It gets toxic for Arséne!


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Morning shit faces,

Over the last ten years I have heard everything about our manager, you name it he has been blamed for it. Now I am not saying that he has not made mistakes, fuck me who hasn’t, but given the Information that is out there, is it all pukka. We are told that we are a wealthy club, we are told our transfer fund is massive, does that really ring true. Supporters in the know, wiz kids on the Internet will tell you our profits from the last ten years, they can even tell you everybody’s wages, in fact from the Internet they can find anything related to Arsenal,  but the one thing they cannot find out, is why we don’t spend like the big club we are supposed to be.
Well to start at the beginning, Are you an Arsenal supporter, if you answered that question with a yes,  then can you explain to me why our players are Boo’d off the field on the first game of the season. Actually Boo’d and Jeered our players off the park at what we call The Home of Football, Yes I say again our players at home in front of their own supporters were Boo’d.
After the game which I felt was a see saw game, a well fought game that produced 7 goals no less, yes, we actually lost the match and at one stage we were 4-1 down, but the lads got their heads down and scored 2 to make the end result 3-4 to Liverpool who I have to say scored 4 magnificent goals, which certainly matched our 3. Did they deserve that exit from the home support or what?
Now in all my years of following Arsenal, I have to say, that that display from the so called support at home, made me feel let down, disgusted is a better word completely, Many so called supporters when asked said it wasn’t the team, it was for the Manager, trying to disguise why he boo’d his own side at home in the first game of the season. I am sure the players realised that fact, Yeh really.
I can remember my first live game I was in my teens and went to Highbury, which seemed like miles away from me , I went there to see my boyhood idols although I cant remember any of their names, or who the Manager was. I remember the stand I was in was packed solid not a chair in sight, just bodies and lots of them jockeying for a good view, I can remember a staunching  that got in the way of my view which really pissed me off, but I was there and I watched my club play. We lost whoever it was we played, we lost. The supporters clapped and cheered the lads off, Rattles were rattling in my ears and as the crowd left, I was carried along with them.
In those Days Arsenal was just a football club, not a very successful side, as I remember, and we finished way down the league that year, and we didn’t look like ever winning anything soon, but I remember the clapping and the cheers alright, and those bloody rattles I can hear them still. The thing I remember most was supporters who were with Uncles Dads friends they were all cheering and that is what has stayed in my mind all these years, what I call proper supporters.
Of course all that happened a lifetime ago, and things have changed, the support has turned toxic and I assume all those supporters I heard cheer have all passed on, as they would never had boo’d the Arsenal, who does. Today’s so called supporter many who don’t even remember Highbury, Many who have never seen Arsenal finish lower than 4th as that has been the same for twenty years. They have not seen what I saw on the day I visited. We were way down the league with absolutely no chance of winning the league, They never heard those die hard Gunners, as that is what they called themselves in those days. Those supporters was Arsenal through and through, I would bet money, the ones who was there that day, died with Arsenal on their minds. They moulded me for a lifetimes support of Arsenal and anything to do with Arsenal. Boo my own club, never in a month of Sundays.
So what has changed at Arsenal for supporters to turn their backs and boo the club, Is it the Manager? is he so bad that they feel he deserves that kind of treatment, is it the players? the owner the tea lady as even she has come under fire of late, If it is her well what can I say,  If its the Players are they not putting in a shift, are they mugging us off, are they just not good enough, Now hang on a moment haven’t we just come through twenty years of finishing no lower than fourth, so it cant be that, can it.
Is it The owner, as he would be a good one to pick as he has not been in charge long, but he has invested vast sums of money and he saw us in our move to a new ground , He actually buys sporting clubs and I dont think any have packed up for lack of money, and the talk from the Wiz kids are that we are highly successful, as far as money goes, so it can’t be him, can it.
So who have we left, Yes of course Arsene Wenger our Manager for over twenty years. it must be him. Lets face it we haven’t won the Premiership for twelve years so it must be him, Wait a minute what other Manager has achieved top four for twenty years, no thats not fair is it, What other Manager has been at the same club for twenty years, Yeh i know that’s not fair either is it.
Who is the Manager out of the top half a dozen clubs, who has spent the less money, who has achieved a top place every time in the last ten years. Oh just Arsene Wenger, Who was called a loser before last seasons first match, thats an easy one Our Manager, who swiftly got us a second place. Who said that last season was our best chance in years to win the Premiership, sorry not Wenger. Who blames Wenger for us not winning the Premier, who thinks he should spend fortunes for a centre forward this season. Who says our tactics are wrong, who says our players are a makeshift side, who moans at every decision the Manager makes. Who dislikes the Manager, and who holds up posters, calling for him to go, who thinks they know better than a man who has won two doubles coached a invincible season, won  two FA cups in the last three years and got us into Champion s league every season for twenty years. Who  well the so called supporter thats who.
Yes that is what i said, the so called supporter, so called because no real supporter boo’s his own side in the first game of the season. How many times have these people ever coached a professional football club like Arsenal, and  actually won anything let alone found the consistency that Wenger alone has found. I suppose Managers in the past have done very well but they are long gone just like the old Arsenal supporter.
The next time you attend a match, remember that for any body to match what Wenger has achieved, we will have to wait twenty years and if he doesn’t leave at the end of this season it could be even longer, Will Wenger change for the cat calls he hears every game , of course  he won’t, and i for one doesn’t want him to. Is it him, or is it our twelth man. In my opinion they should put all their effort in Tottenham as they would be appreciated there, they could look forward to our clashes, and boo as much as they like, as those people are not Gunners.
Written by Steve Palmer

34 thoughts on “It gets toxic for Arséne!

  1. Good morning
    I wasn’t going to bite…So anyone who isn’t a Wenger fan isn’t a proper supporter? and perhaps those booing him at the end of both home and away games should perhaps write a letter to the Times instead, expressing their unhappiness that for 3 years now he can neither buy or develop a striker, and he being one of the highest paid managers in the game at a club which is the cash richest in the world…words fail me.

  2. Afternoon all, I see we have four comments, don’t know how many hits we have had, but it probably won’t be very high.

    This is not a post that is digging out genuine supporters, as of course everybody’s view is important to the blogging world. If you are unhappy with how the Manager runs what he does, speak freely. Many will listen to your argument and many would maybe take your view.

    Writing this post and knowing that most on here are against the manager, was not a post I took lightly, sure I knew that most would think that I am having a little dig at them, but honestly that never crossed my mind, like you I have my own mind and I say it as I view it, I don’t see it as you against me, I just see supporters similar to me that hold strong views.

    Now because I don’t share those views at the moment, I still listen to what you say, and to be honest many views has me double guessing myself. But protesting publicly is a no no for me, if I had a beef I would write to Arsenal and convey my concerns not to the open public because I want the world involved.

    My post is a drop in the ocean read today by a few and forgotten when the new post comes out, for those that don’t like this post pen another to Northbank quickly and he will erase it. But should you Boo your own club or hold banners or go on street marchers count me out.

  3. Ok Steve, do you honestly believe sending an e mail to the club is going to make the slightest difference?…its a whole new world from 50s and 60s……we are a brand now, shown around the world every week. Booing and heckling the manager isn’t nice, but he brings a lot on himself. People express themselves differently and to accuse them of not being fans after they have paid their money is a little disingenuous.

  4. Thank you Poig, Anybody who Boo’s is a cretin in my eyes, the posters and the Marches are to publicise their views the chants of Wenger out, and you don’t know what your doing is bullying. I didn’t like Bullies at school and I certainly don’t like them now.

    If people don’t like how Arsenal is run, don’t go, don’t buy a ticket, if they don’t answer your letter, they may take notice of the other.

  5. I have to respect someone who has taken the time for such a length of post whether I agree with it or not !.
    Despite what GN5 and you think Steve, you are not the only “genuine” supporters, we all are and we all have a right to our opinion when the club we love is under performing. To tell people to go and support another team is one of my pet hates, it`s arrogant condescending bollox !…………….you being a crap lover to your missus, does it give her the right to tell you to go and fuck someone else ?…………..although, I`m sure your new found love of Arsene tells me she`s been using the Kango on your Arse and you`re now not thinking straight, you should join GN5 and Stretch in a candle lit dinner with Arsene where you can all play footsie under the table………………….”oop`s sorry Arsene for carressing you balls with my toes, I was tying to practice my Cruyff turn !”……………..and all this turn around when previously you wanted to gas him for having a big nose in your Hertfordshire showers “R” us company !

    I will never abuse anyone at a game as I only think cheering them on will help, booing does not help one bit, it only worsens our performance, but blogging is a different kettle of fish !………….after analysing games we can in a respectful way discuss where we think the problems (if any) are.
    Took from another site and dont know the authenticity of it…………..

    European annual salary bills in Euros

    Barca 340.3
    Real 289
    chavs 289
    psg 254.8
    manure 253.7
    citeh 242.5
    Arsenal 240
    Bayern 227.3
    dippers 207.5
    juve 198.4
    AC 168.3 (2015)
    roma 136
    spuds 126.2
    Dortmund 117.9
    inter 113.9
    scalke 109
    athletico 105
    villa 105
    everton 97.5
    Marseille 96.8

    Not far behind some of the big clubs in our league and if Kunt Kroenke had not taken £3m out we would have had more to spend than Mansour City on wages, but fair doo`s he has a Beaver farm to run !.
    How do Bayern reguarly do better in CL ?…………how do they have better players on lower wages ?.
    I couldn`t give a fcuk whether we get 2nd or 17th as only 1st wins the League , as for the CL………..20 years and only a sniff once !……`s supposed to attract the players !………let`s talk to Chavs and Manshafter !……bought any talent for not being in CL ?…………money talks !…………..and we dont spend enough of it compared to our supposedly rivals !.
    Let`s say we are in the top six clubs in the EPL………(although obviously we are always in the top four)………as a big club, I`d expect to win the league at least once in every six years as it stands today ( we`re not talking 60s and 70s when it was more open ), so me, I`d rather win the league once every six years than not win it and be top 4 every year !.
    Most money in the bank than any football team in the world !
    Oh and the thought that we never abused players in the 60`s or any other period is bollox !…….it`s a fantasy image of being young and thinking everything was better back in a day… first game was back in the mid 60s and being squashed like a sardine having to passive smoke which stunted my growth, having tinitus now because of some cunt and his rattle, having hayfever because of too many rosettes, getting a disease because some perverted std ridden bastard pissed down my leg and thinking all football supporters werer gay as I`d never seen so many men in one place hugging each other…….it`s a wonder that I`m now the most virile heterosexual gooner on the planet……….loved the 60`s !.
    Here`s a comment from AA………………I cant comment on Stretche`s post as I`m banned by that Arrogant, Condescending Junkie Big Pussy for having a sense of humour, although it`s ok for his clicky mate to put up a photo of labia cup cakes !………………..even in the 30`s we were doomers !

    Wow, even in one of our most successful decades ,the 1930’s, Arsenal fans used to boo the team. It seems that the more successful Arsenal become, the more vitriolic its fans becomes. Its genetic.

    The club, however, is also noted for the long-standing vitriolic criticism of the team by some of its own supporters, a group who since around 2010 have been named The Anti-Arsenal Arsenal. Although the contemporary version of this group focuses its antipathy on the manager Arsène Wenger, earlier reports note antagonism towards the title winning team of 1953, and even Arsenal team of the 1930s, with Herbert Chapman complaining of the activities of the “boo-boys”. More recent research has traced the tendency of some Arsenal fans to criticise the team back to the 19th century.
    I started losing my respect for Wenger when he said we could not be considered a big club if we sold Nasri and Cesc !……………….just like a magician………..poof !….they were gone !
    Saying we were looking fit after a good pre-season inc` beating Mansour City and then saying we lascking fitness after the Bindippers loss, he just contradicts himself each time !………….too many to list and then there`s the shit the club comes out with…………….
    Gazidis………………..”We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich. We can do some things which would excite you. I say that this is an extraordinarily ambitious club.”

    Kroenke …………………………….”I have to have some reality involved. If you want to win championships then you would never get involved.”
    Theres probably many more but I cant be bothered……………………………we will but no one of quality, the next excuse is just around the corner and that will be Wenger blaming the hectic CL games fatiguing his players why we are average.
    We wont win fcuk all with Wenger in charge as he openly admits he spends like it`s his own money and he isn`t tactically as good as Pep or Mourinho or Poch or Koeman…..add as many as you like, but the biggest reason we wont win fuck all is beyond Wenger and that is Kroenke !…………..he will never spend any of his own money…………..only on shares, but that does not make a single iota of importance to the clubs buyong and he only takes money out of the club.
    Wenger should go gracefully whereas Kroenke should just fuck off as we will never compete with the big others untill we have a rich one owner !


  6. Well i have to compliment you Cockie boy, that was a huge comment and if this post does not get another i am grateful for that one.

    As i said Cockie we all have a view, and seeing as no one gives a fuck about what we say, we know we will not not change anything. Many believe that Wenger as stated in the Mirror this morning (redtop) The most successful Manager in the Premier league at the moment, Probably because most of them have just been hired. Others like you Cockie who thinks its the Manager then the Owner and probably tomorrow The Tea Lady.

    Now Cockie i have to say that i can not see anything wrong with Arsenal. They get high finishes they win cups they let me watch Champions league every season, and above all they are disliked by their own support. I feel special supporting Owner Manager and the Tea Lady in fact i sometimes feel i am the only one.

    Now of course you dont want to listen about what Wenger has acheived thats old hat, you dont wan t to listen to how much Kroenke has invested, and i am certain you are not interested in how many tea bags the tea Lady gets through in a week, because Cockie you probably couldnt hear it anyway after all those fucking Rattles you heard as a fucking youngster, has made you death son.

    We are Arsenal supporters each one of us supports different some like one thing another something else, at the end of the day we comment here or down the pub or at the ground but were interested enough to want to know what others feel. I know or i think i know that whatever we say will make no difference to how the Owner goes about his business no difference to how our manager does his, but it might make a difference to the tea Lady if you chant your fucking tea is shit.

  7. True Steve……… one gives a fuck what we think especially a manager on £8M per year and an owner worth billions !……….as if they were interested in a van driver on minimum wage ! hahaha
    I dont want to bad mouth Wenger, he has been magnificent….underlining the word has !………`s all in the past, he has to go and let someone else make a cunt of themselves so his legacy is still intact !.
    It`s Kroenke who my hatred is for and just let me point out that he has not ever invested any money in Arsenal to help Arsenal, he has invested for his own wealth and will be rewarded handsomely if he sells now, he only takes money out of the club ala £3M per year, which from his massive payment for shares is not a great deal as dividends go, but is more than he has or will ever put in !.

    As for the tea lady……………………fuck her !……………bitch is probably putting something in Arsene`s tea amking him a tight cunt !.

    Tell the truth, I`m still staggered that all them german clubs can keep better players than we have on lower wages !………………Dortmund pay less than half what we pay and we cant get Aubanggang or Reus !……………doesn`t make sense to me !.

  8. Well done Steve, you are obviously a dedicated Arsenal supporter, you are straight forward in your opinions and are willing to share them with us.

    I’m not someone who goes to matches, I’ve only been to three since 1974 and one of those was a pre-season friendly at Carrow Road. I watch every Arsenal game I can on television, and get a lot of enjoyment out of doing so, I also get extremely frustrated when I see things happening that shouldn’t happen and nobody doing anything about it, but all I can do is post comments on blogs, which I am damn sure nobody at the club takes a blind bit of notice of.

    Some of the people who invest their time and money in going to matches probably share my frustrations and I can understand them expressing their feelings. It may not be pretty to watch or hear but if it gets the attention of the manager and board of directors it may make them realise that not everything in the Arsenal garden smells of roses.

    There’s a simple solution should the club wish to take it, make a concerted effort to fill the gaping holes in the squad and stop giving out the usual old bullshit.

  9. Thank you Norfolk, for a moment i thought you may have got the hump with me for what i wrote, but you my son are a very good supporter, There are not to many of us on this blog, but the ones that do comment i know are die hard Arsenal men. Now i am sorry that Cockie is on a Minimum wage, boy if i had money i would employ the poor old sod and pay him well, as in fact both you and Cockie were probably there when i made my first visit.

    Make no mistake Norfolk, I read all your comments and take them all in, Cockie of course comes out with some blinders and has me shitting myself with Laughter, at our age mate, no fucker listens to us and big business are even worse.

    I dont say the things i do to wind up the support, honest, i actually believe it. Yes the owner does not spend his money willy nilly, Cockie is right, and we are not asking him to shell out that much, just as you say fill those gaps and make us better thats all. I appreciate that, but for some reasons only known to them they want us to be self supporting, and i can see the merits of that too.

    I am like you Norfolk, Arsenal don’t see a lot of my money, i too watch the games on the box, I have been several times and no doubt i will be down there again very shortly, but even if i don’t i will support like you from afar, but whatever we think of Arsene and Stan, nothing will change in the near future and i dont expect it to.

    I am a supporter who enjoys the banter of people with the same interests, were just working class guys who probably should take our retirement and keep mum until we meet those old Gunners i spoke of but we fucking cant, i still do a couple of days a week although i feel fucked after doing them only because the pensions are not enough, Poor old Cockie the guy is like me having to take what he can get, but the fucker wears his heart on his sleeve and i admire the bloke.

    Arsenal football club doesnt care how long you have supported, i know that, the Arsenal supporters on sites like this dont care either, we are a lone voice, but i do believe that all big companies do take notice of these blogs, they would be stupid not to, as that is how big business operate now.

    They fucking know our concerns make no bones about that mate, and we will get the odd player, hopefully a decent striker for the window shuts. Even they have to sell tickets, and with the support turning even more toxic, they would be fucking stupid not to take no notice..

  10. Good morning you fucking arsene wankers

    We all know that no decent player wants to come to THoF and Arsenal…. we are seen as a joke and without ambition. Who would want to come to a club that has no ambition to win a trophy? Glad your post has provoked a good debate Stevy boy…. you little tinker ha ha

  11. Morning NB, Dont jump the gun mate, as the window has not shut yet. Yeh i know things have looked bleak on the transfer front, and the Natives are getting frantic, but the old bugger has surprised us before and i reckon he will surprise us again, whether it will be a big name is debatable but i reckon he has to buy and knowing how the old sod has worked before, we could get Joe Hart instead of a fucking striker..

    Having said that tongue in cheek, Joe Hart wouldn’t be a bad signing as have many of his signings Cech is slowing up and probably has another season at top level and Hart would have something to prove.

    Mind you i could imagine Cockie going ape shit ,so just hope it is a striker for his sake 🙂

  12. Good morning, some good news in the press this morning, Moanhio is refusing to sell one of his unwanted centre backs to Wenger, why is that good news? I hear you ask. Would Moanhio sell anything but a rotten tomato to Wenger? Of course not!

    It looks like the Mustafi deal, if ever there was one, is down the toilet. Now we’ve moved onto an Argentinean who plays for Villarreal, Mateo Musacchio, or Roma’s Kostas Manolas who won’t costus as muchas the others. That should appeal to the old tight wad.

    Unfortunately, the Jonny Evans spectre is still rattling his chain’s in the corner of the room, even though his asking price is rising daily. Please Arsene don’t be tempted, pretty please!

  13. Evening all, Just to say that i caught fuck all, But the latest i have heard is that Our Wenger has caught a centre forward if reports are true Lucas Perez From Deportivo la Coruna For 17 Million, He is supposed to be flying in tomorrow for a planed Medical and if there is no complications he will be an Arsenal player.

    Apparently we highjacked a deal fron Everton who also had shown an interest, Arsenal wanted to pay the fee with 2 installments but they wanted it all and we agree’d.

    Last season apparently Lucas scored 19 goals and had 11 assists, and the word is that he likes to operate with quick runs behind defences. Many are saying that should this deal go through Wenger and Arsenal may just have made a great deal, as the other striker and his club we have been linked with, has been almost blackmailing us their demands.

    Not a great deal of time to see if this rings true. Perez is 27 years old.

  14. Mustafa is also reported as having a medical tomorrow, word has it that Picking up a striker for 17 million has made Arsenal more lenient towards Mustafa’s fee, so it looks as if this is all finalised as long as medicals are ok.

    Arsenals spending budget for this window was reported at a hundred Million

    If all reports turn out to be true, then Wenger would have secured a Striker a central defender a holding midfielder a promising Centre back and a Chinese kid who will be for the future, seems like Wenger would have had if true, a very good transfer window.

  15. This Lucas Perez story seems to be building up, he’s not a twenty plus goals a season striker but will probably do well at least initially. If he does sign for us it will be get out of gaol card for Wenger.

    The BBC seems to think the Mustafi deal is close too, others are saying it’s dead in the water.

    Isn’t all this speculation fun?

    Sorry there are no tales from the riverbank this evening Steve, better luck next time.

  16. Morning all,
    With the exciting news on every Gooners lips is new signings, and possibly today, i thought i would have a look over other blogs to see how some of them are taking the news.

    Surprisingly not many are too excited, But lets face it if your not an Arsene Supporter.none of his signings will be very good would they.
    I have to laugh at some supporters, as when they get a bee in their bonnets it seems to take a fucking age before they can let it go. I see that as Hatred, but maybe that is pushing it a bit far.

    One supporter is still bringing up The Suarez offer, he said, if only we had brought him we would have had two league trophies already, another said we handed United the Premier league when we sold Van Persie to them, Now what made me shit myself laughing was did Van Persie help us win the league No and did Suarez help Liverpool win the league No so how the fuck can you make such fucking stupid statements.

    Perhaps us selling Cashley and Clichey even Fat boy Nasri even Cesc who sat on his arse for a season was all due to us helping others to win trophies, who really gives as shit, they wanted to go and Arsenal is not a prison. Wenger had given them all a good wage he gave them all starting chances to prove themselves, and in the end after coaching them to the form they left with, he let them earn a lot more money.

    Wenger may be a lot of things but the one thing he certainly is, is a man manager with the players interests in mind. Many can easily say what they like about him when they are in their higher paying job, but by fuck they wouldn’t have had the chance had it not been for him.

  17. Good morning Steve, van Persie certainly didn’t help us to win the league but he did help United to the title. I think you will have to admit that since the Dutchman left we’ve struggled to score enough goals, and Suarez would, most probably, have helped us there had we signed him. I can’t say we would have won the title, with him in the team, but we would have been in a better position to do so.

  18. Morning guys
    So it looks like the cavalry is coming after all. Nice piece about Perez in Arseblog today, he might just turn out to be a bit of a steal if used to his strengths, but that is a different issue altogether. I have to say I do like our Spanish players, they seem to do their job without appearing in the papers for the wrong reasons.

  19. Poig, the cavalry haven’t left the fort yet, midday was the registration deadline for players for tomorrow’s game. In Mustafi’s case Wenger needs to get his finger out as the player is due to join up with the German squad on Monday for the International games.

    Perez isn’t in Spain’s squad so he can have a week working with Wenger ready for the Southampton match.

    If they both sign, that is.

  20. Evening camel toes.

    I told you ages ago Norfolk but you dissed me………………Only Ornstein rumours are worth listening to, anyone elae is a cunt !. hahahha
    He doesn`t tweet that often, but when he does it`s gospel, keep him as a bookmark and check him daily although I think our business is now done !.

    As per usual with the new Arsene licking Steve, I have to disagree and agree with Norfolk……………..RVP may have not won the league at Arsenal, but he certainly made Manshafter champions, wouldn`t have done it without him, but that`s Ferguson for you, spent (which at the time was a fair wack for a player nearly out of contract) £20M just to win the league and fuck the no resale value, they got their money back by winning the league !

    We spend £100m in the TW and it sounds great until you look at the purchases, I`d have been more excited if he had just spent the lot on Greizman or someone similar………………Perez who ?

    If this is true then fuck you Kroenke you Kuntstein !.

  21. Comment in moderation camel toes, so will try something different !……..cunts !

    I told you ages ago Norfolk but you dissed me………………Only Ornstein rumours are worth listening to, anyone elae is a cunt !. hahahha
    He doesn`t tweet that often, but when he does it`s gospel, keep him as a bookmark and check him daily although I think our business is now done !.

  22. Second part !…………..probably something happened because I tried two links you twats !.

    As per usual with the new Arsene licking Steve, I have to disagree and agree with Norfolk……………..RVP may have not won the league at Arsenal, but he certainly made Manshafter champions, wouldn`t have done it without him, but that`s Ferguson for you, spent (which at the time was a fair wack for a player nearly out of contract) £20M just to win the league and fuck the no resale value, they got their money back by winning the league !

    We spend £100m in the TW and it sounds great until you look at the purchases, I`d have been more excited if he had just spent the lot on Greizman or someone similar………………Perez who ?

    If this is true then fuck you Kroenke you Kuntstein !.

  23. Believe only Ormstein, you tell me Cockie, and then you put up a link to a load of old bollocks like that. “An unnamed member of the Arsenal hierarchy” or words to th a effect . Absolute bollocks!

  24. I think you must be on the meths Norfolk !…………..the second link has nothing to do with Ornstein and for that matter you are probably right that it is a load of bollox, had it have been by Ornstein then it would probably be true !
    If you read all the previous tweets by Ornstein you will see that he has been spot on !.
    The second link although probably bollox is more to Steve`s possible liking as it is conspiracy theory stuff and we all know how much Steve likes a conspiracy theory !…………..all though it has nothing to do with Reffs, Football Association, etc etc……………………but calm down old boy, dont shoot the messenger !. 🙂

  25. Morning all,
    Sorry i couldn’t join you all yesterday, as My Mrs who had come with me fishing on Thursday asked, that we should have a day in Southend and have a little stroll down the prom and have a pint, then a meal and then a little stroll to walk it off, and then home, while the sun shines.

    Well would you believe it the last thing i wanted to do is a trip to Southend, all that fucking walking with my legs, but as you all know we all have to knuckle down at times and please the ones who feed and clean for us, so i said ok. Parking in Southend is like trying to park in Highbury, you have to search, and when you do finally find somewhere, you walk for fucking miles.

    Yes it was a scorcher beautiful day with a nice breeze coming off the sea, we had our walk and finally found a toilet which is like trying to find rocking horse shit. And then i found a pub, right by all those stupid arcades. We get a pint and we sit down and i finally go to the Loo, i comeback and she had moved, you know how they are, i finally find her and sit down fuck me, low and behold she wants to sit outside in the sun, so we move again, and were squeezing in on a couple sat on a table with a sun shade,

    Well we get chatting to this couple as you do, little younger than us and he sounds a right Jack the lad , apparently they came from Watford and they were staying the night in a B&b, they had had a little bit of trouble both being married before and Jack the Lad had just come out of doing a bit of bird, Well in the next hour we found out more about them than i knew about Wenger in 20 years, He had a snorting problem that cost him 500 a week and that is what caused him to have a spell with Her Majesties Prison services, Well the guy was a Spud just my fucking luck, all of fucking Southend and the Mrs finds a Spud couple.

    Well we had 4 or five drinks with them, and then my old women dragged me away she wanted a meal but just on our own, so we said our goodbyes and started our walk back to the car. My old legs were singing out, so i needed a sit for a while, we find a park bench with another couple on and we start chatting. This couple were round about our age and they were from Benfleet Londoners originally he a West Ham supporter, and we have half hour with them putting the world to rights, He being like me a Brexit voter and a Nigel supporter as well, lovely couple retired and taking in the sun.

    Finally off again and we find a fish restaurant and we go in there and have our late dinner. She had the Lemon sole and i had Rock and Chips cup of tea and a slice of bread 40 sobs they must have just gone out and caught it at that fucking price, but it was handsome i can tell ya.

    Well we have that, and we are now walking the prom back to the car, and out of the blue some woman comes up and gives me a huge hug, fuck me i thought i’ve pulled at my age Mrs looked across and gave the girl dagger looks, and then she said you dont remember me do you, and i looked again and she said i am Shelley’s friend being my daughter. Well we had another twenty minute chat she was with her husband and two of the nicest little girls you could ever wish to meet, they were there for the late day half price amusement playground and boy was they excited, i gave the kids a fiver for an ice cream and we were on our way, My Mrs said they wont get much for a fiver Steve, and i said well they will have to share then, what do they think i am Rothchild.

    We finally found the car and my old legs were on the brink of packing up and we started our journey back home, trying to find a sports channel on the radio to find out any news was a complete waste of time so had to wait till we got home to look for any breaking news and i found bugger all, hopefully today will be the day i hear sweet music. catch you all later.

  26. morning Kango qnd the other wa nkers……………. lovely story mate, ain’t been to sarf end for years!

    There will be a match preview from Norfolk in a short while….

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