Arsenal get their first win…. and it’s a cracker

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A short trip up to Watford yesterday saw the Gunners play some enticing football in the first half and go in at half time 3-0 to the good. In the second half, Watford changed tactics and had a better game…. scoring a consolation goal but not really putting our boys under too much pressure.

It was good to see Santi back in the team and showing some of his past good form, he linked up well with Ozil at times and it was a joy to watch. Alexis also had a good game and I’m not sure if his goal was a fluke or a beautiful chip into the net, Ozils goal came after some lovely football and he seemed to know exactly what Alexis was going to do and ran onto the cross to score our third with…. his head.

Xzaka fitted in nicely and was quietly affective with his passing…. even better to come from him as the season progresses. Holding was solid and showed his potential as a sound and confident CB…. he seemed to work well alongside Kos, who nearly got the first goal for the Hornets until Cech brilliantly saved.

The Ox and Theo both had poor games, although Theo could have quite easily have got onto the scoresheet. Nacho was often tested down the left flank and had a bit of a nightmare game against the Watford winger…. don’t remember his name but he tormented Monreal throughout the game  until Nacho went off injured.

Wenger bizzarly  chose his post match interview to announce the signings of Mustafi and Perez…. erhaps he wanted to get in quick before the dissenters voiced their views on the lack of signings?

It will be a shame for Holding to now lose his place to Mustafi after having some solid games covering for the BFG…… I hope he’s given further opportunities but if Mustafi is the better CB then Holding will be a good back-up.

Overall, a positive performance and I can envisage some tasty scorelines after the International break…. with Giroud coming back, Perez in place of the Ox or Theo and a solid back four keeping some clean sheets. What a fucking time to have an International break…. hope it doesn’t upset our rhythm after such an emphatic win.




31 thoughts on “Arsenal get their first win…. and it’s a cracker

  1. Morning NB
    I quite like Holding, but a little early to form an accurate idea, I’m thinking when Chamakh came in, he also looked good for a few games. I suspect he will be fine with experience next to him though.

    At the moment, in case you were worried, I’m satisfied with the first team players we have brought in, for the reason that the gaps in our squad have been filled for the 1st time in what seems years. Perhaps you will agree with that

    Great gay porn on Vipbox, did you check it out 🙂

  2. But he did start off looking ok, think he still has the record of scoring in 6 consecutive CL matches…who would thunk it 🙂

  3. Good morning folks, we are definitely being spoilt, three posts in four days, they’re just like London buses, you wait ages and then three come along altogether. 😀

    Yes a very good result and an encouraging performance from the team. I’ve only watched the highlights but from what I saw to say Walcott had a bad game is somewhat unjust, he laid on the goal for Alexis and put in some good crosses, on another day his chipped goal attempt might have gone in.

    I thought Bellerin was terrific, if we need a right winger in the future he’s easily good enough.

    Montreal did get a bit of a runaround, but was left without much cover by the hopeless Oxlade-Chamberlain, the one player who had a really bad game. When Perez finally joins I can see the Ox joining Chambers on the loan trail.

    Wenger’s cunning plan of not playing a central striker certainly confused the Watford defenders in the first half, will it work again? I doubt it but I would bet on him trying it again, if I was a betting man that is.

    Ozil’s goal was a stunner but the Watford players let Alexis have far too much time to pick out the superb cross for him to run onto.

    All in all a very good three points, and the only injury was a kick copped by Monreal, he has two weeks to recover so no real drama there.

    Wenger did his usual disappearing act, not even a nod towards the travelling fans at the end of the game, no wonder he is becoming so unpopular.

  4. With Perez now with us I’d like to see Wenger start playing a 4-4-2…. with both Giroud and Perez playing up front…. Cazorla and Ozil behind them….. Walcott and Alexis on the wings

  5. Attacking side

    Bellerin…….. Mustafi…….. Kos…….. Nacho

    Walcott……….. Cazorla……. Ozil….. Alexis

    …………….. Perez…………………………………..

    Defensive side

    Bellerin……… Mustafi……….. Kos…….Nacho
    ……………………….Perez or Giroud………….

    All looks good to me and we still have Jacko, le Coq and the Ox (when he hits some form)

  6. Norfolk, I think Wenger is rethinking his tactics…. now that Perez is with us I can envisage Xhaka and Ozil playing longer passes up field and behind the defence of opponents

  7. Evening all, It takes a win to get our NB to write, Well i say lets keep winning. Nice one Mate.
    Well its nice to see some positive comments, i started to feel that suicides was on the horizon

    Looking at the paper when i was fishing (redtop). and i noticed that we are among the big spenders at the moment, of course things could change as the window is still open. Mourinho of course is at the top with his customary bid to buy the league. Apparently he wanted more players but the Manchester United board went on bended knee and begged him to sell some of the previous Managers players, seems they are feeling the pinch.

    Fuck it who really gives a shit about them, He was smiling after his win over Hull and says all they want is the Premier title. Good luck with that Matey.

    Talk is, is that Wenger has been forced to buy players as the fans rage was rising, load of shit in my mind, but i am always wrong. Wenger waited till the price was right and when things started to look as if they were coming together he brought what he and i feel is a good deal.

    Time will tell of course as i haven’t seen either of them play yet, but my paper (redtop) said that Mastafa had been a free transfer from Everton to i think it was Stutgart, and from there was sold to his last club then we buy him for 35 mill Everton must feel shit i should think.

    Yes of course the signing of Mastafa must be a blow to players like Holding and Chambers, one minute first choice players and now they will have to step back, Chambers seems to be stepping back two places as my paper (redtop) says he will be loaned out, so watch your arse Rob as that may well be your move next season if the supporters still call for more.

    Of course the support always say that this or that player is not good enough for Arsenal, sometimes wonder how we have a team at all. But lets face it only another season to have a full team of proper Arsenal players who are all good enough for Arsenal.

    I am overjoyed with our result yesterday, i did say that i felt we may start to climb the league, but of course we will always be behind the big clubs as we have no ambition and only seel top four, so no pressure on Arsene as that is all they think he is capable of and the pundits and experts must see us even lower.. Did you hear the French ex Chelsea Player, when he was asked, what he thought of Wengers signings, and he almost chocked and said far far to late to help Arsenal. Well we’ll see..

  8. I noticed that in the Premiership games that I’ve watched so far this season the refs are actually trying to stamp out the tag team wrestling that has been going on in the penalty area at corners and free kicks. They’ve even awarded some penalties.

    Well, I’ve got a new strategy for Arsenal to use when playing teams with the more neanderthal type of defender. At corners and free kicks we need to gently lob the ball up in the air, aiming to land it just outside the six yard box, this will give the defenders enough time to grab a handful of shirt, or put our striker in a headlock, or chuck a couple of the smaller ones to the ground, thus giving those nice referees every opportunity to award our players a penalty.

    What do you think? Could it work?

  9. Evening Norfolk, No not today mate, picked a swim that nobody goes near, lovely part of the main lake, but just a little inlet, had to take sheers with me to clear the undergroth but half hours work opened it all up. Norfolk it felt right if yo know what i mean, 70 yrds wide and open water Turned out to be about 10 to 12 foot deep in the ,middle and thats where i decided to fish three rods, each rod with pop up baits and rigged up with PVA bags of pellet, Over the course of the day i must have changed to different hook baits but still kept with the bags of pellet so in all a kilo of pellet in a twenty foot circle. Not a fucking touch mate but all day long it looked perfect.

    Come seven oclock i thought fuck it i’m off, and as i started to barrow my stuff back to the car a fucking great Carp bellyflopped out, i could have cried, but now i know for sure that they are around there, i shall try the spot again later in the week.

    As far as the cheating goes Norfolk, it seems to me that we only seem to get penalties when they knock the shit out of us , so i feel just carry on as usual, put ourselves in the right places and penalties will come. I do believe that we have to be careful at the back as we tend to wrestle as well, and everybody shouts their fucking heads off. 🙂

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