Burnley…. sometimes life is cruel ha ha

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Arsenal were forced into boring tippy tappy football once again by a Burnley side who had a game plan and stuck to it…. this is no criticism of the Gunners, what can they do against a 9 man defence…. not a lot.

Add to that the rigours of having played a midweek CL game against Basel and you have a recipe for a tired team against one of the best defensive sides in the premier league.

I really thought it was going to end up as a goalless draw until Kos the boss got his elbow to the ball. I don’t give a shit about all the commentary about it being offside and / or a handball, the ref let it stand and it gave us the much needed 3 points, which is all that really matters.

It means that we regain 3rd place and stay in touch with the leaders. Ozil had an off day and it really showed, his passing and control of midfield went missing and consequently, our creative build up play suffered.

If a title winning side is judged by being able to grind out wins against the likes of Burnley, then we are in with a chance. The boys now have an International break to recuperate before a couple of straight forward home games that should bag us maximum points.

One nil to the Arsenal is starting to sound good.


38 thoughts on “Burnley…. sometimes life is cruel ha ha

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, if we are to be considered as potential title winners surely we should be able to swat aside negative sides such as Burnley.

    I thought Ozil looked disinterested from the start, he was lethargic and careless with possession while his passing was somewhat less than passing good. He should have been hooked off at half-time if not before.

    As it happened, we got what looked like the spawniest of goals, offside? Probably, handball? Probably, lucky? Oh yes. Three valuable points in the bag, but there are still questions to be answered by this team and by the manager.

  2. Morning all,
    Got home just in time for the match, Streambox wouldn’t work, so had to stream from VIP Box so had a couple of freezes, but to speak the truth never missed much by the looks of it. Yes we reverted to tippy tap which i hate, i was expecting a bigger scoreline but as NB said, very hard to play against a side hell bent on defending. I dont go along with the tiredness of players, as we have a massive squad and could have used many.

    I believe we were all expecting the bubble to burst, as our last couple of games has been electric. Yesterdays play was not easy on the eye, at times i even felt that Burnley were going to find the all important goal. There were times when we left ourselves open at the back and that should not really happen, We have a resolute back 4 and with Granit and Cazorla protecting the line, we should have enough to stop anybody, but we do have a tendancy to leave holes and i feel we were fortunate to get away with it.

    Our forwards were not moving as we have seen of late, they looked lethargic almost lazy, and the runners were static which made our passing revert to backwards which i hate. We should have been stretching their team by moving down the flanks but again we turn too the middle nearly every time and it seemed to suit Burnley who had many players ready to put the cork in the bottle.

    There were times that i was hoping the ball would fall for Granit , but it seems that he couldn’t pull the trigger, and anybody else that tried, seemed to be aiming for the top row. When will this side realise that when the defence is packed, we have to stretch them out . Even our corners come over with the height of a Grass hopper, i know our forwards are short ,but shurly they can think of something else.

    Our goal in the end came from a decent cross that Walcott got on the end of, he flicked it on and we had two players who tried to finish off, Kos and Ox for one second i thought they had got in one another’s way, but a bit of pin ball wizardry and the aid of an elbow, the ball finally crossed the line, shouts of offside came out, and when that failed a shout for handball. Yes it was handball and shouldn’t have stood, but the ref had ruled and we scraped the all important goal.

    Koshielney seemed to be grasping his leg and looked to have injured himself, but the game was over and i never heard if he was alright or not. International break, why i don’t know, but a chance for the Arsenal to get back to a more refined pattern, and hopefully back to the free passing accurate delivery and running forwards. Into third place and climbing, not pretty but 3 points.

    Thanks for the post NB.

  3. Hi guys
    There wasn’t a whole lot you could take out of the game in positives other than we won, which is the most important thing. Tippy tappy and back passes really grind my gears.
    I was really disappointed that Lucas wasn’t even on the bench, instead we had the ever fruitless Ox doing his thing, whatever that is.
    The break is upon us, lets see who comes back injured 😦

  4. Had a look around the web, but couldn’t find many things to comment on. I was wondering why our new centre forward had not been included or on the bench, and apparently he has been injured in training, Word has it that he damaged a knee in training apparently a minor injury, but enough to keep him from playing, It has been estimated that he could be ready for our next game with Swansea, but usually after injury, just as a sub.

    Injuries have been building up, we Knew about Wellbeck and BFG but we have had Ramsey go down with a hamstring, that was supposed to be a minor one but apparently there is a little more trouble than first expected he is also a possible returnee for Swansea.

    Giroud is still having problems with his big toe, but he too could be ready for Swansea. Coquelin who has a damaged knee injury is also expected to be ready for Swansea.

    Of course Welbeck and Mersacker are not expected for Swansea, in fact it could be the New Year before we see either, Hopefully Perez will be able to hold a position till then, as Sanchez Walcott and Iwobi are doing ok. No word on Gabriel dont know if he is injured or is only ready if we really need him.

    My thought are that Perez has found the Premier league very physical and i believe he has had an injury just so he can build up in the gym, seen that tactic before on Ozil and judging by his weekend display perhaps he should train with Perez till the Swansea game,

    Swansea are a pretty good team physical and can play some good football, i would be surprised if these injured would be included other than subs, so i guess the starting line up for Swansea will be much the same as against Burnley.. No nword about Koshielney so maybe the fuss after the goal was to hide the handball., and it seemed to work.

  5. Good morning Eliteonians, Arsenal accounts have been published and dear old Silent Stan has not taken his usual £3 million fee for “services”.

    Turnover has grown to over £350 million and the wage bill has climbed to more than £195.

    Companies House is the place to see the accounts.

  6. Bonjour mes amis, Now I know this subject is not in any way Arsenal related, but it is the midle of a boring international break and might whet the appetite of my fellow Eliteonians.

    I was particularly interested to read Wayne Rooney’s comments on Fat Sam and his own position in the England set up. Interviewed by the Telegraph, he tried to absolve himself of any blame for the poor performance in Sam’s only England game as manager by stating that he did not choose what position he would play in and further stated that he played exactly how ordered to do so by the manager..

    Now I accept that Sam Allardyce is not the greatest of managers, but surely his instructions to Rooney did not include playing as an absolute twat, probably his worst ever performance in an England shirt.

    Rooney went on to say that he accepts that he has lost his pace and that despite the opinion of his club manager that he is not or ever will be a mid-fielder, that’s where he wants to play in the future.

    In an argument between Rooney and Mourinho, over what position he plays, there will only ever be one winner. With Martial, Rashford and that tall skinny bloke with the ponytail and massive ego, our Wayne is well down the pecking order in terms of strikers for his home club.

    Bearing that in mind, if he’s not playing for his club, how can he be selected for England?

    Rooney is already England’s record goal scorer and is only nine caps short of Peter Shilton’s appearance record but when asked if that record was a factor in continuing to make himself available for his country, he replied that, “of course it would be nice, but the big one for me was getting the goals record.” Now that suggests to me that not only has he lost his pace, that he no longer wants to play as a striker but has also achieved his ambition of the goals record. Hardly then the most motivated of players.

    Gareth Southgate has retained him as captain, for the time being, but it’s hard to see how he can have much confidence in selecting him as either a striker or a mid-fielder.

  7. Hi guys
    The thing I see with Rooney, is that for some reason other than football he gets selected. He is something of a red top favourite, so managers are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
    Whether Southgate has the balls to leave him on the bench, time will tell…..and as for records, apart from him who gives a shit.

  8. Afternoon all, International week brings about bad blogging. I have to say that i haven’t hardly looked to the blogs while the international week is on and why not because you hear bugger all about your own club, and what do people do, talk about England’s new relief.Manager and a player who has had his day. As soon as Rooney lost his spot up front for United and England he should have been left out.

    United obviously felt Rooney was finished up front, and if they do not play him there then England cannot pick him. Rooney is being left in the sides because he is experienced and that he has been a good servant to both camps, but now both camps have new Managers then Rooney should have been outed.

  9. Back to Arsenal,
    Good news apparently, Lucas Perez who has supposedly been injured in training, the first i heard of it was a couple of weeks ago where i read that he had a little injury to his knee. A couple of days ago i read that it is now his ankle. I don’t believe Perez has been injured at all, in fact i feel he is healthier now than he was before he arrived. Perez’s first showing, showed me that this league seemed a bit tough to what he has been used to, so i believe he has been bulking up.

    The good news that i was on about, is that Perez is ready to join the team again and should be available for the Swansea game, Probably has steroids coming out of his ears but will have an appetite for raw Welshman, probably not a Welshman among them, but Perez is hungry. ha ha

  10. Hi Steve
    You have obviously missed the Arsenal bit where Ozil and Sanchez want 250 big ones every week..How true that is, is anyone’s guess but wouldn’t surprise me….That said where would they go to get anything near that sort of money, and which teams would need them? I suppose some sort of bartering is going going on behind closed doors.
    All this and more on the next episode of Arsenal Soap 🙂

  11. Ridiculous amount of money for playing a game. There should be a salary cap, and the players allowed to keep any money they can make from personal sponsorship and image rights. It may stop some of the more stupid antics that so many of them get up to.

    Nice to see sweet little Joey Barton is in the news again, betting on football, apparently he made forty-four bets between July and September this year. He’s already suspended by his club, Glasgow Rangers, for a fight with a team mate on the training ground. This time it should see the nasty little scroat banned for a considerable period, he deserves all they can throw at him.

  12. Evening all,
    I did see that the boys were after big money, but thought it was a bit of shit news. Yes both these players are quite good but to be quite honest, i dont think they have produced the kind of form to ask for that much.

    I look at the players we have and i dont see any of them that we couldn’t do without,now i dont mean that they are not good enough , i just dont think any are worth that kind of money. Since the season started i feel we have only produced a couple of games of top quality, going by the last game i watched i didn’t particularly feel that they were worth what they are getting now, and i dont think anybody else would pay them that much either.

    When i look at where they came from i have to say that had they not come to us when they did, i doubt they would be household names now.. Theo Walcott’s wage has gone up, now although he is producing a little bit more form than what he was, i dont think he either is worth what he gets.

    Now of course i am just a normal man who does a couple of days a week, what do i know of how much players are worth or how much money they make for Arsenal, but i doubt he would last very long in our world of low wages.

  13. Steve the sums modern day players are paid are obscene. They earn in a month more than I earned in fifty years of continuous employment. How can that be right?

  14. Morning all,
    Sorry Norfolk, switched off last night and never switched back on. My mate got 2 tickets for the Arsenal Chelsea game he paid 90 pound each for them and said his seats were up in the Gods and he couldn’t recognise the players, He did say that we played very well, but even so his day turned out to be very expensive. Maybe i am tight, but i couldn’t afford that, and i wouldn’t want to pay that..

    Yes who wouldn’t want to watch their team play live, but at that kind of price, i will continue watching at home. While supporters pay these prices then players will get high wages, and why should i moan as i am not paying the money.

    When i worked full time Norfolk, i found you were only as good as your last job, and if it wasn’t that good you were on notice, it seems that now in football it doesn’t seem to matter how good you were last time out. How times have changed eh.

  15. Hi guys
    As for context, in my highest paid 3 years at work, I didn’t earn what AW gets in 1 week, its not a complaint, but as you say, if I didn’t get results, I couldn’t live off the previous years goodwill…I would have been out the door.

  16. England scoring goals against a packed defence, balls into the middle and players in there, players in the right places and being fed with the ball.. Malta have 5 at the back with 4 in front and England still have 2 goals

  17. Hola companeiros, from sunny and warm Menorca. Couldn’t care less about England and Malta, if we can’t beat the 271st team in the world we should just give the game up and start playing tiddly-winks.

    Lovely old hotel, it used to be the home of Admiral Collingwood, commander-in-chief of the Mediterranean fleet and deputy to Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar. It’s like a museum inside with paintings of ships and of the Admiral himself, as well as artefacts and personal items left behind when he sailed home to England, sadly he died as his ship was leaving Menorca harbour.

    Back in a week. Adios.

  18. Enjoy Norfolk, Bit of sunshine will do you a power of good.Bit of advice stay off of ships and the water, If your late back, we’ll tell you how we beat Swansea. The only thing i need now is Poig to go away, and i’ll be on my fucking own. :).

  19. My mate also went to the Chav game, Kango, he paid £95 !……………….mind you, if you knew you was going to get a performance like that it may have been worth it !
    On the flip side of that amount, you can get a £10 ticket for the Reading league Cup game which is a bargain and if you dress up in an Arsenal baby grow and suck a dummy I can get you in for £5 as my retarded looking son !…………………..infact, I`ll dress up you, Inbred, Piss Artist and Poig` and we can all get in for £30 !……….I`ll just a explain to the security that my Gooner Quadruplets suffer from extreme progeria ! 😆

  20. You will never change Cockie, may get the guys together and have some of that sounds like a bargain. 🙂

  21. Morning all, Premier league about to start up again, and the news about our internationals seems good, Apparently we have no new injuries, and it seems that the predicted line up for our home game with Swansea, is much the same as our last league game. Word has it that we may have some previous injured players back in training and by the looks of it, they could be ready to play should the Manager feel he needs them.

    In the news over the last few days has been Arsenal players wages. Apparently this is of huge interest to the world, and each players wage has been high lighted. Strangely only Arsenal players wages are worthy of the press’s interests, which suggests that we are the number one English club that others gauge from. Well its no secret, as anybody can look on the net to find out anybodies wage, so no problem for Arsenal.

    Ivan Gazedez’s wage has also been publicised, apparently he is the second highest paid man in his position in England but it seems that his wage is more interesting than the highest paid, also no problem for Arsenal, as we can afford the wages. Any loans we have are being paid off, and nobody we owe to, are being not paid.

    Our last transfer window saw us spend over 90 million, so we haven’t suffered by wages, So all in all we can afford to operate within our means, so again no problems for Arsenal.. It seems that we have problems as far as the press is concerned, about some of the contracts that some of our players are under, Some are entering into the last years of their contracts, and the press seem to think that we will have troubles getting the players to sign on for longer. Whether that means that other clubs do not have these problems i don’t know, but again if we are the gauge that others follow for answers,
    I suppose its understandable.

    Wages and contracts aside, we now come to the Manager who is also into the last year of his contract, will he sign or will we have to look for another, I expect Ivan Gazedez will have his hands full sorting that question out, and in doing so will highlight why he earns the huge wage he is paid…

    Ex Arsenal legend Ian Wright has had plenty to talk about while England has been trying to qualify for the world cup, He has the whole world of football supporters, to explain his views to on the football channels. Ian has a view on everything football related, Over the years since he retired, his punditry and views have been cutting for past and present England Managers. Arsenal as well have been included, usually how the club and its Manager run the club. Apparently Ian feels that Arsenal should be doing better than what they are , Top 4 for twenty years on the trot , is not to Ian’s Liking, he feels that we should be doing better. Well Ian is not alone with those views, as many Arsenal supporters also hold the same views. Arsenal have not won the Premier league for twelve years, outrageous i know, and although we have won two FA cups on the trot in those years, of course they are not league titles are they..

    Now Arsenal are playing better, their past critics are now saying, that we could win the league this season, When have they never expected Arsenal to win the league, after all we are the club that the press and other clubs gauge their own clubs by. Hopefully our result with Swansea this weekend, will keep that view alive.

  22. Last day of a super break, sitting on the hotel terrace in the warm evening sunshine with a very large gin and tonic, off down to the marina later for a meal at a super little seafood restaurant.

    Steve I shall be home in time to watch the highlights on Sky. A word of caution, Swansea have a new manager.

  23. Good morning chaps

    I’ve been away for a while and I know I should be putting up a pre match today , but just got home this morning and I’m fucking knackered ha ha

  24. Made it, two hours exactly from Luton Airport to an Indian restaurant on the northern outskirts of Norwich, time for a nice ruby and home in time to watch Game of the Day on Sky.

    Good result but might have been better, two good goals by Walcott, but he could, and maybe should, have got two more. Super one by Ozil but then some sloppy defending let them back in the game.

    Still, can’t complain at the three points and being second on goal difference. Are the Spuds imploding all ready?

  25. Welcome back Norfolk, been a shit week here with no fucker to talk to. Yes your right of course a good result which shifts us up a notch, but frustrating to see easy chances squandered. We still have some very bad defending, Koscielney and Mustafi leave to many gaps, and we we leave players virtually on their own in our box.

    Xhakha is a bit of a loose Cannon, but sometimes he makes very bad decisions. Getting sent off for what looked like a yellow card offence, shows that cynical tackles, is a risk that need not be used. I feel that lady luck has been riding with us, but in the end, had the chances that was available taken, the game should have been wrapped up.

    I believe the offence is a two match ban, but Wenger will have to instil into Xhakha that Lady luck is coming to an end.

    Glad you had a good break Norfolk, and you got home in time to watch a win,, Spuds dropped points that must have been the icing on the day, and we go a point in front, and share the same points as City.

  26. Good morning Steve, right now 69er is bashing out his match report, it’ll be a stunner. That’s if he’s awake and not hungover, but if he’s awake he must be hungover, so no match report this week. 😀

  27. hiya Norfolk,NB has been drunk most of his life, I guess this week drunker than normal, bugger me we still have Burnley as a heading.

    Looked every day but it seemed dead on here, so pleased your back.

  28. Hi guys
    I went to France for a few days, well a week to be exact…got a hire care and some cunt not only put a dent in the door, but a fucking great scratch on both doors…I wasn’t best pleased as you would imagine…but home now although I missed the match I see we got 3 valuable points….Wenger forever ha ha.

  29. I’ve been reflecting on yesterday’s game and have come to the conclusion that our defence is regressing, after a bright period when Koscielny and Mustafi appeared to be building a dynamic understanding we seem to be reverting to type.

    Firstly it was back to the slow build up, passing the ball sideways between them much as was the norm when Merts was Koscielny’s partner. It was also apparent that there was a lack of discipline with Mustafi, in particular, bombing forward at times and leaving gaping spaces behind him.

    With the back four joining in the attacks, Cazorla and Xhaka needed to be more careful when venturing forward. This was quite obvious when the Swansea winger broke down our left, Xhaka had to commit a red card offence to stop him, Cazorla doesn’t have the pace to get back in time.

    Are the good habits that Mustafi arrived with being coached out of him?

    Wenger and Bould need to get them back under control.

  30. Morning all, Didn’t realise that Poig was off on hols as well, i was getting paranoid that nobody wanted to talk to me. Almost back to full compliment, but i doubt much will change. Burnley has been a good read for the last fortnight but it would be pleasent to see something appertaining to our position of joint top spot, albeit for one goal. and probably for just this week.

    Had a bit of excitement myself this week, Mrs went in Friday for Knee replacement, and thought i would have to survive on my own for a while, Took her in at Twelve oclock lunchtime Friday and sat with her till half two, when they took her down for the op. The op takes a couple of hours, so i phoned up about half five to see if all went well, and i was told she was in recovery, i asked if it would be worth while to come up to visit and they said leave it an hour and she should be in the ward by then. I got there for half six and she was as normal , happy and wide awake couldn’t feel a thing and sang the praises of everyone involved. She had a spinal injection which kills all the pain but they also gave her a sedative that put her in almost dream state, she hadn’t remembered anything, she had plenty to say and more visitors turned up and she was in her glory, Next day the medication had worn off and she was now on painkillers, she looked drowsy and kept nodding off and then coming to, didn’t look to clever, the normal moaning but she did get me to help her from the bed to a bedside chair, all she had on the knee was a perforated two inch dressing covered with a clear plastic sticky back covering.

    Next day, Sunday she had been up and walked to the loo with crutches and walked fairly well but felt sick when she got back, still looking a little drowsy but was up and moving. This morning she has been told that she can go home once the doctor has seen her, which will be later today. Well bugger me how things have changed for ops such as this. Now i suppose i will now have to be nurse and bottle washer for a while, not looking forward to that .

    Anyway apart from all that i did manage to watch the Arsenal narrowly win their match, but we will need to improve if we want to win the league, No Xhakha for a few games but i feel we may have to live with that, as Le Coq and Elneney plus Mustafi look like they also may miss games along the way, But we do have cover and as long as nobody gets injured we may just get through.

  31. Good morning Steve, first off my best wishes for a complete and quick recovery for your missus. You’ll be surprised at how soon she’ll be chasing you out to the kitchen to do the washing up and don’t forget to clean the bath after you use it. 😀

    The NHS comes in for a lot of stick, but I’m full of praise for it, its saved my life once and prevented the possible loss of an arm in the last four years. Both times the professional medical and nursing staff were brilliant.

  32. Morning guys
    I also offer my best wishes to your Mrs Steve, just do the jobs not quite right, and she will be up in no time.
    Much the same can be said about healthcare here, it takes ages to get seen by a specialist, but once you are in the system they are excellent.

  33. A good result for us tonight, so that nicely finishes of a good weekend. Only the Chavs, of our main rivals, managed three points.

  34. Evening all, and thank you for your good wishes, It turned out different than was first thought, where her temperature was high and she kept feeling sick, so they kept her in for another day. Bugger me , i hovered all the house did 4 loads of washing and got all but the last load dry, she kept me waiting all day hoping she would be released, and in the end i just went up and visited, My daughter rang up this morning, Dad can you help me, had a blow out on her front wheel of her car and couldn’t undo the wheel nuts, there’s me clutching my phone on double yellow with my long wheel wrench in my hand, but i did manage to get the wheel off and change it, another old guy was trying like mad to undo the nuts but gave up as i approached, hope your stronger than me he said, luckily i brought a long handled wrench when i changed cars, so made the job easy. Probably another long day tomorrow, but at least we are still at the top of the league, again thanks very much for your good wishes.

  35. Evening all,
    Finally got her home , and have been running around like a blue arsed fly but she is now soundo on the reclining setee. Got to say that the NHS has opened my eyes a bit, when its been a while since i have needed them, it’s shown me that the staff do care what they do, and talking to some of them, they certainly put a few hours in over a day. Makes you open your eyes when a footballer can earn 200 grand a week foe a fairly short week and half the time they play shit. These NHS people deserve a bit more recognition, but only get it when we open our eyes, Mines been opened.

    Leicester did well again tonight, 3 wins in 3 in Champions League and heading their group by 5 points, well done them, Spuds drawing so there still having a go, and uis tomorrow. Hopefully the lads can find that good form we have seen of late, and can make us proud. Looking forward to Norfolks post, fucking been waiting long enough, well done NORFOLK.

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