. Now i don’t doubt both will be missed but i like young defenders and i feel they need games to bed in.

    What Poig said in one of his Comments , i think it was tongue in cheek, when he said well we won all of our friendlies last season, i felt he meant we were unsuccesful after that, Well i dont see it like that, Granted we didn’t win the league but we got second and whatever anybody says that is not failure.

    If we went on to get second again i would also see that as success winners would be like Theo’s goal sublime. 🙂

  10. Kango………whether tongue in cheek or not, last season we had a great pre-season and Wenger thought we didn`t need an outfield player !…………….the only person in Goonerdom to think it and he`s the one pulling the strings, how fucking shit luck is that !……………….like being on a desert island with a 1000 nymphos and you like cock !.
    Another good pre-season and Wenger is blind to our needs, it would have been better if we had lost 8-0 to the Vikings !

    The season we were the invincibles, our pre-season was pathetic !……….if I had been on the web then I`d have called for Wenger`s head !. hahaha

  11. Cockie where you been son. We all see things in different ways Cockie, A door shuts and another opens, sometimes disaster strikes and you feel you shouldn’t have walked through, but thats just life mate. The way i see things the door has shut on Paul Easter and BFG, but is it a disaster when i liik through and i see Holding Beilic and Chambers. To be quite honest Cockie, when i looked through the door a few years back and saw what we had, i did feel it was a disaster, but now i look and i see three young men who all look pretty good. I look through another door and i see Belerin and Debuchey then i sqint and Monreal and Gibbs come in sight, I know it sounds like all doors but then i i see Elneney and Granit Santi and Ozil Wilshere and Ramsey, again a squint and Iwobi chamberlain Sanchez Campbell Theo Giroud and in the distance i see Wellbeck.

    I have to say i am excited about the combinations of some of these players Coquelin last night is there as Koshielney and at the back door Petr cech just to let you out, Yeh a player or two would probably help but fuck me Cockie for a shit Manage he has assembled some fucking good players.

  12. Steve
    Last season after we had won all the pre season games we promptly lost to the Hammers in the first match, and went to play some of the most turgid matches, not all but enough. The thing about youngsters they will make mistakes and its unfair to heap pressure on them because there is no one else, yes play youngsters, but carefully pick the matches where they can gain confidence….if we lose a couple of early matches because we don’t have the right players, the crowd won’t be that supportive, which won’t help the kids at all.
    Had the spuds not imploded at Newcastle and we came 3rd, do the think the atmosphere at the Emirates would have been so convivial, I don’t, that was the only reason I had to cheer a depressing season.

  13. As i said Poig, We all have opinions, mine is no better than yours mate. Every season someone has a nightmare, and they throw away a few places, we have done it many times, but a season is about consistency, Usually the winners have been a few points in front, Thats what makes them winners, At the end of the season we have a table of where clubs finished, and that is what i always go by.

    Leicester last season proved to everybody that their consistency made them at least ten points better than anybody else, and they certainly deserved it. Every team said it was a fluke and that it was a season that anybody could have won, but only one team did.

    I remember supporters saying that last season should have been our season, and blaming Wenger, in my opinion they should have been congratulating Raniery as he outclassed everybody, While our consistency got us second.. A lot of top Managers came in after us but we got the second spot. I don’t really care what people say either way, many are putting Leicester in eighth place this year, they said we would not be in the top four last season, they were wrong.

    Poig we are around the same age give or take a few years, and i am sure like me, you made lots of mistakes in your younger life, those knocks built your character, without mistakes you learn nothing these youngsters will make many mistakes, but you cannot protect them, they need the ups and downs to build experience.

    I believe these players have got what it takes, nothing will be smooth but they will learn a lot , hopefully they will do well, but i do know one thing they will give it their best, The Olympics are on at the moment, Many many youngsters entered, in most event, but only one winner, Many will fail but they will probably be back to try again, Thats what Arsenal do, but someone has to win, and it could be us.

  14. good evenong dickheads

    I’ve been in a swimming pool all afternoon so not much time for blogging 😀 Norfolk, I’ll check my e mails when I get home tomorrow….. I may have to publish it tomorrrow because wednesday I’m off to the Cevennes for a few days and theb driving up to the Loire Valley……………… is there any news as to how long Paul Easter is going to be in the sick bay?

  15. No news on Gabriel’s ankle 69er, but you know what a load of wankers the Arsenal media mob are. Enjoy your trip it sound terrific, there are some great wines that come from the Loire valley area, but I’m sure you know that and will be sampling more than a few.

    Have a safe journey.

  16. Good morning you fucking wankers 🙂

    I always have a good time when I go to the Loire Norfolk

    Piog……………… ha ha ha…. you hit the cork on the head mate, my philosophy is it’s not worth opening a bottle of wine unless you are going to empty it

  17. Bonjour mes amis, a report in the Telegraph this morning “Arsenal chase Mustafi to ease their defensive crisis” States that Wenger hopes to make a bid in the next 48 hours in the hope that a deal can be rushed through.

    48 hours? What’s wrong with the next 48 minutes?

    It really is time Wenger woke up and got his finger out, 48 fucking hours!

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