The Pre-Match: Arsenal v Chavs

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Morning Gooners,

Match day again, and we host Chelsea football club, and their new Manager Antonio Conte,  kick off at five oclock. This will be our twelth time of playing Chelsea, without getting a win, so hopefully that run will not last much longer. Both sides have had good runs, to the build up to this game, and both sides have injuries, John Terry will not be fit enough and Aaron Ramsey also struggling for fitness, A late fitness test for Oliver Giroud will tell us whether he will figure in this match, as his sore toe is still an issue.

Danger men for Chelsea, Diego Costa, we have seen in the past that he likes nothing better than controversy, and he will certainly be on the wind up today. Last seasons game saw Gabriel Paulista  sucked into his evil plan, where he saw a red card, this season the signs are that Mustafi could be the defender in line for some of his antics, Mastafi is experienced, and hopefully will treat him much the same as  other misfits.

Eden Hazard is another talented Chelsea player, given room he can run the show for them, so its up to us to shut him down early. Oscar another player that can play havoc with defences, he to needs to be looked after. Antonio Conte, has brought back David Luiz who was ejected by former Manager Jose Mourinho, to fit by the experienced Cahill. Luis will fill in nicely for John Terry, but is not as defensively minded as Terry, so a chink in the Chelsea back line where we can penetrate.

For ourselves we have a squad of talented players to choose from, who they will comprise of is anybodies guess, but across the back, i would go for Belerin Mustafi Koshielney and Monreal, Both our top keepers have had a rest so either one could be included , i go with Ospina. Midfield, again a big choice, but Granit Zakha is a must in this game, Elneney or Coquelin i would take Coquelin, with Cazorla and Ozil. Forwards pick themselves, Iwobi Walcott and Sanchez, Lucas or Giroud, Giroud if fit, but i think he will start with Lucas.

Chelsea are a physical side so expect a lot of challenges from behind, they defend hard and they leave marks , we need to play to our strengths and pass the ball accurately and quickly, we need also to shut them down as quickly as we can, do it early and away from the box, as that i feel is the danger zone. We need to make runs all over the park if we are to unsettle Chelsea’s defence, we know they have weaknesses and we will have to exploit them.

I see this game as an important step for us, both clubs are sixth and seventh is the league and both climbing, we have to win this game, and the time is right, if we are to impart our presence among the top, then we have to make sure this twelfth game with them stops today. We have the players, do we have the desire.

Written by Steve Palmer


31 thoughts on “The Pre-Match: Arsenal v Chavs

  1. Morning all, Many of you who are awake will see the hidden mistake of how many players i have put in our team, well thats because its an important game and i felt the odds should be in our favour.

    Sorry about that, but i only saw NB’s request this morning and assumed he had another mountain to climb and scribbled some thing down Quickly.

    Now of course we all have nightmares when we play what we call a big club, we know this will be tough as all big games are but we really need to win this one, and i believe we can. This arsenal team are still not firing as well as it should, we all know that, but with a 90 mill spend, Poig hit the nail on the head when he said we have plugged up the holes, and that is the whole point, Poig was also right when he said we still haven’t got a prolific centre forward.

    No club no matter who they are cannot say they have the perfect team, Even the Great Barcelona want to pinch our players, and look who they have, If they want Hector that badly then give us Messi or Suarez at a pinch we may even take Neymar.

    We have a few forwards, yes they are not Messi but they are all usefull. We have to try and get the best out of what we have Theo should do more Sanchez has to remember he is part of a team and not the team himself. Giroud is awkward sometimes that is good and sometimes it frustrates, Iwobi is a player who seems like he could be really good, but he needs to work harder Welbeck just needs to get fit , and Lucas he needs to keep finding the net, if all that happens we have a blinding squad of players who could actually win things, we have in my mind the best Manager in the business an owner who keeps his nose out, and a ground many would die for, 7th Richest club in the world, and we are worried about Chelsea, can’t beat them in twelve games, something has gone wrong, but i hope that is about to change, football at the Emirates is ready for change, the intent in the Window has plugged the holes our players are starting to feel their feet, the new Centre forward is scoring goals and Chelsea are about to come unstuck, i am feeling good , the team is looking good, and the sun is shining over Highbury.

    Today will be a sell out, a big game at the right time can we do it , you bet we can.

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf and good morning Steve, excellent post Steve, thanks.

    I think today’s game will give a good measure of how this squad are progressing, we’ve bought players in order to improve on what we had before, remember how Wenger says he only buys players who are better than we already have or who bring something new to the squad. That being the case I puzzled by his reasoning in not starting to of his new boys Lucas and in particular Xhaka.

    I’m not going to try to predict his starting preferences, although I hope he doesn’t go with Santi and Le Coq. Steve, I don’t agree about Ospina, Cech knows all about how the Chavs play and should be a better choice for that reason alone.

    Can we do it? We’ll have to wait and see, but the odds are against an Arsenal win.

  3. Morning guys
    Thanks for the post Steve, nothing wrong with a 12 man team 🙂 ..No idea who he will play and never guess as it would invariably show how crap I am at it. The back line picks itself, but going forward who knows, I do like the Xhaka and Elneny partnership, but doubt thats what it will be, also would like to see Lucas playing, it would be silly to buy a striker then not play him if Giroud is out.
    This is the 1st match is ages against the chavs that we have the tools for the job, hope the are electric and plugged in.
    I am hoping for a win, but recent history suggests otherwise, lets hope it doesn’t come down to 1 bad ref decision to decide it.
    And Steve you better be wearing your AW scarf all day 🙂

  4. United have dropped the pace and intensity, allowing the Foxes back in with a goal and another good chance or two.

  5. Poig, I doubt if the line-up has been handed in by the manager yet, the usual time is about thirty minutes before kick off.

  6. Afternoon all, Watching Swansea City game 1.1 at half time and city are not having it all their own way. If Swansey can keep the pace up they jst may get a result but still another half yet.. Haven’t seen the other results, although Liverpool was winning 1.0 anybody know any more.

  7. Cheers Norfolk just had a look, utd 4.1 Maureen must feel relieved. City just scored another Stirling, !..3.

  8. Same line- up as against Hull, Wenger is so stubborn sticking to Cazorla and Coquelin, when he’s got Xhaka and Elneny.

  9. So the same team line up, He seems to be staying with the winning team set up, perhaps thats how things will go until a change in result, Cant say i am a big fan of that, but i am not a manager.

  10. Sanchez scores a brilliant solo effort and a couple of minutes later a briliant team goal that Walcott smashed in 2.0 to the Gunners

  11. Ozil with the third, a super volley into the ground, over the ‘keeper and in off the far post. Goal of the season? 😀

  12. Who the fuck is this Walcott defending scoring and being generally good.
    Has to be said it’s great to see us playing with pace so much easier to watch, and the crowd loving it….me too 🙂
    Ozil gets criticism, not from me, but fuck me he is good, that turn before he scored brilliant, and not an easy goal as it could have been.

  13. The lads are working overtime, they will begin to tire, Gibbs coming on for young Iwobi who has run his legs off, Chelsea trying to change their whole team, and must have run out of subs now.

  14. I do believe the Arsenal players read my post this morning as they did everything i asked for. A very class outfit we looked tonight,

  15. Good substitution Gibbs for Iwobi, on reflection and nice to see Ozil smiling. If we can play with the same determination and pace for the rest of the season you wont he me complaining too much.
    The best league game in ages by far. Would have been good if Lucas came on instead of Giroud the game was wrapped up by then and he could have got some important minutes. My opinion only 🙂

  16. Your opinion is not far wrong Poig, I agree about Lucas, but i feel the idea was for giroud to hold the ball up and kill the minutes, at the end of the day Lucas will get his chances,

    I felt like many i am sure, that the side the Manager put out, was a little unexciting, but that is why he is a top class professional and i am what many would say, is a badly informed critic. Arsene Nailed it, no doubt about that we all think he only cares about what our players do, but he has worked with the players all week and taught them to exploit any weaknesses Chelsea possess, and judging by how our side performed he got it spot on.

    What i was impressed with was our discipline, we have finished our last couple of games with Chelsea with ten men, but Arsene installed into the players that they needed to get in their faces and then disappear, and that is exactly what they did.

    I have to say, i felt a performance like today’s was possible, but i never thought i would see it, The work rate was out of this world, the whole team worked so very much together, they backed every body and they just never stopped, Closing down has always been my pet hate but today i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. Hopefully this is not a one off, as keep playing like this and anything is possible.

  17. Koscielny was magnificent against Costa, he completely annulled any threat from the horrible scroat. The one time he got away from Koscielny’s grip Bellerin cleaned him out. Mustafi was very good too.

    With a sound defence behind them the rest were free to attack at will, and attack they did with pace and guile, they tore a poor Chelsea defence apart.

    The best result we’ve managed for ages, to beat one of the “big” teams in such a manner is certainly encouraging.

    The squad now know what they can do, they need to do it on a regular basis.

  18. I have to confess I thought the team selection was uninspiring, however the difference today was how we played, pacy, closing down and quick passing, it looked so much more competent for want of a better word and it was good to watch….so much better than that insipid tippy tappy, pass pass chase back.

  19. Morning Elitists,
    A good turn out from all our elitists, everybody turned up on the day and added their two pennath of Arsenal knowlege, before during and after the great effort from the players, I dont think many thought that we would see a display from the players that actually transpired, Many myself included was not that impressed with the starting line up., but in the end we got the result that i think we all knew was possible, but really never expected it.

    We have all agree’d that holes have been filled, Many believe that its taken a while but a 90 million spend has to have helped. The squad can be set up in many ways, the permutations are endless and it is all down to picking the right one on the day. We have seen in recent cup games that we also posses exciting prospects in reserve all will get their chances if they are patient.

    One great result does not win leagues, but results like this certainly puts the word out that we are up there challenging, and every football club would have seen this display they never thought they would see the result that transpired, but they will certainly hope we don’t play like that when we meet their club.

    We have said many times that on our day we can beat anybody, well that saying is probably true for every club, But they like us can not do it every game and that is where the difference is. Many would say that we met a poor Chelsea side today, but the way our side went about their business only showed that we were more clinical faster and by far the superior side from start to finish. Antonio Conte was almost speechless after the game, when asked about the result, all he really needed to say was we were hammered by the better side, they were superb, and we had no answers, that would have explained it perfectly…

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