Gunners steal a point in Paris

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There were a lot of questions last night as to why Wenger played Ospina instead of Cech, but the boy did good and probably kept us in the game until Alexis got our last gasp equalizer. There weren’t many positives from our performance but I bet Wenger is happier with the point than the nutcase PSG manager called Emery.

Despite getting the PSG goal on the stroke of one minute played, Cavani proved to me that he is fucking useless, with the chances that came his way he should have scored another three at least. The funniest chance missed was his imitation of Nik Bendtner, took it well on his chest and then kicked air and then he was presented with an open goal, having got past Ospina, but missed the net by at least two yards. And some fans have been wanting Wenger to buy this fucking pin up footballer?

So overall a very bad performance from our boys but we can’t grumble at getting a point, it could mean that we top the group if we can get maximum points from all remaining games.

Ospina man of the match for me and another benefit from last nights game is that Girouds red card means that he is sidelined for the next match…. a chance for us to see if Lucas is the bollocks.

Very brief report today because I can’t think of much else to say about the game…. perhaps some of you tossers can fill in the blanks…..



36 thoughts on “Gunners steal a point in Paris

  1. Morning
    I have to confess I turned off at 60 mins, It wasn’t working yet no changes at half time, not that he ever does. I couldn’t watch anymore, it was pitiful and oh so predictable play. How they didn’t score a shitload is unbelievable.
    Wenger may be a god to some, but to me I don’t think its matters the slightest who we buy, nothing changes on the field…..pass pass pass give the ball away, race back, pass pass pass wait till they are all defending and then try and score. zzzzzzzz

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, nice to hear from you again.

    I read our starting line-up in disbelief, Ospina and not Cech, Coquelin and not Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain and not Lucas.

    It was obvious from the first minute that our midfield pairing Cazorla and Coquelin was being bypassed and was doing now thing for either defence or attack, yet Wenger did his stuffed dummy act for an hour until he got round to making any changes. Is he blind to what goes on in front of his nose? Or is it his stubbornness which prevents him realising he has got it wrong and making a change before the sixty minute mark?

    A better striker given the chances Cavani had would have sunk us in the first half.

    Ozil, apart from the centre for Iwobi’s attempt on goal, was almost invisible. Oxlade-Chamberlain was dreadful throughout his time on the pitch.

    What the f**k was the point of spending all that money on Xhaka and Lucas if they don’t get to play a full, or in Lucas’s case any, part in the game.

  3. Evening all,
    Thank you for the post NB, saves all that scrolling. I see our bloggers were not impressed with our first game away to PSG. I must say i did find it boring,and i must admit like Norfolk i was disappointed with who our Manager picked.

    I get the impression that the club have no expectation of winning this competition, and when looked at in the cold light of day, the clubs that are in the competition are better than we are and have been for several seasons, I feel, had we played Barcelona last night, it would have ended in a Cricket score, i don’t like to say it, but we have no chance at all in this competition, Only to try and get through this first group, as the money goes up then.

    Champions league pays our mortgage, and although we have done well to hit top 4, to enter, we know that its just the money we are after. Premier league pays around a hundred million for the winner, and it drops the further down we finish, but at no time, are we really in the frame to win. Finishing second last season was fantastic, and in the history books it will always look like we were up there challenging, but we know 12 points behind the eventual winners was not really challenging, just scooping up the Money gifts.

    This transfer window made us look as if we may be trying, but out of who we brought None of them were going to make us better., Mastafi was brought as a replacement for Mertsacker i doubt he will play much until he packs up, Zakha was brought as we had lost Diaby and never really replaced him, Perez will go the Ozil route has a little knock but will be in the gym building himself up we will be stuck with Giroud Walcott and Chamberlain and we know they are no good.

    We will of course put our energies in the Premier so try and save the players needed to get us into next seasons champions league and of course our mortgage paid, The cups of course will be for our youngsters as they dont pay that much.

    Last Night showed our commitment, our best team was not played so we know this comp is low priority, we cannot win it so why risk players who we will need for the Top four position, sorry but thats the way i read it.

  4. Steve
    You sound dispirited, for our sins we got have got a greedy money grabbing owner aided and abetted by IG and AW, things are great from a bottom line point of view. Money rolling in, the discontented fans can shag off elsewhere if they don’t like it, plenty more where they came from…perfect.

  5. Morning Poig, only just seen your comment, Yes i must admit the penny has started to drop for me. Champions league that every team is trying to get in pays big money, it seems to me that players want to show their skills off in this comp, as that shows them off to the world. Quite honestly i can see why some players move on, as looking at how we set up and the planning that seems to be going in is simply for the money spoils .

    Any player who has visions of winning this competition realises very quickly that if you cannot beat the Barcelona’s of this world, then you wont be a champion. Like the Premier, there are teams that buy superstars solely to win the top honours, and others that just want to hit top 4 for the vast amounts of money up for grabs. We as is clear to me, are just to hit the big money.

    It has to be said Poig, that Wenger has been fantastic, its on record that PSG have offered Wenger their Managers job 3 times, he has been offered the England Job countless times but he wants to stay at Arsenal. To be quite honest i dont understand that, as we know we will never spend the amounts of money needed to win these big competitions, where clubs like PSG will, all they need is the staff in place who pick out the players to buy and to steer them to victory.

    We have seen it in our own League, rich owners who want a safe haven, who feel that the more succesful their football teams are, only makes their safe havens more safe. Kroenke has no need of a safe haven his money has come from legitimate business, his father and grandfather was into real estate and every penny he has can be explained, this man could go and live anywhere he wanted all he wants to do is buy more real estate and keep making money, where the other oil rich owners or oligarchs just need a place to invest their money until it is all called back..

    We can not compete with these clubs who spend for the sake of it and never will be there is of course always the chance as Leicester proved of a fluke trophy, but the money people, will always win out in the end.

    Leicester have managed to keep many of the players they won the league with and they have spent 70 odd million which is fortunes for them, to try and do well in Europe they will have a good run but will not have enough to win the big ones, while we will do our usual and muddle on till we get eliminated. we will see Arsenal muddle through probably finish our league run in the money places but we will eventually be eliminated from all the comps . People blame Wenger, but it is not him, he does fantastic with what he has, but he will eventually retire and we will then see just how good he has done. We are a little pawn in a massive Chess game, and that will stutter to an end when Wenger leaves. Yes we are a big club, but we are just a pawn in a corrupt system that is almost impossible to overcome.

  6. Good morning Steve, I given up blaming Wenger for not spending big money, there seems to be no point in him doing so as he seldom buys the type of player we actually need.

    Too often he will sign a player and then put him in the wrong position. Square pegs in round holes!

    Look at Alexis, nobody ever said he was a centre forward, but that’s where Wenger puts him now. Other players don’t seem to have clearly defined roles Ramsey, for instance wanders all over the pitch and since Wenger just sits and watches him without issuing an instructions to the contrary we have to assume he sees that as okay.

    Because he’s been around so long the squad are stuffed with his type of players, the kids coming through are brainwashed into playing his style of football. We’ve all seen that the tika taka doesn’t work any more but it’s all the players know so we’re stuck with it.

    Wenger made a big thing of buying Lucas Perez but has hardly played him, I believe that’s because he is different to the type of striker we are used to and Wenger needs time to make him fit the pattern.

    No, I hope Wenger doesn’t spend any more of Stan’s money, whoever comes in when Wenger finally quits will need every penny available to completely rebuild the squad.

  7. Good morning girls

    Great to see the spuds bashed at Wembley…. over 85,000 mugs went to watch ha ha

    The Leicester game was good, though Club Bruge rolled over and handed the game to them on a plate

  8. Steve
    He is safe at Arsenal, full control, no targets other than top 4, other than that no pressure and along with that surely top 3 or 4 paid in the world, who wouldn’t love it…..perfect job.
    It’s easy to call the Russian money dirty, but you cannot become a billionaire in 1 generation unless there is dodgy dealings, pay offs or morally indefensible activities imo.

  9. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, yep fun to see the Spuds lose at Wembley, reminiscent of what happened to us a few years back when we played our Champions League games there. May the Wembley hoodoo on CL teams long remain. 😀

  10. Evening all, Sorry, i left a comment then buggered off fishing, for some reason the internet reception was bad on the phone , and it took bloody ages to go onto the website, may have to get one of them Dongal things and take my tablet.

    Not heard any news as i have had my radio on all day very low but a little music in the background tends to make the ambiance if you know what i mean. Bugger me was that hot today or what, Very seldom i moan when its sunny but bugger me it was so bloody hot and muggy that i had to put my brolly up. Got in just to see Southampton kick off and i did notice that United lost, listening to Maureen on the radio, he sounded like the europa league was below them. I would be surprised if his there long, but it did put a smile on my face i can tell ya.

    Southampton started off with a lucky penalty decision and Charley Adams put the ball down and Tadic wanted to take it, he made a bit of a song and dance about it but Adams had made his mind up and slotted it home, i think there would have been ructions had he missed. They are winning 2’0 at the moment with Adams scoring with his head .

    In case you wanted to know, caught no bloody fish and its supposed to piss down later. could have done with a shower today to cool things down a bit, just hope its still raining in Manchester, and falls down in Tottenham.

  11. I didnt watch the match, but apparently Pogba in his preferred position wasn’t great, and of course Moaniho isn’t happy with the result can be great at times. 🙂

  12. Poig, before the match Mourinho said ManU, didn’t want the Europa League, he didn’t want it and the players didn’t want it. How can he expect to motivate his players when he shows that sort of attitude?

    I do hope he continues in the same way, he could be sacked by Christmas.

  13. Steve it was so hot here in scorching Norfolk that I hardly moved all day, just sat in the shade of the old apple tree with the paper and a good book.

  14. Sounds the right thing to do Norfolk, You and that tree must have a good understanding 🙂 I have to say, that peoples thoughts on competitions seems a little strange, as i have always wanted us to win every comp were in and i get the hump if i feel that it is being taken lightly.

    Our Manager has had a bit of my mind, more times than i like to admit. Yes i understand that sometimes some thing else is more important, but if that is the case why not just say no thanks we dont want to be involved. Having said that, if its a home match i suppose its still a couple of million on gate receipts. And we know they do love a cheeky million here and there.

    Being a supporter is altogether different from being an owner or Manager, I just look at one game at a time, where they sort out the most profitable.

  15. NG
    Ironically for a competition he doesn’t really want to be in, he put out a strong looking side. Is it this years winner of Europa gets entry to next year CL?
    The only time I think it is right to actively try and fail to qualify is the world cup in Qatar

  16. Good morning Steve, I think you may have misheard that bit about three teams in the CL. Only three get straight into the group stage, the fourth has to play qualifiers. There had been a proposal that each of the big four Leagues, England, Spain, Italy and Germany would each get four places with automatic qualification for the group. This was done in an effort to prevent the formation of a breakaway League. The new head of UEFA, some Slovenian bloke, has put the kibosh on that idea though. It’s now possible that the breakaway league idea could be back on the table.

  17. Poig, it doesn’t matter how strong a team looks on paper, if they are not in the right frame of mind they start out at a big disadvantage. As we’ve seen too often with our our beloved team.

  18. Poig, strange how it’s all gone quiet on the corruption and malpractice surrounding both of the next two World Cup competitions, could it be that even more bangs are being distributed?

  19. Thanks for the info Norfolk, must have miss heard it. Where there’s big money Norfolk there is always corruption.

    I read a piece in the paper yesterday { redtop} from Wrighty’s latest book, where he had a joint before playing for Palace and he shit himself when after the game the drug test people came in, he said luckily for him, he was not picked out, and he reckons he never ever touched it again, Ha ha ha i bet.

    He did say that he has had 8 kids by 4 different women, and divorce and settlements had left him skint, he said he fought off bankruptcy but still owes the taxman fortunes, and now lives a modest life in a semi with his wife who is his sole mate. Dont know if that is for the benefit of the taxman or not, but he must be getting a good wedge off of punditry and his news paper stuff.

    At the end of the day he done good for us and i thank him.and if he is happy now good luck to him.

  20. A too quick glance at the paper this morning had me fooled, “Arsenal striker Carter hits second hat-trick in second game.” Whoopee! I thought this could be good, then I saw the name again, not Daniel Carter but Danielle Carter. Is there any rule that says we can’t have a woman in the squad? There are female refs and female team doctors, even female owners (Karen Brady) and we’ve had some right old tarts in the team in the past.

    I watched a few highlights this morning and she looked seriously good, but then the whole England women’s team looked good too. Well done ladies for giving Estonia a five nil thrashing.

    That should wake 69er up, the thought of being thrashed by a tall blond either male or female would certainly appeal to him. 😀

  21. Morning guys
    I expect Qatar bid to surface again, but not really too much fuss about Russia….The US could possibly get involved further if it suits their purpose, that may depend on who is elected there. Its sad that these events are dictated by money and politics, rather than football.
    I doubt I will live to see the World Cup played in England again, despite all the infrastructure being in place, mind you we probably wouldn’t qualify on merit 🙂

  22. Steve, it looks like your rain has just reached North Norfolk, we’ve had a couple of hours of gentle drizzle but it’s just started pissing down. Oh well no Friday walk today, but we’ll still have the pub lunch.

  23. Poig, your dead right, the papers will sooner or later get fed up with the Pep and Jose show and remember there’s still a lot of shit to be stirred over the Qatar bid.

  24. Actualy the thought just came to me, substitute Punch and Judy for Pep and Jose, I can just see Pep as Mr. Punch wacking Jose, as the baby, over the head; saying ” that’s the way to do it”

  25. Sorry to hear about your rain Norfolk, My Mrs popped down to a Tesco’s near us and they are flooded out, she said they were squeegeeing the muddy floors, just a gentle spit now, but i think there is still more to come, Should improve the fishing though 🙂

  26. NG
    You are right about Punch and Judy, made me smile.
    We have sun here today, but was crap when you had it hot.
    Do you eat the fish or throw them back, I know the Polish rate carp, and have it for Christmas dinner?

  27. Many many years ago Poig i did take a Pike home that i caught, I cleaned it and left it in salt water overnight and then cut it into cutlets, I lived in a small flat above a dry cleaners next door to a chip shop and knew the people, i would take a cutlet down to them once a week and they would batter and fry it for me, and it was lovely, but i did feel guilty, I swore that i would never do it again, and i never have.

    Now this was before we had the catch and release, that most anglers abide by now, Memberships of angling associations i was involved with, all went with the catch and release way,, and i agree’d with that way, When you catch a good fish the excitement that goes along with the experience is now felt to be passed on to others, Now we have fisheries that have named the fish, and it is seen as a way of keeping check on the fish, and seeing how they grow, a thirty pound fish can be thirty years old, so what baits that go into the water, is felt to be important to their welfare.. Anglers today, many are in clubs or associations if they see problems of struggling or dead fish, call that body and they come down and do tests on the waters, and treat the problems before its a disaster..

    So yes i have been educated to to just enjoy catching them and i have to say i enjoy them swimming away healthy. That is not to say, that if i was somewhere starving, i wouldn’t eat them. but being fortunate enough to have shops with loads of food so have no excuses at all .

  28. Morning all, Match day again, and we have problems up front. Away to Hull City 3 oclock kick off and both teams are on 7 points. Hull City newly promoted, will be looking to stay out of the relegation places, and at present are doing a grand job.

    Apparently Hull are expected to field the same eleven as they have for their last four games, while we have striker problems. With Giroud supposedly picking up a toe injury in our game against PSG in the week, and Theo Walcott nursing a Knee injury, we are left with Sanchez who also played midweek and Perez who mysteriously was missing in midweek, so chances are that Perez and Sanchez will feature today.

    Laurant Koshielney has had a hard couple of last games, i expect he may be rested, and young Rob Holding will make another appearance next to Mustafi, Belerin and Monreal will almost certainly see action and Cech will be back between the sticks, even though Ospina saved us against PSG, Midfield is anyone’s guess but Zakha will probably be used, along with either Coquelin or Elneney, Santi Cazorla may have a rest day, as we have a few games coming up, but Ozil will almost certainly be involved. Oxlaid Chamberlain has had troubles, where his form has not been good he may just get the nod today, but he will be expected to shine or he may see the bench for a while.I assume Iwobi will be available, as he has been building match fitness, and should be about ready for full action.

    Even though we are away, i would expect the manager to expect full points, but Hull are fighters and they will see a draw as a good result, we cannot fall any further behind, so we must field a side that is relevant to the opposition. Perez seemed a little dormant in his first game, and if he is to improve, today should be his chance. Personally i feel we have missed Aaron Ramsey and he should be on as a sub today, as he has been practising for a few weeks now, Whatever side Mr Wenger picks, they need to start showing that they can attack quickly, and put this settled Hull side under pressure. We know our defence can be leaky, so we must score goals, exactly where these goals will come from is anyone’s guess , but if Perez can get on the score sheet, may just spur him on, so we live in hope.

    3 oclock kick off , for those who don’t have the channels, VIPBOX should be able to show you the game, catch you all later.

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