Scintillating Arsenal….

I had a very dodgy internet connection last night and only managed to see the first half and the first 10 minutes of the second…. screen froze for both goals so I missed them as well. But from what I saw…. fucking amazing football.

We’re getting back to some beautiful football and I’ve seen a replay of the second goal and the move and passing leading up to it was sublime. Walcott on fire, who would have said that a few months ago when we were all moaning about his lack of commitment.

We have such a strong side this season that I’m creaming my pants. Can we go on to win something other than just the FA Cup? Will this amazing football continue or will we do the usual and fade away in the latter stages of the season? Only time will tell but the boys seem to have found some hunger and determination.

At the moment we can only live in hope that they can continue like this. Unbeaten since the first game of the season against the scousers  and plenty of goals…. 13 I think in all competitions, but it should be more, the boys should have got more last night but Wenger seems contant to get a good lead in the first half and then take it easy in the second half. Probably wise considering the schedule and an away match at Burnley at the weekend.

Long may it continue…. we can’t complain about not getting exciting football and we can’t complain about Theo anymore.


19 thoughts on “Scintillating Arsenal….

  1. Steve…. I’ve only just seen your e mail with match report, sorry mate. You should mention it on here so that I know to look…. I’ll post it tomorrow as a late match report ok.

  2. Dont worry about it mate, And thanks for the post.
    The boys did great, Wengers happy and us, were not believing what we are seeing. England in turmoil Managers being investigated Lineker calling for police inclusion, and anybody who has made a deal in the last couple of windows shitting themselves.

    Brazen Sam, who reckons he was set up by underhanded means, and English football as low as a skunk. I keep telling all you guys that this is just the tip of the coruption in English football, but this latest story is about to open a can of worms that could effect English future for ever..

    Alladyce’s greed is paltry when the can of worms opens, match fixing is the thing that will turn English football on its head. You dont have to be an expert in football to see how games are manipulated how certain managers for years got decisions that others never got. Rule changes to allow an official’s to have options to bend results as he so wishes.

    Money can bhy any result, The England Manager’s sacking goes to prove that no matter how much mon ey a person has in the bank it will never be enough. Sams bent we all knew that before he got the job we knew Harry was another although he is now probably in the reckoning. They had Brian Robson commenting on Aladyce last night and i laughed as i remember an undercover program linking him and Ferguson with dodgy transfer dealings. The FA took no action and that told me everything i wanted to know about corruption.

    The big trouble now is how far do they investigate as this can of worms is massive, football owners football managers Fa staff referee’s the corruption is widespread if the system stinks then it will stink right down to the lowest club.

    FIFA riddled with corruption
    EUFA riddled as well
    Italian leagues Spanish leagues no doubt all the leagues and officials, where there is big money corruption is there. Sam Aladyces case could open a fucking melting pot and anybody in pro football will be shitting themselves. The English FA have two options , squash it all now or get ready for the roof to fall in.

  3. Good day Eliteonians, thanks for the post 69, you must be a journalist of the old school, able to write a match report without having seen the game. I remember a few football writers like that from the old days, most times they were too pissed to see the pitch let alone the game.

    Without denigrating what the team did last night, they need to play the same way for the whole match not just forty-five minutes.

    On the corruption scandal, I don’t think there are any earth shattering revelations to come, today’s offering is the Barnsley assistant manager accepting five thousand pounds for agreeing to get his players to sign up with a dodgy agent. Is that illegal?

  4. Morning guys
    And NB I can’t complain about your picture either…drop dead gorgeous, if she played her cards wrong she could still have me.
    The crowd was vocal again last, you see Mr Wenger, give us that and there will be no complaints, but like Walcott the penny has finally dropped, long may it continue. 🙂

  5. Hi guys
    There is an article in the Telegraph, an interview with AW brother, worth a read, would do a link but as you know by now……ha ha

  6. Evening all, Just got home and caught bugger all, I sat there till the light failed, and had 3 rods out, I decided to pack up and reeled the first rod in, then the heavens opened, By the time i packed the lot up i was bloody soaked.

    On the way home, which was mostly country roads , there were large puddles and it came down torrential, i had to slow down as i couldn’t see a bloody thing, Pulled up outside the house, and they had been round and fixed the outside street light, which i moaned about , about 3 years ago. The street looked like daylight i could cut my lawn its that bright, Mrs said i hope that goes out when we go to bed, No fish, Moaning Mrs, Yes been almost a perfect day. And i see it has been absolutely electric on here today. I hope my day has brightened yours up, Probably talking to myself anyway.

  7. Morning me
    A quick pre match 🙂
    Start like we are on something illegal, score 3 goals in the 1st half, take it easier in the 2nd half but score 2 more …oh yes, come on you gunners.

  8. Afternoon all, Absolutely throwing it down here, hope its sunnier where you are.
    Just watching Wenger being interviewed by some of our ex players, and he was explaining why he sold many of our better players, Although he never went into details, the impression was that we had to help pay club debts, so we had to find the money any way we could.

    He did talk about Thiery Henry, and he said that Henry wanted to leave as he was 30 years old, and although we had some very good \youngsters, they would only probably be ready to win something in about 3 years time, and he felt he wanted to win things before his time was up.

    He gave the impression that he and the club could have been a little bit more open with the supporters, but he did say that we were pressured into making the top 4 as the money was crucial..

    I do believe that Arsenal themselves, never ever wanted to make public, that we were under pressure money wise. I often feel that they suckered us a little, with statements that we had big spending money available, to try and let people believe, we were up there with the rich owners.

    When asked by one of the player’s, if it all ended tomorrow, how would you feel you have done, Wenger answered by saying that he didn’t know how many supporters that we had globally, but he said that he feels, that we are now in a position to increase that number substantially..

    Yes, i feel honesty with the supporters would have been a better way, to get the support behind them, but doing it the way they chose, did enable sponsors to sponsor us while it looked as if we had it all already. I dont really know if this would have actually made any difference to the support, but it did make me realise just how important the fans felt trophies were.

  9. Good afternoon my fellow Eliteonians, may I wish you all a happy October. Nothing much on the Arsenal front, no new injuries, no one returning from injury, no hints of dastardly money making schemes by Arsenal employees.

    Old ‘Arry is the latest victim of the hidden microphone and camera, but as he once had a bank account in the name of his pet dog, it was only a matter of time before the twat got caught out.

    I have a busy day tomorrow, the family all coming for Sunday lunch, I’m hoping they will have all cleared off by 16.30 so I can watch the game in peace.

    My prediction for the starting eleven is pretty obvious really, Cech. Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Cazorla, Ozil, Walcott, Iwobi and Alexis. No need to rest anyone, it’s only another International break coming up, so we can afford to play our best eleven. Give Burnley the respect they deserve and then treat them as the cannon fodder they are.

    Without wishing to put a jinx on the team, this should be a comfortable three points….shouldn’t it?

  10. Hi there Steve, still a nice day here, maybe seventy or eighty miles north of you, although the cloud is building. No sitting under the apple tree this morning, I’ve been picking the apples instead, a very nice crop but far too many for us, so I put a box of them out on the drive offering them for free to passers-by, I even supply bags to put them in. Some have gone this morning, but there are plenty left. Sunday is usually a good day as a public footpath across the meadows starts just past my house and quite a few walkers use it at weekends.

  11. Hiya Norfolk, Ive got a pair tree that has many on it bout time i had them off, Save some of them apples for the family mate. I see your quite happy with the team at the moment, much as i am, seems funny when we have a couple of games with good results and performances, and yet we still dont think it will last that long. Watching Liverpool and they have just equalised, 1.1

    This Arsenal side do look like they have found a bit of form, but it now seems ingrained felling that it wont last, hope i am wrong..

  12. Steve, at last the weaknesses in the squad have been addressed, the defence looks much better with Mustafi in it. Xhaka has brought some skill, height, strength and aggression as well as a good range of passing and an exceptional shot, to the midfield. I initially thought that Alexis up front was a mistake, but now the rest of the team have learnt how to play to his strengths, passes to his feet not his head, we look a lot more potent. The teams confidence has grown with the the results, like you I have my doubts about their ability to keep the momentum up and the points flowing. Hmm, not sure I should use the word momentum, it has nasty conotations now Corbyn’s loony left supporters call themseves by that name. 😀

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