Ludo Getz comes to the Emirates

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Just as we are getting back to Premiership football after the International break, along comes another distraction.
It’s time for another chance to milk the cash cow otherwise known as the Champions League.  This evening we welcome our first ever Bulgarian opponents in a CL tie Ludogorets.  Founded in 1945 they play in the Parva Liga, the top tier in Bulgarian football, and are nicknamed The Eagles. They are based in the town of Razgrad where the ground capacity is a mere 8,808. It’s also worth noting that they are proud to include in their official website that they have electric floodlights.  This may not be all it’s cracked up to be as, on my two visits to the country, the power was off more often than on.  The return leg will be played not in the Razgrad ground but in the National Stadium in Sofia.
Ludogorets won the league by a margin of fourteen points with a positive goal difference of thirty-four.  Their current first team squad contains no fewer than eight Brazilians but only seven Bulgarian players.
Ludogorets two previous group games resulted in a one all draw away to Basel and a three one home defeat against PSG.

Our starting line-up will be the usual mix of first team regulars, bench sitters and a one or two young prospects.

Ospina will take his place in goal, Bellerin will most probably play, I’m not sure which other right backs, if any, are fit. I would imagine that Xhaka will get a run-out, his last before an FA enforced break.  With Giroud and Ramsey still not fit and Cazorla, who looked in need of a rest against Swansea likely to be left out, there will be room for Jeff and maybe a chance for Lucas to show his worth.

Whilst no Champions League opposition can be taken lightly, this should be a relatively comfortable win for the good guys.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Eagles shape up,  could it be One of those nights?  In the Long Run, I hope it’s not a case of Desperado. 

25 thoughts on “Ludo Getz comes to the Emirates

  1. Good morning moaners…. specially you Steve P…… so after over two weeks of the >Burnley headind, we now have a new post thanks to Norfork Gooner…. which I’ve just noticed that i didn’t give credit

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, anonymity is no bad thing. 😀

    It was interesting to read this morning that Wenger is anxious to sign Ozil and Alexis to new contracts, but the old French skinflint is up to his usual tricks. Both players have been reported as wanting £250,000 a week but the manager “believes” that the way we are playing and the “qualeetee” of the squad will be just as important to them as the money, so expect an offer in the region of £180,000 to £200,000 to be put on the table. Will it be enough to retain two of the best players in the world? We shall have to wait and see.

  3. Morning all, Thank you Norfolk for letting me know something about Ludogorets, as i knew F All about them. Thank you Northbank as well, i know your probably busy drinking your way round French bars and fanny, but i do know someone has to do it.

    Any Champions League match needs to be taken seriously, It pays 30 million to Qualifi, and we should be doing better in this competition. Playing a team of half fit players is a no no, thats for Capital one, if we have goals then Premier and Champions League must take top billing.

    All this resting players to save them for Premier league is bollox, as that is why most of them have come here, the times we hear that players want to play CL, then sit out what turns out normally, the half a dozen games we have, doesnt say a lot does it. Any team that make CL is a good side and need respect, if this Ludogorets is supposedly an easy one, thats the side to keep an eye on, field a good side and should we be comfortable at half time then bring on the cripples for the second.

    You all know my views about mass changes, if we have players who want rises then those fuckers have to play, points make prizes and that is all we want, win the prizes and get the rewards, No guverner pays out before the work is done, so all those , i am worth it players, show us how good you are and how many times you can do it and contracts will come..

  4. Morning guys
    Thanks for the post NG, to be honest, I had no idea where Ludogorets were from, sounds like something you catch from a dodgy bird when you don’t wear a condom.
    This match has to be taken seriously, as we have fucked up so many times chancing it, have to top the group qualifying to avoid the usual suspects in the last 16.
    Personally I couldn’t give a toss how much players earn, or get would be a better word, can’t blame them for getting the best deal…I would as well.
    Hopefully it will be a comfortable win tonight, with a nice few goals for the good guys.

  5. A strong team tonight, Ospina, Bellerin, Mustaffi, Koscielny, Gibbs, Cazorla, Le Coq, Ozil, Walcott, Alexis and the Ox.

  6. Team for tonight: Ospina, Bellerin, Kos, Skhod, Gibbs, Le Cq, Santi, Theo, Ox, Ozil and Sanchez… Good team but surprised Xhaka isn’t in there instead of Santi.

  7. Evening all, Looks like a reasonable selection, so we should be fairly strong. Am pleased Wenger has selected a strong team as these kind of games away from home. can be very tricky. I hope we can keep a clean sheet, and find a goal or two, I dont think this will be as easy as some think, but we should have enough to cope.

    Le Coq in, so i suppose Elneney will be on the bench, expect a few changes if all goes well , may even be before the sixty minute mark. Iwobi will see a bit of play as well i should imagine, his on about 60 thou. less than Theo, but i feel Iwobi is more efficient,I feel this may be a physical game, so want to see our players challenging and not pulling out. if we do that we should be ok.

  8. 2.0 to the good guys two good goals but feel we should be pressing a little more, giving them to much room when they go forward. Having said that 2 goals and a bit of breathing room, Concentration in the second half but not forgetting our defending as this team can play a bit.

  9. They aren’t a bad team, seen worse premiership teams….Sumptuous goal from Sanchez, and Walcott’s wasn’t bad either, need to keep it up in the 2nd half.

  10. Well the difference in class was in your face, Arsenal scored early and settled any nerves that may have been there. The whole team played as a team and worked at it right to the end. Wenger must have told them to shut them down earlier and that seemed to make them make mistakes. Sanchez didn’t seem happy coming off, but he put a good shift in and Wenger wanted to save him. Perez was a good replacement, not greedy and made a few telling first touch passes that produced goals, this guy has a football brain and when he gets settled, will be a big asset.

    Ozil of course was able to make runs and seemed to find the runs that makes the difference, a very good hat trick. The Ox worked very hard and did very well. I feel we have been remarkably lucky to have clawed back Le Coq when we did as he has been superb, I know we have stiffened up in midfield but Coq has been resilient and also more disciplined. Mustafi has surely stiffened the defence, He and Koscielney are a fine pairing.

    I felt that although we scored 6 goals and kept a clean sheet, that we didn’t go all out attacking, we did it as the game permitted. Bellerin and Gibbs also worked hard, in fact they all did, I felt we should have had a couple of penalties, but i am not complaining. A very good result in a very tough league well done Gunners, And Arsene, you may just have found the players that will make us click.

  11. Excellent result, very good all round performance, good to see the fiery threesome all on the scoresheet. Awesome hat trick from Ozil, and one from the Ox.

  12. Morning all,
    been looking around the web for any news and apparently Arsene Wenger saw Santi Cazorla limping last night, and whipped him off as a precautionary measure. Cazorla took a kick in his Achilles Tendon, where the pysio wrapped the injury up with an ice pack, still no proper news at how severe it is.

    Aaron Ramsey has taken to the web or Instagram whatever that is, to let his followers know that he is looking forward to returning, Apparently as early as The Middleborough game. I doubt that very much, and if he did return,, only as a ten minute sub.

    Elneney came on last night, and i would expect him to start at the weekend, We are being linked to a January signing of a defender, don’t see that happening, as the player is valued at 37 mill and we have Holding Beilik and Chambers waiting in the wings, Mertsacker could be available after Christmas, so i feel that is a nonsense’ apart from that, not much to report..

  13. Morning all,
    Had a quick look at the Arsenal news stories, and it looks as though Santi Cazorla’s early exit last night is down to a kick on his Achilles Tendon, Wenger said he saw him limping, and took him off as a precaution. At the moment it seems to early to suggest that it is long term or not, seems the Manager is not taking any chances as apparently we have others that can fit in now.

    Aaron Ramsey has taken to the web, to inform his fans that he is looking forward to coming back, It seems his name may be a possibility for the Middlesbourogh game this weekend, I somehow doubt that as Wenger would only use him as a sub and not for to long as he has been out since the start of the season, where he picked up what was feared as a short term Hamstring, but it had problems and turned into a problematic leg. Lets face it, how often do we just get a simple injury.

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