Xhaka has the ‘X’ factor

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It was only the League Cup but………………………. it was a moment to see what we currently possess in the team. Four goals are not to be sniffed at, along with a clean sheet.

It would be so easy to just concentrate on the cracker from Xhaka but there was much more than that. In the first half I was getting worried about Lucas Perez… he was anonymous and I don’t think I heard his name mentioned once from the commentators, however, in the second half he became more involved and scored a superb individual goal, and in the process demonstrating what he can bring to our attacking format, he really should have got a hat-trick last night but that will come I’m sure as he settles into English football.

Rob Holding had another solid game and he is going to be excellent CB back-up, and he got a card for his 21st birthday. Gabriel next to him was also solid after a short period injured. Akpom and Jeff both played well, I was impressed with Maitland-Miles and if Bellerin were to be tempted away to Barca then we have a ready made replacement in the youngster.

The Ox, despite scoring a good goal, still didn’t impress me… he needs to be let go, for his sake and the sake of the club. However, having said that, he did play well through the middle of the midfield, but if that’s the place for him then we have a surplus.

I was surprised that Martinez got to play instead of Ospina but he filled in well, making a couple of good saves. The youngsters who came on as subs didn’t let the side down and overall, kept the balance of our dominance.

So overall, a good night out for the Gunners, and already this season we have doubled the goals scored in the League Cup compared to last season. Wenger really needs to consider whether Xhaka can be left out of the first team.

One side note: I wasn’t happy with Lansbury the way he played against us, he seemed to have a mission to damage as many Arsenal players as possible…. he should have got at least three yellow cards. And the ego by the name of Lord Nik…. well, it was the usual Nik Bendtner…. at least he got a standing ovation from the away support when he was subbed.

29 thoughts on “Xhaka has the ‘X’ factor

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, thank you for a nice surprise this morning, a preview and a review in two days, you’re spoiling us.

    Still haven’t seen anything of the game, just read a few reports so I can’t comment really. A strange comment from Wenger after the game on Lucas, “Lucas did well. He’s quick, he’s determined. He uses well his left foot-a bit too much in my taste. He doesn’t use his right enough. Overall, he’s like all the left footed players, you know”

    Wtf does that mean? Presumably Wenger knew he was a leftie when he bought him, presumably that’s one of the reasons why he bought him. So why is he critical of the guy for being what he his.

  2. Morning guys
    I haven’t seen that comment about Lucas, but seems a bit damning if compared to the Ox.
    You are right about Lansbury, his tackles looked a bit to personal, as I said yesterday a mystery how he stayed on the field. I do like both Xhaka and Elneny together they look the business. I also like Martinez he looks calm and his distribution is pretty good.
    We were cruising after the well deserved penalty I thought, and fringe players all did their bit.
    Think we should all thank Steve for wearing his AW scarf 4-0 is good given the performance. πŸ™‚

  3. Morning, bloody hell another post, and a cracker at that. Always good after a win, I drove to work singing come on you gunners, and have had a couple of outburst while I have been here. The first thing I noticed when Perez’s name was ever mentioned, when I looked for clips of him, was every touch was left footed, I imagined that Wenger only goes for predominantly lefties, now he’s fucking whinging, he can kick every ball with his left foot as long as he keeps scoring as far as i’m concerned.

  4. Good morning you elite fuckers

    It was a good game;…. we dominated without really playing too well, which is promising. Xhaka is the business and I don’t know where all this rumour comes from that Wenger tells the team to not shoot from distance…. all bollocks if you ask me.

  5. This squad of players are beginning to look quite good, I never like to jump the gun, so I won’t but I am starting to get a little excited with our prospects.

    Some of our youngsters must be getting impatient, I know I would, Zaha and Elneny looked good together, so ln my mind it’s good buy Jack even Ramsey may struggle to fit back in, and Lucas the battery boy keep going like that and Theo will be attached to the pine for a while, you keep using your left peg mate even pick your hooter with it, just don’t forget the goals.

    Zakha my old son if you see a gap son you fucking belt it, especially with your left foot, if you can upset Wenger then good on ya.

  6. N5 Cocky and the yid can stay where they are, and we may even add elite on the end of Gunnersorearse πŸ™‚

  7. Steve…. I don’t mind Cockie and Transplant joining us….. but both have gone very quiet. Transplant isn’t even commentating on Arsehole Arsehole…. their humour adds to the blog…. GN5 and Kelsey just fucking moaned all the time

  8. I’m gonna have to leave the conversation… a mate has just messaged me and he has people staying at his place who are driving him nuts and he wants to get out, so we’re going for a bevvie in town. See you all later

  9. I sincerely hope Wenger doesn’t see Lucas as a “project” and try to convert him into something he isn’t. He and Xhaka can open up new options in attack and get us away from the pass, pass, pass and lose possession tactics of which the manager seems so fond.

  10. Pre-Match and Match report were the best I`ve ever come across……hours of reading !…………cunt !
    Fuck you elitists !………..I`m the King of Cornwall !….the most coastline of any county in England, over 300 miles of pussy magnet beaches !

    Dont get too excited with our last two performances as we have the usual suspects on Saturday !……………the usual dismissal and loss !…………..I`m getting to hate them Chav cunts nearly as much as the Spuds U18`s !.
    Without a major injury list so far our squad looks strong ,but, we will still fuck up due to not getting that super striker in the last 2 summer windows……………..ahh, nice to doom a little !.

    Later Pussies !.

    PS………………like the Royal stuff, although I cant see Phil and Lizzy having much activity, I mean, she`s so old her pussy is haunted !…..the only exerise it gets is when Phil brings a priest around to exorcise it !……………fuck the Paralympics………. her pussy is so big they could hold the Paranormal Olympics in it !

    Talking of the Paralympics, although finished, the Dementia Marathon is still going on, actually it hasn`t even started due to the runners still wandering around The London Olympics from 2012 !.
    Liked the Conjoined Twins Wrestling where our girls got a draw !, they tried to do a split decission , but just couldn`t seperate them !
    In the Schizo Synchronised Diving, our boy got gold, silver and bronze although this was contested as other Schizos said he had an unfair advantage of also thinking he was a diving board !…………..he then went on to win the 4X400 relay witth himself, himself and himself…..some precission baton changing with himself !.

    Although not a schizo, I`m off to play with myself !…………….later tossers !.

  11. Morning all;
    Since the news of interest in our Right fullback Belerin. by Barcelona and Man City, we have played youngster Maitland Niles in the position against Nottingham Forest. I found that slightly worrying especially when we had Debuchey as backup. Now apparently Wenger gave Debuchey the all clear to look for another club as he wasnt best pleased being on the bench. At present he is still tn the Arsenal ranks but as he is fit, i would have assumed he would have been included against Forest. Arsene Wenger fielded Maitland Niles and the lad did very well, so is he pencilled in to take over if and when Belerin is whisked away for what some are touting Β£40 million. Debuchey could also go as lets not forget we still have Carl Jenkinson who is still recovering after a leg break from last season.

    I see in the news that Arsene still has his eye open for a top striker and over the last couple of weeks i have read that Benzima is having contract problems and may be looking for a winter move, as he has been linked with us in the past could he be a possibility.

    In the past, we know that when Barcelona have their eye on one of their own that we have nutured, they are like a dog with a bone and they will keep coming back until they are succesful, so this must be turning the young mans head and i can only see one outcome there.

    Aaron Ramsey seems to be causing Wenger sleepless nights, as his injury is taking longer to repair than first thought, Ramsey injured his Hamstring imediatly after rejoining us after the Euro’s and Wenger is reluctant to start him till he is 100 percent fit, so i wonder if this is something more than just a hamstring.

    Rein Adelaid’s inclusion for the Forest game was also interesting with Chamberlains form he was moved to the middle and Adelaid filled in well with Cuba Akpon working down the flank. Theo of course was rested but his form also is of question.. Benzema would cost us a pretty penny. if reports are correct, and after spending 90 million in the summer transfer window, it seems that we would have to sell to enable us the recruit.

    Wenger is on the last year of his current contract, and with his last spend of 90 million and talk of more signings in January this seems a lot for a Manager who is on his last season. This in fact seems a building program for the future, so i am expecting a few players to be playing their last season with us, January window will be the answer to Wenger staying or going, so a couple of interesting months….

  12. Good morning Steve, I think Maitland-Niles is seen as a future back-up for right back, even though he’s listed as a mid-fielder. Debuchy is only in the squad because we couldn’t sell him in the summer due to injury. When we bought him I thought he was a bit of a panic buy and I’ve never rated him. If he’s fit in January expect to see him go

    We’ve never seen much of Jenkinson, another injury prone player, who hasn’t set the world on fire. So I think it makes perfect sense to give Maitland-Niles the nod for the cup games.

    Rather than worrying about who we might sign in January, I think we need to be concerned that neither Ozil or Alexis have signed contract extensions and are both able to talk to other clubs in the new year.

    I think losing Bellerin would do more damage than if one of Ozil or Alexis went, of course losing both would be bad and all three a disaster.

  13. Morning Norfolk,
    Belerin is a good right back, Where he gets the title of being the best in the league seems a little far fetched, I like him and i like his attitude but i still think that title is a bit off.
    Now of course while a player such as Hector, is playing regular, i of course am not in favour of losing him, Surely Arsenal have brought him along until he has secured regular first team inclusion , should be enough for him to see out his time with us. If he were to move to another Premier side, it could only be for more money as the chances of him moving for trophies is no better. But of course were he to be snapped up by Barcelona the prestige of being a Barca Player could turn his head, Yes of course the chance of trophies with them is very high, and who wouldn’t want to play behind Messi Neymar and Suarez, Specially if you are Spainish..

    Ozil and Alexis, both very good players would be a big loss but at the end of the day if they want to move that is upto them, I have to say that i wouldn’t miss them as much as some that have left, but having said that we do seem to be back in the transfer windows, and there are a lot of talent about., i dont think we would miss them that much.

    Many felt that Wilshere’s loan spell was a drastic move, a talented youngster who had so much potential, but in all honesty he has always flattered to decieve and he has and had for some time been a big let down.. Many players could now fill Jacks roll in the side and i doubt we will even miss him.

    Sanchez wants to show just how good he is but since he has been with us he has not made a massive difference, his first season he was like a man possesed but that seems to have changed . Ozil another good player. He started badly in my opinion, He needed to build up in the gym before he could play a full 90 minutes and i have to say has not shone against top opposition, yes his assists have been impressive but now we have Zakha and Elneney even Coquelin pass the ball as well as many. They seem to be holding out for some reason but as long as we got what we paid for them, i dont think our team form would be that different.

  14. Typical just as i dump Cockie the little bugger shows up, that will teach me, and the little schitzo left a blinder of a comment, seems you were right. πŸ™‚

  15. Many good players come to Arsenal, many have a good first season and then fade, many just don’t make it. That can’t all be down to the players themselves. Too often they are played out of position, too often they are forced into a style of football that doesn’t suit their talents. That’s all down to Wenger, the man who knows best, at least in his own view.

  16. Akpon answered that question Norfolk when he said i will play anywhere even goalkeeper. The manager in my eyes is the guvner, Players if they dont like where they are played only have to wait till their contract is out and go some where else. I personally would have been the same as Akpon. At that kind of wage its still better than Welding. Going Fishing catch you all later

  17. Morning guys
    Maybe I’m wrong but generally players move for more money until they are on a salary where it won’t make that much of a difference to them, so the lure of home and or trophies come into play.
    Hypothetically were Bellerin want to go to Barca it won’t be for the money as he would hardly get there what we would pay. So maybe home or trophies, he has said London is now his home and may well be, so were he to go there for trophies what does that say about us.. that we can’t or won’t compete for the big 1’s? It’s only a segment of our fans that think 4th place is a trophy and getting knocked out of CL in last 16 is great, not top players. Financially we are a big club and have been for a while, but act like the poor relation.
    This last window is the first time in years that we have filled all the holes in the squad, why? Even then there hasn’t been a ruthless cull of underperforming overpaid players. AW may well know better than us, but he hasn’t proved it on the pitch for an awfully long time for one of the best paid managers in the game
    But yes, I am happy enough with the results so far, that said there are another 33 league games ahead of us.

  18. Poig. Your reasoning always comes back to the manager, πŸ™‚ at the moment you are reasonably happy seeing how we have had a few wins, Chelsea the weekend and you are starting to fidgit, is this the time that we can have a right go. What happens if we win this game with one of the big clubs, a praise to the players, as i cant see you give the Manager a whole lot lot of praise. Many supporters seem to go from one game to another with sole intent as to blame a guy who has been with us for all those years. They too will have to hold their tongues should we win . I just go from game to game hoping we will win, i dont blame the players and i wont blame Kroenke either, Wenger will of course get the brunt as he always does.but not from me..

    Wenger in all fairness has assembled a stronger squad than we had last season, of course when a player has a bad one, it was a panic buy. I have to laugh Poig because the Manager will get stick whatever he does, and many say he doesn’t acknowledge them after a match, hardly surprising when he gets boo’ed off in our first game of the season..

    Since the Boo’ing we have climbed the table, we have had a few wins, and were through to the next round of the cup, we have started our Champions league run with a respectable draw with PSG, And now one of his panic buys has only gone and scored two goals, What do the fans do about that, the posters have gone under the seats and the boo’s have turned into cheers, i think i even heard them sing the other day, but i may be wrong, But the Chelsea game this weekend will probably make the supporter scribble a few words, ready to hold up. Well good luck to them..

  19. Steve, I don’t think anyone has described Xhaka as a panic buy. A long time in coming? Maybe. But I’m sure you will admit his type of player has been sorely needed for too long, and for that the responsibility must rest on the manager’s shoulders.

    After a poor start we’ve had some good results, but Saturday will tell us a lot more about the squad.

    Chelsea look as if they are over their bad season, they’ve got Mourinho out of their heads and are starting to look dangerous so we’ll wait and see what happens, a win will settle a few people down a bit, a draw will see no change but a loss will stir up all the anti Wenger venom once again.

    Wenger will always get the blame for poor results, it’s his players, his selection, his tactics and his preparation. Too often the team start games sluggishly and that must be down to the manager for not motivating them sufficiently,

    As I’ve said often in the past, I respect Wenger for what he did in the early years, there’s no doubt he is the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history but his time is coming to an end.

  20. Morning all,
    Don’t take any notice of me, I get the hump when people criticise the Arsenal, Its the club i have always supported, and it seems to me that a lot of people are forever putting us down. Yes we may not have won a league for a few years, and i know champions league trophy has never sat in the marble halls, but it is still a feat to be one of the clubs that has played in every year since it started.

    I often ask myself whether we could be boasting that now if George Graham was still our boss, And i have to say who knows, not something you can suppose. But since our present Manager has joined it is still a feat that few Managers have done. Arsenal Football club have still never been relegated, in fact we have never been out of the top flight of English footballs Elite. A manager who has served for twenty years is a rarity nowadays, and i am proud of the fact that the present manager has kept us in the top flight even with a stadium move. that certainly hampered our spending money.

    Arsenal is a world wide football club, not many teams have we not played at some time or another, and i doubt the Name of Arsenal is not known in all parts of the world. Arsene Wenger is synonymous with the Arsenal name, with Arsenal comes Wenger. He is, and always will be known for his love of the game and his style of play, and of course his love of Arsenal.

    Arsenal now is classed as the 7th richest club in the world. And only now are we spending like it, Arsenal have had to toe the line, The owners have not had to spend a great deal of their own money as the club has been self sufficient for many years. Arsenal football club buy players out of what they have earned, as our rich owners are not prepared to outlay any of their own money, which has hampered our chances against those that do. But even so we have still been in the high positions.

    For all that has gone on in Wenger’s reign, it has to be said that to maintain the standard and the positions, it has been a very successful time for Arsenal. Arsene Wenger has many admirers, many have tried to lure him away from us, but the manager has stayed and steered this great club through some tough times, and he has had to endure the criticism of many. Arsene Wenger has had some fine talent under him, some he inherited and some he brought, he has brought some and transformed them, he has also brought some who never really made the grade but that happens in all clubs..

    What is incredible about Arsenal under his Management, is the fact that he has maintained a top four finish for twenty years, i dont believe that will ever be done again, even the Great Manchester United who once held the title of the worlds richest club, have not been able to maintain that kind of consistency, and nor will many others.

    So dont take any notice of me, as i can see Wengers finishing post even though it may not be this season but even i know that the dream cannot last much longer., Live long and Prosper Arsene Wenger you are a legend.

  21. Steve you misinterpret me, we have had money to spend before this last transfer window, yet we never filled the holes that just about everyone who isn’t named AW could see…why? of course it’s his fault.
    Last season was the time to spend big or small on a striker before all the clubs got a shitload of tv money, you didn’t need to be an economist to figure that out, and he is one….maybe just maybe we could have won the league. Who else is there to blame?
    If the players give there all on the field I don’t criticise them win lose or draw, thats part of the game, but when you get beaten by the likes of Watford at home, and not by a bad decision or a flukey goal, whose fault is it the players aren’t motivated or subbed if they aren’t doing what they should be.
    No one I know has ever said he was always crap, far from it, he was a great manager, was being the operative word….as I have said before top 4 is not a trophy for me or top players, last 16 is only a bonus for you know who.

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