League Cup….. third team

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So it’s back to the League Cup…. which doesn’t have a sponsor this season so it’s called the EFL Cup. Tonight we play Forest…. they’ve only beaten the Gunners once in our last 13 meetings in all competitions , D4 L8 so hopes should be high, in fact, they haven’t won against a Premier League side since beating Man City in 1993.

But remember, we got knocked out of the competition last season by Championship side Sheffield Wednesday 3-0……….. so some caution necessary with team selection, which will probably be a mix of 1st team players and youngsters. Expect Ospina in goal, Gibbs and Chambers to get a game, Giroud needs a run out and Perez will probably get some game time too. The rest I’m not sure of, Rob Holding, Akpom and perhaps a couple of youngsters. Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla, Coquelin, Kochielny, Mustafi and Walcott to be rested.

The League cup doesn’t warrant a long pre match….. so that’s your fucking lot mates.

Expect a few goals.


28 thoughts on “League Cup….. third team

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I don’t think Chambers will get any game time, Middlesbrough aren’t playing tonight. 😀

    This won’t be any kind of walk-over, Forest have got some decent players and a history of doing well in cup competitions. They won the FA Cup in 1898 and again in 1959. They also won the European Cup in both 1979 and 1980. What’s more, they did the double in 1989 winning the League Cup and the the Full Members Cup.

    Whoever Wenger picks for tonight’s game will have to be on top form.

  2. I won’t be watching the game tonight 69er, going to a film preview, Deepwater Horizon. I’ll rely on the excellent match report you will no doubt post tomorrow. 😀

  3. The ageing process rots the brain, I went into my grandson’s school last week to drop something off for him, the receptionist said “hello John” and I couldn’t remember her name although I’ve known her for over thirty years.

    Now what was it we were talking about? 😀

  4. Morning all, thank you NB blinding prematch
    Of course we expect a win but shit happens now and again, hopefully not tonight,was expecting a call from the palace to pick up my award for services to angling,, but will have to postpone it for the Arsenal game, although I know she will be watching as well. The Corgi’s go mad when Arsenal score, and the old Greek gets his one and only hard on for the year. While all the help are either bumming one another or snorting,, the game can be watched on a foreign stream because the Queen hasn’t put a rule in place that all Arsenal games must be televised, typical, Royals are not what they once was.

  5. Good morning Steve, there have been a lot of lies written about the monarchy over the years, Henry V111 got some really bad press over chopping Anne Boleyn’s head off, but the truth is she made some disparaging remarks about the French manager of Henry’s favourite artillery team The Gunners.

  6. Sorry all, a work day would you believe, nice one Norfolk, she couldn’t have been much of a shag either
    wouldn’t it be nice just to carry o with the same team each week, and not have to save everybody, We always did when we played not as prestigious I must admit, but we had done a 50 hour week.

  7. Steve, she was accused of shagging Sir Henry Norris, who just might have been an early ancestor of the founder of Arsenal FC, Sir Henry Norris. Funny thing history.

  8. Just an update on some of our bloggers…. Cockie and Transplant have gone on a late summer Brokeback Mounting Holiday, Gunner N5 got upset about our doomer mongering and fucked off back to Arsehole Arsehole blog, and Kelsey got upset when I mentioned on here that one of his facebook mates was a ‘yid’ and I refused to take the comment off, he’s even blocked me from his facebook page ha ha… so that just leaves the four of us stalewarts, Arsenal supporters eh…. what a fucking load of pansies 😀

  9. I like the sound of that elite squad. Makes us sound important, Poig hates Wenger, Northbank wants to knock old buildings down, and climb mountains Norfolk is having an affair with an Apple tree and then forgets it, and me a racist angler who cant catch fuck all, fine fucking lot of elitists we are.

  10. A belter from Xhaka, how Lansbury is still on the pitch beats me…

    Steve, I don’t hate your hero, its just time to say goodbye, not only has the fat lady sung, but 3 encores.

    Can’t see who has the captains armband….oops sorry we have 11 leaders on the field. Hope the second half has a bit more to it, but for Xhaka its been pass, pass, pass lose it chase back.
    Don’t like to criticise our players, but the Ox’s corner, really can’t see him making it with us, maybe a change of environment might do him good.

  11. Had the worst stream of the season, fucking really got up my nose, the fucking stream box wouldnt pick up the stream so went on vip box and it was fucking terrible.

    But a 3.0 win does me didn’t see the first which sounds like a belter but did manage to see Perez’s

  12. Bit of a thread bare team but we got the win and Wenger survives another game, he better get a result the weekend or i will have the right hump.
    Yes we got the win and we have seen the youngsters, but if i had paid the entry fee i wouldn’t have been best pleased.

  13. Good game, Good game…. some promising prospects…. Xhaka needs to be an automatic choice for first XI and Ox needs to be let go…. he had some good runs from the middle of midfield and scored but he’s not on form

  14. Haven’t seen anything of the game, only the scorers and result, I can’t really see how there could be anything for Arsenal supporters to complain about in a four nil away win.

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