Is Wenger about to change his tactics?

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You’re a lucky bunch of fuckers…. here’s another post to chew on, as Cockie would say to Transplant!

I can see a change around the corner. In Saturdays game against Watford there seemed a lot less Tippy Tappy fucking about trying to walk the ball into the net and much quicker transitions from defence to attack. Has Mon sewer Wenger decided on  a change in the way we play? Will we see more quick counter attacking play once Perez enters the fray? Will Granit and Mezut start lofting accurate passes over opponents defences into the path of Alexis, Perez and Walcott?

I couldn’t tell you at the moment what Arsénes preferred formation is, and I don’t think he knows either! but I foresee him changing to a 4-4-2 this season…. the players we have now just look right for it. Xhaka, Elneny and Ozil all have long pass ability, Perez,Alexis and Theo can all get in behind defences quickly to receive passes. If that fails then get it to Giroud to hold up until he can get a pass to one of those three. Holding seems to like to get the ball forward quickly as well, his passing can be good. Ozil, Xhaka and Elneny are all extremely accurate with their passing and the prospect excites me…. like waiting for a date that I’m 100% sure will end with me getting a wet willy!

Obviously, there will be times that we have to play a more defensive line up, but even Coquelin and Wilshere can pass well. And we have Ramsey and Cazorla…. can you see where it can lead?

I think there is going to be an explosion of quick breaks and scintillating football on the Arsenal menu and it could win us the league. Teams will be setting up to expect our normal tippy tappy and ….. zap, a few quick breaks and we’re 3-0 up…………… I really hope I’m right  But whatever happens, at least we’re not West Brom fans!

What are your views on Wenger possibly changing from tippy tappy to quick and direct attacking football? Answers on a postcard please.



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  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, is there a shortage of Pastis in the south of France? Or do the croaking frogs wake you at dawn? Either way thanks for another fine post.

    A change of tactics by Wenger? That presupposes Wenger even knows the word, let alone possess the ability to formulate any.

    There’s no doubt that Watford were caught out by the new set up and style of play. It worked very well and I hope we can stick with it as the tippy tappy boring possession and slow build has had it’s day.

    I see in the view of one sports writer, we played with a “false no. 9” whereas we normally have a no.12 who plays as a fake no.9.

    Anyway that’s all the football interest gone until September 10th, no more new signings just bloody boring internationals, Still Jack Wheelchair can have a rest for a week or so, unsurprisingly dropped from the England squad, he can polish the Arsenal bench for a while. It’s where he’ll be for a good part of the season.

    A tout a l’heure.

  2. Hi guys
    I sincerely hope we have, tippy tappy soo fucking boring, especially when it comes to nothing, then start again, I turned the match off several times, last season, it was enough to bore a glass eye to sleep.

  3. Morning tosser’s.
    Another Northbank post, well fuck me sideways. Northbank knows when to come in with his little gems, often helps after a fucking good win, thank you mate.

    Reading over a few other pages over the net , and Theo seems to be on most peoples team sheet. Well if i speak the truth i just don’t know why, Yes he passed a few balls this weekend but didn’t everybody.

    Now i never like to pick on any player, but has he really done enough in your minds to have a starting place in this team. I asked myself the same question and although we do not have too many fit at this stage, he does not fit . Yes he has started to do a bit more, he seems to even put in a tackle now and again, and he does run after a player when they break away, but with all his breath taking pace he still seems slow when chasing back.

    At present we have Ramsey out Iwobi out Welbeck out if any of them were fit who would you leave out of who played Saturday. We are very lucky to have a world class full back in Belerin as he works his socks of and has given support to Walcott but when the tables are turned and Belerin needs support Walcott has gone missing.

    As i said i dont like to pick single players out, but Theo is now an Arsenal veteran, and he has not really improved for the amount of wages and time on the pitch he gets.

    Campbell will almost certainly be loaned out Gnabry also and we keep a player who has fowled to impress for a long long time. Or is it just me that see’s it like that.. .

  4. Steve, on his wages we ain’t never gonna be able to flog him, nor send him out on loan, so we need to get the best we can from him, he’s asked to go back on the wing so maybe he’ll try harder there, and in that position, of the three you mention, Ramsey, Iwobi and Welbeck, I’d pick a fit Walcott every time.

  5. We differ on this one as well Norfolk, Personally i would put him on the open market, as i think all those 3 and others would return better results, but lets face it Norfolk, we will always have different views.

  6. Of course i will be wrong again but with Coquelin Elneney and Zakha all 3 have got tenacity and a physical approach, look for through balls, and all use the ball very well indeed.

    Now i am no experts as i am always wrong, but with these type of players they need to play regular to stiffen up what has looked a very lighweight team. Koshielney is a physical type as well and he has that thinking mans brain as well Holding has shown me that he has maturity for his age and has yet to make a fatal mistake, Gabriel is injured but he has shown Vulnerability but he also is of phyisical prensence. Per Merts of course has seen it all tall and good in the air long legs that streatch forever lacks pace which stops him from commiting but has a sense of positioning that helps his other failings. What i am actually saying is this side is starting to toughen up, our new men Mustafa first, is reported to have been involved with the EPL he has wanted to come back to England as he feels the physical way we play will suit his style of play, which makes me think he is a bit of a tough nut, we will soon see. As i said Holding is holding his own, you dont get voted player of the season from a lower club if you are not willing to put your body on the line, Our new Chinese guy we will have to wait for him as he is going on loan and the other guy who’s name escapes me also on loan. Which leaves us with Lucas Perez. Now this guy must have done things that wenger likes as i doubt he would have spent 17 mill on a near 28 year old and given him a four year contract, as the sell on value would be negative, so i have great expectations of this guy. Most centre forwards who have reasonable records playing abroard can usually look after themselves and that is what i am expecting.

    Now the point of all this explaining, is that i see the small player syndrome that has been an Arsenal trait changeing, our full backs will become more resolute as they will become tough guys at the back our holding Mids have all got good records i have seen them all and only know of Coquelin as he has shown with many MOTM moments for his resolute defensive work, sometimes a bit rash but he does not fuck about. Zakha has a reputation and he also likes a card but he also a unit that takes pleasure in the physical side Elneney he hs a lot of talent tough being one of them, i like what i am seeing so far.

    We know that Ramsey with all his injuries is not frightened to put the boot in and he also can play a bit. Santi of course still suffers a bit from a nudge he gets knocked off the ball much the same as Sanchez but both have heart and i like that. Our full backs take no prisoners, if the need is there they will go in i would like them to close down quicker or even take a man out but apart from that they show toughness i like that too.Campbell and Iwobi they graft forwards backwards and they try that is a must for me, Gnabry although he has not been on the Arsenal scene of late looked tremendous at the Olympics Wenger must be thinking its time to return he to gets stuck in. Giroud of course has his critics but a better holding centre forward that hold his ground is also tough and can put it about if needed goes down like a poof at times but that can be cured. Danny Welbeck, Danny is still a work in progress with me as he has shown talent although not as sharp as i had hopped but he has taken a while to settle and he is a big tough guy and i reckon he just needs time when he does finally recover. I leave Theo out as he i feel doesn’t have the heart or the physical approach that i like if he is not sold he looks like he will stay will he improve ten years watching him tells me no but Wenger see’s something in him and in my mind he is seldom wrong .

    This side is now showing signs of toughness fitness is not there yet it should be of course but outside influences have delayed things but this side is going places and they will start to climb. The ones who stay will have to graft, and the ones who don’t. will have to work hard to get back. But Arsenal are changing, Their style their presence and hopefully their confidence . This side could win the league,!!! and then i can retire and fish and relax as my fighting days are over, and i need a rest.

  7. You only post when we`re winning……you only post when we`re winning………….post when we`re winning…………… only post when we`ree winning !………………………. hahaha

    To tell the truth chlamydia clunges………..I actually think when all are fit we have a very strong squad, but !…..we still lack the one position which would probably win us the league and without it we will be pissing in the wind again………………..a striker of the calibre like Aguero or Suarez !
    We will all be as happy as Larry the Lamb being Kangoed from behind by Norfolk when we win, but we will also be as fucked off when the inevitable losses and draws come around because nobody can convert the record amount of chances Ozil provides !.

    Afternoon cunts from blazing Cornwall !

  8. That`Sanogo area !……………………………..just come back from Plymouth where I bought my 3 year old Grandson an Arsenal kit !……….I looked at the home kit, but because he`s really blonde and we could only find a pair of bright yellow Adidas football boots in a childs size 7, I got him the 3rd away kit they used at Watforn with the bright yellow stripe and socks !……………got him a yellow ball as well !………..£60 squid well spent, cant wait for him to come around on Wednesday for a kick about !…………he`s Dad wont be too happy as he`s Argyle through and through !………could turn into a family squabble, but when he`s dumped around my house whilst they work it`s my house my rules !. hahaha

  9. Evening all, Bank holiday Monday, and everyone involved with their families, lovely to see, Lovely gesture Cockie, 60 Quid for a man who is on minimum wage, is a big show of love and affection, i have to admire that.

    Back to work for me tomorrow if only for a couple of days, but i have to admit, i am looking forward to it, seeing as i have a couple of guys at work, who have similar views to most Arsenal supporters. Looking forward to it, in as much, as they were not expecting new signings. and i had almost promised them at least a striker. They and i felt Mastafa’s deal was over and done, as i had said previously, that i felt the deal had been struck a while ago but for some reason it would be announced later.

    Of course when your only a supporter, you only have what you have seen over the years to form an opinion, of course it doesn’t help when you read the situation wrong and you look like a pillock, Luckily for me i will go to work with a smug grin on my face. Of course i can still have that wiped off my face, as i have also predicted we will win the league this season, and with what i have seen of some of the top clubs that may prove a very difficult ask.

    We have all watched the man at work, Wenger i mean and at some point we have all had moans, my views on him have changed many times, i have said in the past that it was time for him to move on Special;ly when he has different views to mine. But later when he still digs out results,. i have to admire the man

    Twelve years is a long time to wait to win the Premier \League, but speaking the truth i thought at one stage we would never win anything again, until of course, 2 FA cups out of the blue and on the trot. Many feel that the FA cup is a nothing competition , but when we hold the record although shared it is still a record which i am proud of.

    Has Wenger got a Premier Title still up his sleeve, I think he could have, but like you i have to wait and see. If he does go, i would love him to get it and bow out with dignity, of course i want him to stay, but i don’t think it could happen. Shame.

  10. Morning all,
    read that myself this morning Norfolk, and about time too. I am sure many will moan, but personally if you cannot stay fit, and it’s important to you to represent your country, then it shows how important it is to do the business for your club. Walcott, I feel could be another that may go on loan, but at the moment, not knowing how good Perez will be we have to keep him, but if all goes well maybe the winter window for him, even if we have to pay some of his wages. Theo has had it to easy, big money earner for not a lot in return, will he get many starts when Perez kicks In, who knows but he won’t get to much attention from Sam if he doesn’t.

  11. If I was rich, Stevie, I`d give most of it away as I get a buzz on seeing peoples faces when they get a present, it`s much better than receiving !………………….although `69er would disagree as he loves receiving it from behind from Pierre !. hahaha

    Wilshere going out on loan !………….didn`t see that one !……….Chambers, yes !

    What does Ornstein say ?

  12. That`s what I like about Ornstein, if he makes a mistake, he admits it !.

  13. Evening all,
    Cockie of all the people that sound generous, in your case mate, i genuinely believe it.

    Thank you for the clips of Perez, been searching the web for clips i guess i am way behind Ornstein. 🙂

    Another left footer, and looks like he knows how to finish off , if his pace is half as fast as those clips, he still is better than we have had for years. If this is a token of what this man can do, the supporte will take to him straight away, Those Perez shirts will sell fucking quick.

    Hopefully the news on Gnabry is not right, as that guy can replace Theo at the next game as far as i am concerned.

    Should it be right, the pace of Theo and Lucas will be frightening

  14. Evening Norfolk, don’t worry about how its spelt, just hope he doesn’t have too many.Shocker’s 🙂

  15. Good morning Steve, just been watching some “Lucas” clips, an exciting player but how will be fit into our plodding, pass, pass, pass style of possession football?

    I’m not knocking him and I hope Wenger can find a way of using his pace and ball carrying skills, but it will take a revolution to fit him in, almost a complete change of philosophy. Can Wenger cope with that?

  16. Hi guys
    I have my doubts whether Mustaffi is any good, never mind the U Tube clips, he doesn’t have any tattoos or a stupid haircut.

  17. Serge Gnabry has signed for Werder Bremen, the fee is “undisclosed”.

    I’m sorry to see him go but I respect his wish for regular first team football, I suppose he was behind the Ox and Wenger obviously sees something in the English player that I can’t.

    I hope Gnabry has a long and successful career.

  18. It looks as if Jack Wheelchair is off to Roma, I hope they have good medical facilities in the eternal city.

    Seriously though, I hope he can keep fit and out of trouble, a season of Italian football and Italian food will do him no harm.

  19. I can’t see him going there tbh, not sure he would be up to learning a new language and culture, doesn’t strike me as the type.

  20. It`s The Cherries !

    From Bournemouth`s official website………………………
    ” We are happy to welcome Jack Wilshere on a season long loan, he is currently in an isolation unit under observation awaiting results to see whether his injuries are contageous whilst our medical research facilities are on high alert just incase we need a cure ! “

    That`s it !………………they`ve put him on the Isle of White !………………..he`ll come back with six fingers and toes !.

  21. Evening guys, Well who would have believed that, Wilshere to Bournemouth. Bit of sea air will probably do him very well.

    Went to Bournemouth every year for quite a few years with guys down the golf club, Jack will have a ball as there are many nice pubs and clubs there, i think i have been in most over the years and Jack will love it. He needs an injury now, as he will have the time he needs to try them all.

    I have to say that i am not bothered with the news of Jack, every time he has come back from injury he has been like a new signing,What is it about playing for your country that makes a player move from Arsenal to Bournemouth

    Bit disappointed that Gnabry has gone as i dont think he has had a good time of it here, and i really liked the look of him..

  22. Evening Norfolk, I can remember when Sanogo was linked with us and i searched for clips, and the ones i saw made him look very good indeed, I can remember me telling people he would be a twenty million player after two years, I have to say Norfolk i got that one very wrong, He started with two left feet and stayed that way, Thats why i haven’t said anything about our new man. 🙂

  23. Good morning, well that’s it until January, ins and outs all done and dusted, the old French skinflint has finally delved into the piggy bank and come up with some goodies.

    Xhaka looks the business, and on what we’ve seen so far, is the kind of player the squad has needed for a long time.

    Rob Holding was almost certainly bought with the future in mind, but in the absence of Gabriel has taken a big step forward, many said he was lacking experience, Premiership experience may be, but a season in the Championship is good grounding.

    Mustafi is the obvious replacement for the aging Mertesaker and hopefully will obviate the need to rush either him or Gabriel back from injury.

    Perez, or Lucas as he prefers to be called, is not the marquee striker signing we were all hoping for but looks the sort of player who could speed up our counter attacking. If not a marquee let’s hope we haven’t bought a pup (tent).

    There were two other signings but in the context of the first team are irrelevant.

    Hopefully this strengthening of the squad will go some way to convincing Ozil and Alexis to sign the contract extensions which have been on offer for a while.

    Chambers and Wilshire have been given a chance to prove their worth with loan spells, it will comfort Wenger to know that not only have Bournemouth agreed to pay Wilshire’s £90,000 a week wages but also a loan fee of around £2 million. Both players are in the Last Chance Saloon as far as their Arsenal careers are concerned. Gnabry has gone for peanuts and for good.

    All in all not a bad few weeks of business, now we can only wait and hope the squad can do their business on the pitch.

  24. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I’ve plenty of time to waste at the moment, sitting in the waiting area of the General Surgical Outpatients unit of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. The good news is that the consultant I’m due to see is not running late.

    I think you’re right about Wilshire, Bournemouth could be onto a good thing, it will no doubt boost their season ticket sales, unless he gets injured while putting his new kit in his locker.

  25. Morning all, A hot day yesterday around a lake in Essex, It was hot very hot, for no fish.
    It has been very hot at Arsenal with a few loaned out and some moved on. It looks like we have enough players to see us through till Christmas, I was a little surprised that Theo Walcott was not loaned out as i don’t feel that he has done near enough to be a first team regular.

    I suppose that is not really fair, to write a player off after 3 games is hardly fair, but what he gives us seems to be eluding me. A new Striker with Lucas Perez means we have to keep strikers we have as we still have no idea how he will react in a premier system that is new to him. Should Perez fit like new gloves then Theo will probably be used sparingly, I would assume Giroud will be used ahead of Walcott as i see no sense in having two players trying to do the same things.

    Young Iwobo should be fit after the International break, i would be surprised if the Manager leaves him out , so i expect Walcott will only be used as a sub. Oxlaid Chamberlain will also feature at some stage but even his form seems topsey turvey although these players are still young, i see this season as being one that will decide their future. With Wenger nearing his contract end, the feeling is that Wenger will retire, and a good possibility of a new man taking the helm, so a big final push from the players we have left is a must to try and catch the eye.

    Although the manager has spent more in this window, than any other in his tenure, the players he has brought are what you would call mainstay players, plugging holes is what has been achieved in this window. losing players either by selling or loaning only convinces me that these players will not be back, these players have would probably not feature in another Managers plans. .

  26. Evening all, I see that the international break, has made many Arsenal fans bury their heads, Arsenal legends played today and won, didn’t watch the game but a win anyway at the emirates, Well done legends.

    I had been led to the conclusion that Serge Gnabry had been sold to Werder Bremen, but i read that Arsene Wenger urged Gnabry to get playing time and after a long chat, Serge has taken that advice to to advance his experience, but only for this season, and he is still an Arsenal player..

  27. Good morning Steve, from 31st August 2016. “Serge Gnabry has joined Werder Bremen in a permanent deal for an undisclosed fee.”

    I don’t think there is any doubt about that, he’s gone for good.

    Steve the Legends game was well worth watching, It’s available on Arsenal player, if you’ve got the time.

  28. Hi guys
    I enjoyed the match yesterday, strange to see Pires and Ljunberg with no hair and Petit more than all of us i suspect. Very amusing game played in the right spirit, and a full house with no boos. Everyone seemed to get a good welcome, and not sure Henry and Bergkamp missing spoilt it.

  29. Good morning Poig, despite carrying quite a bit of surplus weight, Marc Overmars was sensational and Kanu’s attempt to play as the twelfth man from the off set the right mood for the game. Great entertainment.

  30. Halsey must be hard up, touting this story around the tabloids is a money making exercise. It can never be proved either way and there are enough disgruntled fans around only too ready to believe such tripe.

  31. Just like Blatter, Platini, Beckenbauer, FIFA, Russian Dopers, Lance Armstrong etc` etc………… all comes out in the end……………….. for the perfect cover up there can only be one individual involved and they have to hope they dont talk in their sleep !……………..someone`s lying and even if Halsey is, too think that there has never been some dodgy decissions by Reff`s in football due to whatever……Betting syndicates ala Cricket come to mind, deflated balls in NFL etc etc ,makes people who think it`s all smelling roses very naive and gullible !…………………hey Norfolk, there`s a leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold at the end of your garden ! hahaha

  32. Evening all, been fishing, but home in time for England, Thank you Cockie, I have no doubts at all about bent refs and corruption in the Premier league, Anybody who has ever played the game realises why rule changes have been made, Off-sides was more or less clear cut,, but now its left to the referee discretion and lets face it a top team against a small team and you know what way it will go.

    England struggled but scored in the last seconds, Don’t know why Vardey wasnt on the field as Harry Karrie was way off the mark, Llalana worked hard and was rewarded.. The old parked bus almost worked as it does in many games. England Strikers seem to need so much time to shoot and even then they miss the target from ten yards.

    They didn’t really bother us to much, Sam seemed relieved

  33. Morning all.
    The times i read statements of what do we do when we play better teams, and i have to answer, that at least better teams are looking to win, so they play attacking football and leave spaces in their defence. It seems to me that if one side has a strategy of not losing , and park the bus with the whole side, then that usually means that one side is attacking for most of the game, and the England game yesterday was a prime example of that type of game.

    Of course with the news of corruption which seems to be circling the news, Of bodies that are asking officials to lie when putting in their reports, so that certain players can be banned for certain actions that they have seen to be ban able. I believe that football which has four officials on the day, touchline technology that is also an aid, Why on earth should there be a body of people who monitor players that the officials may of missed, Not for the purpose of fairness.It undermines 4 selected officials for what purpose.

    That game has been played, and the result will not be changed, but future games played will benefit by a player being banned ,and not playing against them, who had absolutely nothing to do with the game played. How can that be fair.

    A player gets sent off in a game, when assessed he gets a 3 match ban who does that benefit, certainly not the club that was involved on the day.. If any thing, perhaps if the powers at be have decided that said player should see more punishment perhaps a better way would be to take away a goal that may have been scored by the said players side, at least that way it would appertain to the same game.

    Banning a player for 3 games, benefits the next 3 sides his team plays but not the rest of the league, surely a fair way of doing it is to ban said player from playing against the same team for the rest of the season, or as said before by taking away a goal. it should always only benefit the clubs involved. ..

  34. Good morning Steve, a fairer way of punishing players, and handing an advantage to the side the foul was committed against, is the sin bin. Instead of a yellow card, ten minutes off the pitch, would provide instant punishment.

  35. Morning Norfolk, Yes always a way to go, but that would produce the parked bus syndrome for ten minutes, and spoil the excitement for many paying fans. I see the merits of it but feel that football should be entertaining, a few bookings in a game, would be very frustrating to watch, but it is a possibility.

  36. Steve, I think instant punishment will reduce the number of cautionable offences, thus making the game fairer and more entertaining.

    We’ve already seen a marked decrease in the amount of wrestling at corners and free kicks since the refs were told to crack down on it, there could be a similar reaction to the sin bin.

  37. Many would agree, that sport is a recreation, that was invented to do after your working day is finished. as time went on and sport gained popularity is was then used as a way of earning extra money, A sport that attracts enough people who have decided that it is worth paying to view, becomes a spectator sport. A game you can watch but needn’t play yourself,

    Sport of course needs rules, most sports have enough rules that will enable two competitors to compete against one another, or a team sport where many can play competetively to an end result of win lose or draw.

    Rules need to be simple, but to make sure it is played fairly a decider has to be included, they are termed as Referee;s Umpires or judges their decisions should be the final deciding factor and both sides have committed to this adjudicator’s decision, Of course that person should have no bias from one side to another, so that his or hers decisions should be made strictly to the rules of play. The officials have the final word.

    As sport got more supporter inclusion, it became evident to business people that advertising could reach these supporters to sell their wares, so money was paid to the sports to advertise and sports clubs were formed. Of course the most popular clubs with the most supporters obviously got the most money as they had more people to advertise to, so of course the top clubs would obviously be the ones the advertisers wanted to win, and that is called big business. which in tern favours one side than the other that is called corruption.

    To make sure that the clubs they want to win wins, then those simple rules that we started with needs to be changed so that the officials can decide which way a rule is interpreted and should that still not work an outside body comes into place to overrule the officials.

    An easy way to interpret these actions is to realise that the sport is now corrupt, and that the sport has gone from a competitive match between two people or two clubs to a money making corrupt business which has forgotten the starting rules and are now making their own.That is sport today.

  38. Evening all,
    I see nobody wants to talk about sport and corruption, it seems my little explanation about it went down like a lead balloon, so to try and dig a Gooner out of hibernation,, perhaps a subject that most Gooners are more comfortable with.

    Arsene Wenger’s contract comes to an end as you all know, at the end of the season, and should he not sign another, we will need to appoint another. Now that is interesting as many of the support feel its time for this fantastic Manager to move on, What does a new man need to do to replace a legend.
    So far Arsene Wenger is now on his 21st year at the club, in that time he has won 3 league titles 6 FA cups and five Comunity shields. and of course an invincibal season. He has also so far finished every season in one of the top four positions which will be shown later to hold significance.

    Arsene Wenger is Arsenals most succesful manager in the clubs history, he was here ten years before the new stadium and now he has been here ten years after it was built. The significance i mentioned before was that the mortgage on the new stadium was af round £30 million a year, and qualifying for champions league every season has paid that Mortgage for ten years,

    Wenger has been accused of not spending on top quality players for round about ten years, he has of course brought players but not of the quality that supporters believe he should have brought. Stan Kroenke, round about ten years ago, brought enough shares in Arsenal to have control over the football club, but has never spent any of his own money on players, that was solely the Managers job, and Wenger has shown just how efficent he has carried out his duties.

    Mr Kroenkes guidance has made Arsenal football club one of the top ten most valuable clubs in the world while |mr Wenger has kept the football side of the business top four in what is termed the best league in the world. Now that the football club is solvent and sponsors have come in with very good deals , And with Television also coming on board with vast amounts of money there is now plenty of money to buy the players that the supporters have been asking for. Only this season Arsenal football club have spent over 90 million pounds on new players, And now that the new stadium is almost half way through its mortgage things are running very well indeed.

    Now back to what looks like Wenger’s last season with us, and who would replace this man who has done so much for Arsenal football club, please let me know who you feel can follow in this great managers footsteps, and keep the twenty years of consistency carrying on. Now everything is in place who is your choice..,

  39. Good morning Steve and Cockie, now look what you have done. All your talk about referees and conspiracy theories, you’ve set the Slovakian players off.

    One of their defenders, Jan Durica, says referee Milorad Mazic was working to orders by saying “There is only one place at the World Cup. Why should Slovakia go there, when we have England in the group?

    “Of course, they will always prefer the stronger team. Probably the referee knew exactly how to do it. I think the referee waited for Skrtel to make a foul”.

    Now look what you’ve done between you. You’ve got FIFA mixed up in unsavoury business.

    You should know that every comment on Gunnersorearse is read and analysed all round the World.

    A fluttering butterfly wing in Cornwall or Hertfordshire can cause a storm in Slovakia.

  40. Morning Norfolk, I know Gunnersorearse is welcomed all over the world, and what is said on here, can topple heads of state, but fuck me Norfolk, surely your not putting that down to Cockie. 🙂

  41. Good morning sore arses

    I’ve not been on here much because I’m in the mountains again…. preparing for my move in November. Fucking conspiracy theories…. I don’t trust them ha ha

  42. Late in commenting, that Big Sam is, well, what can I say, a bigger wanker than people thought, unbefuckinglievable statement….what the fuck has Rooney got, that I can’t see?

  43. And Bendtner signed for Notts Forest, you can be a tosser and still get a good job…£22k a week according to (look away GN5) the red tops.

  44. Morning all,
    Now i realise that England’s result the other day, was not the kind of performance we were expecting, Many like myself and Poig were hoping for excitement ,and a vast improvement than England’s exploits in the Euro’s. Now i have to say that under Hodgeson’s guidence they did have many friendlies before they had a game of any significance, and when it came to the crunch, it still looked like he never knew what his best team wer,e and how to play them.

    Now i am not a big supporter of Sam, but in fairness to him, his first game in charge was a world cup qualifier. He had very little time with the players, and no friendlies. The game of course was not a spectacle, but having said that we did finally get a winning result, all be it by chance. Now i feel that Sam deserves a little time, and i don’t believe we should be to critical of performances until a few games have taken place.

    Sam Aladyce has been around a long time, he hasn’t been as lucky as some Managers, who have managed top clubs, but he has always produced a steadfast team of players. Now of course Big Sam is not every bodies cup of tea, but he does tend to have a way with him that gets player backing after a while, and as this is probably the best position Sam has held, i doubt he will take his responsibilities lightly.I expect England will start to take shape very soon, and Sam will soon find his best side with who he has to play with. I expect England to build and improve after this first game,. We may not win many competitions but we will i’m sure be harder to beat.

  45. Now although i am a bit of a conspiracy thinking kind of guy, i have to think that the Brexit vote never did England any favours in the Euro’s, Many of course will say that this is a rubbish theory and they may well be right. Over the many years that i have watched Arsenal, I have to say that for a club with our history, i have found that most pundits and so called experts have never really painted us in a good light, Sending’s off in past Champions league Matches and Manager banning s, and many questionable decisions, has me doubting that these competitions are anything other than fixed. World happenings i am sure, make way for contempt towards certain countries and certain football clubs, so to actually win, you have to have a footballing side that can come up with the goods, even though a few decisions will not favour you. England and Arsenal have not in my opinion had the sides to overcome adversaties like this, but many of us are realising whether we like it or not, that many things are fixed but now and again like the Brexit vote, they cannot always fix everything.

  46. Now i know many of you will still be in your pits at this time of day, but i am off down the lake, so will catch up later have a good one.

  47. Hi Steve
    It must be your turn to catch a monster fish 🙂
    It wasn’t how we played, but what he said about Rooney, Sam is supposed to be the manager, not the other way around.

  48. Misunderstood you Poig, But understand what your saying. Sam needs Rooney at the moment to get the players on his side, once that happens Rooney will be worked out.

  49. Morning all,
    Back to Premier football, And today we play at the Emirates against Southampton. Word is that Sanchez returned late, and may miss this game, Aaron Ramsey is still not 100 percent so he also sits out, But the good news is that Iwobi is fit, and could be selected for this 3 oclock kick off match.

    Word has it, that new signings Mustafi and Perez are both fit, and could be selected. I am sure that all supporters are looking forward to this match, and to get the league started again. Whether we will have a New Post or not today is anybodies guess but Lawenson has predicted a one nil win for Arsenal, and i predict more goals , i go for a bigger score line of 4 nil COYRRG’s

  50. Good morning Steve, I don’t think we’ll get a new post today with 69er still up in the mountains, I hope he’s wasn’t trapped on that cable car, the poor old sod would have been in a bad way after a night suspended a thousand feet up above a glacier and not a drop of Pastis to sustain him.

    I like your optimism, but four nil is a bit unlikely, I’ll settle for three points but I’m not going to predict the score line.

    Hope you had a good day at the lake.

  51. Morning Norfolk, knew i could rely on you to turn up on match day., As far as the lake Norfolk, caught as much as you would under that tree in your garden, Dont know what it is but it seems pretty quiet all round, spoke to a few anglers and they had had a little bit of action but lost the fish in question. One comes out now and again, pretty clued up they seem, but i have ideas that may just fool them. Will try again tomorrow, hopefully with a win under our belts, i will be in the frame of mind to conquer them.

    Some team will get a hiding off of us soon Norfolk, and i hope its today 🙂 Hope all your test the other day, were good mate..

  52. Thanks Steve, my chances of developing another blood clot are less than they were, now I’m taking Wafarin. There are no guarantees however. If the last one had gone up to my brain rather than down my arm, I probably wouldn’t be here to talk about it. But, as they say, that’s life.

  53. Perez and Mustafi both start, no Alexis or Giroud, Xhaka on the bench, Coquelin alongside Cazorla. Walcott and the Ox also play.

  54. Well Steve we got the three points without to much help from any of our strikers. Thanks to Fonte for the foul on Giroud to give us a penalty in injury time. Well done to Santi for converting it.

    By the reports I’ve been reading it was a pretty poor performance though, still a win is a win and was vital today.

  55. Evening all, well we got the three points, not pretty i must admit, and our new signings didn’t set the place on fire but Mustafi made a few good challenges and he does get stuck in Perez looked a little out of touch, Premier league takes a little while to get accustomed to, but he’ll come good. Kosi played well as always and scored an amazing overhead kick , but late on in the game he got a boot in the face and had signs of a nasty black eye appearing. It just so happens it was he’s birthday today but he wont want to go anywhere tonight thats for sure.

    Norfolk, Glad your doing alright mate , Warfarin is the bee’s knees mate my Mrs is on it and no trouble touch wood. Keep taking the tablets mate and you will be around for many more seasons.

  56. Watched the Manchester derby, and saw a very competitive game, both teams have strengthened, spent plenty of money and brought some fine talent. Both clubs have New management and todays match was important to the fans of Manchester. United have been under the kosh since RedNose retired, and City had knocked them off their perch. Not that i an a big fan of either, but it was an entertaining match. Pep against Jose and Pep got the spoils this time round, Of course i was hoping for a draw , but was disappointed in the end. But we have made a little ground up on one of them. City will be a handful for many clubs this season, hopefully we will have a better understanding amongst our players when we meet them.

    Am watching the Pundits favourite club at the Moment and the Scoucers have just got their noses in front, The Foxes look like they have their work cut out, and me I am hoping for another draw. But happy that we got all 3 well done The Arsenal.

  57. Hi guys
    Good to get all 3 points yesterday, a tad fortunate perhaps, but a pleasant change.
    Being critical, I cant understand how players keep giving the ball away, often simple passes.
    Watched City game yesterday, I thought they were very good, with the exception of the goalie, it would frighten the shit out of me if ours played that way. Glad we don’t have them next week.
    I see Campbell scored for his new team yesterday, if only the Ox could do the same, have to say I’m losing any expectation of him coming good, he has had so many more chances the Campbell got, and still very little end product, but what do I know.

  58. Good morning folks, still no sign of 69er.

    I have watched only the highlights of yesterday’s game, and there weren’t too many of them, only two shots on target is pretty poor by any standard, but at least we scored from both of them. Koscielny was a brave man to go for the overhead kick, and a bit reckless , late on in the game, when trying to get his head to the ball but only succeeding in making eye contact with a flying boot.

    The penalty wouldn’t have been given last season, but with the new advice to referees about wrestling in the penalty box, the award just about met the new criteria. Santi was terrific, he just stood calmly by while the ref seemed to book half the Southampton players for dissent and time wasting as they tried to psyche out Cazorla. All to no avail as he coolly slotted the ball straight down the middle for the winner.

    Of our two new boys Mustafi did pretty well, I think Lucas, as he likes to be called, needs a bit of time to get used to the pace and commitment of the Premiership.

    I don’t like making out and out criticisms of Arsenal players, but Oxlade-Chamberlain was absolutely hopeless. The few times he actually beat his fullback he wildly over hit the crosses. He hasn’t had a decent game since his return from injury and I can’t see him getting much pitch time in the near future.

    Three points after a poor start to the game is a distinct bonus, I hope Koscielny’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked, but I bet it put the kibosh on his birthday party.

  59. Morning all, Although our win at home against Southampton, wasn’t what you would call convincing, in the cold light of day on a Monday morning, it turns out that we made up ground on teams that were in front of us. United losing to City and Chelsea drawing with Swansea, has pulled a few points back and moved us from eighth to sixth.

    Now we never started well albeit for our tired players, who played in the Euro’s, and of course our new players who were not with us, but we have had two wins on the trot and that bodes well for the future. Of course our new players have not really hit the ground running as a change in countries and leagues does take a while to acclimatise, but even so we are not doing at all bad.

    Of course we still have injuries, although Iwobi came back Saturday, but in all fairness to him he has yet to gain his match fitness.. We have our first game in Champions league tommorow, where we travel to PSG and in fairness it has come a little early for us. This will be a tough test, and although PSG are similar to us, where they also will be missing key players through injury, it will still take a momentous effort on our part to get a result.

    Koshielney took a kick in the eye on Saturday, so depending on the swelling and the extent of the injury he may not travel today, there is talk of him wearing a face mask, but i would think that if his eye is shut that will rule him out.. Paulista has been training but just how fit he is is any ones guess so i think Holding may be called on for this game.

    I feel that Mustafi and Perez will be in the side as this is the kind of match they will be used to, Zakha and Elneney could well be pencilled in Whether Ramsey will be considered as he has been training is up to the Manager, but if he wasn’t ready for Saturdays game, will maybe not feature in this one, unless of course the Manager saved him for tomorrow.

    There is talk about a winter break for the players, as it seems that with all the comps they are not getting much rest time, what with the Euro’s and then world cup qualifiers, some of the players are flying huge distances and trying to get back in time for domestic games, so a break would seem the way to go.

    Arsenal fans seem to be happy at present, and with a 90 million spend up this window so they should, i think its important to understand that new players will need a certain time to settle, as a new country new team mates and a new language can be a bit daunting. Results have started going in our favour, already after 4 games we have had 3 penalties that is more than we had for the whole of last season, so expect the bubble to burst soon.

    Before you ask, yes i did go fishing yesterday, and i was in the right frame of mind, my new idea’s worked and i banked, would you believe it another 32lb Carp , but this time out of another lake, so Arsenal winning is helping me out as well.

  60. Hi Steve
    Congrats on your big fish, was you new idea tossing explosives into the lake and using a net ha ha.
    Tomorrows CL is 1 I’m looking forward to, it will be interesting who he plays up front, and if fit how he can shoehorn Ramsey into the team….we are chock full of midfielders at the present, not a bad thing as they all bring something slightly different, but only beneficial if used to our advantage rather than the pass, pass, pass, wait till all their defenders in position and try to walk the ball into the net. We have good players and for what seems like an age no gaps, let hope he can set up the team to give these frenchies a lesson.

  61. Looking at what is probably our best starting eleven, You have to wonder what happened to Wenger’s English spine.

    At the moment only Walcott is considered good enough and he is under pressure from the Nigerian Iwobi.

  62. In all fairness to Wenger, i do think he has tried to promote English players, but they do seem to be coming up short, Injury seems to rule many out, Wilshere has a terrible history, so has Walcott Gibbs has also found it hard to be first choice, Welbeck injured Chambers will figure in te future as will holding Jenkinson nursing a broken leg.

    Arsenal fans are not what you would call very patient, they want winners lets face it coming second to them is failure so winning is the only position they want, and left to our English contingent, i dont think would go down well with them.

    What with all the foreign managers we have in the league, but not to many going mad buying English.
    Arsenal have quite a few English players but to be honest they have all suffered from injuries, Wilshere has obviously been told by Arsenal, that should he stay fit and play well for Bournemouth he may be offered a new contract, This of course means that should injury befall him at Bournemouth then the chances of playing more for Arsenal is doubtful. Walcott must have been spoken to as well, g slight improvement in chasing back, and he is getting a bit more physical..

    Injury is Arsenals English contingent’s worse enemy, and in fairness to them all, i don’t feel many of them will find a constant starting position

  63. Steve, I don’t think it’s all about injuries, ha e a look around the other Premiership teams, you won’t find many English players in the top teams. I hate to say it but English players are just not good enough.

    How many are there playing in other European leagues?

    It’s not a new thing either, as far as I’m aware we, England, have only ever won one international tournament, the 1966 World Cup.

    English clubs have won European trophies but not with exclusively English players. I’m afraid it’s about attitude and determination to succeed allied to too much money and adulation too early in their careers.

  64. Some good points there Norfolk, Could it be that young English players are earning to much money to early, as soon as they secure a good contract, they feel they have made it and start living like film stars, jack is a good example as he does seem to love a nightclub and surely if your up all night boogying your not rested enough to keep fit.

    Many foriegn players come to Arsenal for better wages than where they came from perhaps you have hit the nail on the head.

  65. Evening all,
    Lot of action on here while i’ve been at work i see, hopefully you will all be tuning in tonight to watch the lad play away in Paris, for those that haven’t got the channel VIP BOX you should be able to stream this in, for first timers dont down load anything just keep hitting football and keep scrolling down until the game lists come up, and then usually i pick the top ones usually in English bout 5 minutes before kick off which i believe is seven.

    At work there has been a debate on who our Manager will field, and the view of most of them will be Cech Belerin Mustafi Kos as his eye seems ok and Monreal
    Zakha and santi Ozil
    Giroud seems to be first choice with Walcott and Chamberlain.

    I disagreed and was fine with the back line but feel that Zakha will be paired with Elneny, i do feel that Perez will show, but maybe not start, and i would change Walcott with Iwobi

    You all know i an always wrong but Wenger got new signings, and i believe he must have promised them Champions League so thats my reasoning, Going to be a tough old game tonight, but where we are coming off a two game victory The French are coming off a two game loss, they have a few injuries and also have a new Manager who has yet to get his boys firing, I reckon it will still be hard as our boys are not exactly dynamite are they, but the way our luck has been, i feel we will win by a penalty. am i mad or what, catch you all later. Catch you all, who am i trying to kid, speak to you later Steve.

  66. I can’t believe I’m still watching this match, why the fuck does he make it hard for himself every fucking time. So many questions, I don’t know where to start.

  67. We got out of gaol there. I’ll save my comments until tomorrow, I may have calmed down a bit by then.

    Good night.

  68. A 1.1 draw in the end, not a good match but a good result away from home. Ospina did all that was asked of him and really kept us in it. We were toothless up front, again the box was empty when crosses came in, and still this side is missing a proper striker. A good result tonight but i cannot see this side winning anything with no proper striker

  69. Morning all, Working today so thought i would get a comment in early, Looking at the reports, it seems we were arsehole lucky. Well maybe they are right. Word before the game was did Wenger fuck up with his choice of goalkeeper, Pundits and so called experts seemed to think that he chose the wrong one, even when the Manager spoke to them prior to the start they quizzed him on his choice, Wenger replied with we have to world class goalkeepers and i felt they just wanted to have a dig, but by the end of the night Ospina was the talk of the night.

    Yes again we started with our heads in the clouds, the first minute and their first attack saw our defenders stranded, again i felt that Zonal marking does not work in situations like this , but with their centre forward splitting our defences and us with no answers, we go down a goal in the early minutes.

    We recovered from the shock but we didnt look as if we could do much about it, they were quicker than us to the ball closed us down very fast and reduced us to giving the ball away on every chance we had which wasn’t many. Truth said they were the better team and had better players.

    We lack a presence up front , Sanchez although he tries he is just not a centre forward, and in all fairness we have no idea on how to penetrate a packed defence, we dont use the flanks and we repeat the same manoeuvres all the time , but they just dont work. Toothless up front. Small front men against big defenders see’s our players knocked all over the place and away we come with a smacked arse. It is game like this that we need that centre forward to get in there and mix it up but the Arsenal attack is like boys against men.

    All our team last night gave the ball away for the simple reason that they closed us down quickly and panic set in from attack to defence in one after another given away ball. We do the same thing over and over pass back sideways and then squeeze a ball forward to a player heavily marked only for hin to pass straight back or give it to them. No player went out on the flanks to stretch their defence we only know one way and thats down the middle, and by the end of the match with Ospina playing a blinder we bored PSG so much that they finally made a mistake and opened the door for us,

    We lack inventiveness, no one player seemed to have any idea’s we bored them to a draw, and yes we did score, and they only scored once despite their dominance but i feel this game was halved by boredom.. Still a good point away from home but bad play all round, and did i say, Boreing.

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