Arsenal will be reading Reading!

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Tonight we get down to the real business in the prestigious EFL cup (English Football League Cup) and we of course expect to beat lowly Reading, don’t we?

The last two times reading have reached this stage they have been eliminated by the mighty Arse, one of those was a thrilling 7-5 in 2012, however, the Gunners last two home games in this competition have ended in defeats.

Expect large changes in the team selection tonoght with Akpom, Jeff, Maitland-Niles and Rob Holding coming out to play. Zhaka will also be absent due to his 3 match suspension.

I expect some of the big guns to be on the bench….. just incase, so Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott will be included. Ospina back in goal instead of Cech. Perez will probably get a game but I think something more than a sore toe is keeping the french poof out of the team so don’t expect to see his well groomed coif tonight. There has also been no news on the injury to Santi, so prepare for the worst on him.

It’s an opportunity to rest some of our tired players and progress to the next round with an easy win…. or will it?



29 thoughts on “Arsenal will be reading Reading!

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, I’m no pessimist but I am a bit worried about tonight’s result. There is more than just qualifying for the next round of the Toy Town Cup at stake. There is our record of having beaten Reading in every meeting for 81 years. Okay, that’s only thirteen games but it’s a record worth preserving none the less.

    They’ve got some scary Dutch bloke as manager, an ex Manure centre back called Yapping Stammers, or something like that.

    Ospina in goal, and that’s all I’m going to predict.

    Thanks for the post 69er, brief and to the point as always.

  2. You could be right, 69er, Ospina is our Champions League ‘keeper as well as Cech’s back-up, the poor sod must be exhausted. Martinez it is then.

  3. ..Evening all a fine result as its a win but what an awfull game, This kind of football is doing my head in. We have a team of non tacklers non passers and apart from two goals no scorers, No disrespect but we were Playing Reading!! and their football was better than ours. Our players go out of their way to give the ball away we dont challenge and we field Reserve players who are not even good enough for the reserves. People paid good money to watch this game and in my opinion fucking robbed. That performance was a disgrace, When a ball goes in the air Arsenal players make sure that it wont mess their two bob haircuts. When they pass a ball at a hundred miles an hour to a teamate six yards away how the fuck is he supposed to stop or control it even if its to hes feet, when its usually behind him.

    How is our team being trained is it by sound as they certainly are not looking where they pass it to. Reserves are best left in the reserves surly they are a tax dodge because it doesnt matter how long they train they are not getting any better. The only good thing about this game was that i didn’t have to watch Walcott finding every safe haven on the pitch, by by fuck i had to watch a lot of others who did the same.

    When all these players first teamers down to the infants they all train in the same wat and to the same patten and they all look as if they have a yellow streak down the middle of their backs guttless and fucking useless.

  4. Wow Steve, that’s some damning summing up of the team’s performance. I haven’t seen any of the game and know only that we won 2 – 0 with both goals from The Ox. Was it really that bad?

  5. I may be a little hard on them Norfolk, But when i see at times what we can do without really trying, and then i watch two games on the trot where they have trouble passing to one of their own, it annoys me.
    In a professional game of football, with two sides with eleven a side, and i see the better side out passed i have to wonder about the training, Honestly mate i may be a little more critical than most , but if you get the chance to watch this game, i am sure you also would have concerns.

  6. Hi guys
    It appears I’m missing the bad matches, but a win is a win and onto the next match.
    Steve it sounds like you are not wearing your AW scarf, and if you are something is definitely amiss.

  7. Chelsea out Man City out Sunderland out, Tottenham out, Were still in for another round to come. I wasn’t happy with all the changes the Manager played, but he managed a win in the first round. Of course we wont continue to the final, as we will never field a team worthy of winning it, but to still be in is a boost for the players and the staff.

    Of course this competition is low priority, Management realise that winning this cup is worth less in as much as prestige, but it allows our Premier and Champions league players a rest, as they are showing signs of fatigue.

    Our next game away is Sunderland, they lost tonight so they probably rested their players as well, what kind of performance we get is anyone’s guess, but in my mind we should be leading the Premier by two points, were not so Sunderland is important this weekend.

    Mourinho was all smiles tonight although the first half was pitiful, At the moment every win is important to him, i just hope Wenger feels the same this weekend.

  8. Morning all,
    Been looking round some of the other blogs for their thoughts after the Reading game, and i find that my thoughts on the game were way off the mark of other peoples. Now of course we all watch the same games, and some peoples expectations are different than others, so i am wondering if my view is being interpreted wrongly.

    The Reading game was a tough one to view, as the television companies didn’t feel that a Reading Arsenal game were that important to view so i had struggled to get a viewing and had to settle for a foreign steam, Now although i couldn’t understand the commentators, i did get a reasonable picture, and as i said before, perhaps our expectations are different.

    Other blogs were saying we played well, The Ox was classed by many as MOTM and in all sense and purposes, if a guy scores two goals then that is probably a fair assumption, The other blogs had lots of praise for our reserve players that we had playing in actual fact they were quite generous to their imput to the match, so it seems that people see into a game a lot more than others, and some perhaps understand the game a little better than me.

    I have to say that in my mind i wasn’t happy with our last couple of games but was i expecting better performances , after all , winning matches is what its all about isn’t it. So now a few days have past, and we are now getting ready for our next game, My expectations i feel should be a little less perhaps i am assessing our performances as a league chasing team, and perhaps i am expecting each game as it comes, to be better than the last, all the way to the title.

    No supporter likes to hear a bad report from a game he never watched , and perhaps i should have sugar coated what i believed to have witnessed, Others were happy and we did get a win so perhaps they have seen the good side, anyway these past games are now history, and onto our next win.

  9. Good afternoon girls

    Sorry I haven’t been on much but preparing to move house is taking up much of my time, but been reading through the news feeds and it seems that our injury list has started….. Perez out for 6-8 weeks after getting a kick on the ankle against Reading and Walcott is now a doubt with a hammy…. lucky the French ponce is back;

  10. I cut the grass today and as it was a such a nice day, when I finished I sat down with a beer and started thinking. The wife came by and asked “what are you doing?” “Nothing” I replied, if I had said I was thinking it would have lead to more questions, “What are you thinking about?”, that sort of thing. She went away and I returned to my thoughts. Now which pain is worse? Women will say that giving birth is the worst pain in the world, but I think it’s being kicked in the nuts. Your see that often a year or so after giving birth a woman will say “let’s have another child”. I’ve never heard a man say “I’d like another kick in the nuts”. Well it’s time for another beer and maybe a a nap afterwards.

  11. Morning all.
    Your way of relaxing sounds better Norfolk, And yes your first lick in the nuts never leaves the mind, i know mine never. Women are strange as you say, I only have to go quiet for a while and mine asks me the same, what you thinking about Steve, Strange thing is Norfolk, a lot of the time i am thinking about fuck all.

    I sometimes feel its an intrusion, almost as much as they want to know where you are and what your doing all of the time, and i often feel that that the little peace i get is being invaded. Usually they leave you alone if you are doing a job, but as soon as you sit down and relax, they come looking for you.

    Now of course over the years we wouldnt want to be without them, Mine has just had a life changing op on her knee, Life changing as its an artificial joint, whether she see’s it like that i am not sure, but i know that i would feel a bit strange, A knee you have had for a lifetime and then having it sawn off and a metal one replacing it, sounds a bit like a car when you service it, and to be honest the car drives better.

    Funny thing is Norfolk i have used everything i still have, and although many parts are well worn, i have to say i am not looking to replace anything soon ha ha.

    The trouble with a lot of men is they work all their lives and come home and expect their partners to have done their bit, Washing done cooking ready house spotless and some partners have done a days work as well. Not many men if they are lucky realise just how much their partner does for them, and its only when they are laid up that you then realise why were glad we were born men.

    I have cleaned washed shopped and tended to her every need, and when i have sat down she asks me to get something from upstairs or outside. Women are funny old creatures and we will never ever know how their mind works but all the same wouldn’t want to be without them. ha ha

    Anyway Norfolk whats your view on Sunderland, as you say we are starting to pick up a couple of injuries, but in my mind i dont think the loss of Perez and Walcott will effect us that much. In fact i haven’t noticed any change at all without Mertsacker or Wellbeck or Ramsey, and they must be nearing recovery by now, you know what Norfolk not many jobs about where you can take a year off, get paid and not really be missed,
    is there.

  12. You know what Norfolk, changing the subject, i just realised just what a bad education i had. Maybe i never listened at school or perhaps i was just born thick. But i went to a church school and we had divinity lessons or RI as its known now, and we had to go to church every week, you know what Norfolk i read best part of the Bible and was instructed by a vicar and i turned out an atheist and didn’t really know where all the places that i read in the Bible was, I read of Jordan Israel Bethlehem, and many more and i never realised till just a couple of years ago, that all those places are in Africa. In fact Norfolk, i never really asked. The computor is a fine way to educate ones self, i realise most educated people know that, but if i speak the truth it has never really mattered that much to me.

    I often wondered why Romans were called Romans and not Italians and only found out a short while ago. I always thought there were only five continents, only to find there are seven, Now i know this is not going to help me in my last remaining years, but the thought that i didn’t need that info all my life time, just goes to prove that we don’t have to know everything to get by in life.

    Computers are a dangerous weapon,, I reckon Norfolk, that they were not invented by man, i reckon they come from outer space. Now i know you are thinking this guy needs to be taken away by men in white coats, but a little bit of education is all right, but too much, and i feel it could change life as we know it.

    Yeh bonkers, you bet i am ha ha thats why i support Arsenal. But something to get you head round. while your sitting and thinking my old mate.

  13. Good morning Steve, wives religion and education eh, plenty of food for thought there. Trouble is wives are almost unknowable. I’ve had mine for over fifty years and I’m still finding out things about her. I can drive a car and work out the sat nav and cruise control and all the other little gizmos on it. I can use a computer, I’ve even worked out how to use my new smart phone. Thing is the car, the computer and the smart phone all come with instruction books. Nobody has ever written one of them for wives.

    If you had instruction from a priest and read that much of the bible, it’s no wonder your an atheist. When I was a kid I wondered how Jesus could have done all those things in such a short time. He was born at Christmas and died as Easter, that was only about three months.

    Still enough of all that, luckily the Ox is showing a bit of form so he can take Walcott’s place if he’s injured and we can hardly miss Lucas as he’s hardly played for us so far. Ramsey won’t be back for another week or two and I can’t see where he will fit in. Giroud could get half an hour from the bench, but with him on the pitch we will have to change our game completely. High balls into the box instead of passes to feet, and somebody will have to stay close to him for knock downs.

    There’s no doubt that Sunderland are a crap side under a crap manager at the moment, but we still need to be wary of them, too often in the past we’ve cocked up against clubs like them.

    Time for breakfast, laters.

  14. Just had a look at kick off times and noticed its twelve thirty, and i still have loads to do, so will catch up later. Come on you mighty Gunners, and play like you can do.

  15. Total control, possession and passing are will. Only one goal up, it should have been more. Iwobi has wasted two good chances.

    A bit more urgency in the second half won’t come amiss. Goal difference is going to be very important in a tight season like this.

  16. Afternoon all, Sunderland are fouling at will four booked already but we are fucking about, we do like to pass backwards when options forwards are there, our passing is woeful as it has been for a while now. Ozil needs to get his foot through the ball all this chipping and woeful shooting is like watching small kids kicking a cement ball. Maybe i am critical but its starting to get to me,

  17. Had to happen, sloppy passing bad tackling, and to much play acting, we are getting what we deserve, and they are a shit team

  18. It took a kick up the arse to wake us up, a change in passing more direct football and somebody that put contact on the ball to score. three quarters of the game poor and the last quarter acceptable.

  19. An acceptable performance against a very poor team. The French Ponce getting two should be a wake up call for Oxlade-Chamberlain, three good chances and he made a balls up of them all. Some of our guys need to take a look at Alexis, he is always 100% committed, never satisfied with slack play.

    Top of the league with an improved goal difference.

  20. Morning, It seems that the result is the thing that most supporters look for, as long as we win at the end of the game seems to be the most important thing.
    Now we all know that any side can only play the team in front of them, and that after 90 minutes its who’s scored the most goals wins, but we have what could turn out to be a title winning side, and still the errors that players make seems acceptable .

    Now we have had a run of what many would call easy games, and our play although not stunning, has been enough to warrant us not losing, But now we meet some better sides and if we want to stay at the top of the league then a little more effort has to be employed.

    Maybe its me expecting to much from the side , after all, at the top of the league sharing the same points as two others, seems to be at this moment in time a good position, and i have to say that it is, but do we want to push on and separate by taking a clear lead, and building to get a lead that we can extend game by game.

    We started this season off with a humiliating loss to Liverpool, who at the moment share the same points as us and Manchester City at the top, Liverpool worked on the mistakes made by us and capitalised, Since the start Liverpool have wobbled but have stayed withing touching distance of the top clubs, where we have been lucky enough to have played cannon fodder, and have only showed our capabilities a couple of times, and those couple of times showed that we have the players to win the league, but we struggle to do it every game.

    It has to be said, that the Manager has tried to keep a similar side right from the off, and at the moment his selection has seen us to the top of the pile. Yesterdays game at the stadium of Light saw that same side take an early lead with a fantastic cross from Oxlaid Chamberlain, to the right spot where Alexis Sanchez busted a gut to get on the end of it, to steer it into the net. With a one goal lead and playing a side who have been struggling at the bottom of the division, we took our eye off the ball and although we managed to keep up possession, gave it away a little to easy with errant passing.

    For a side with the talent that we have, a simple pass to a team mate seems one of the hardest things to complete. The system that seems to be employed in the Premier league at present, seems to be the pass back ball, players who receive the ball, tend to be facing sideways , and at the sign of an advancing defender the ball is quickly sent backwards and very seldom forwards. Players prefer this system as it does tend to relieve pressure, and does keep possession, but is very frustrating for those watching.

    Arsenal like to bring the ball out from the back at a snails pace, multiple sideways passes usually going backwards when an attacker presses. Many times from the edge of their box the ball can travel back to our goalkeeper, just to start a new string of sideways backwards passes, This system may help the possession stats, but is very hard on the eye of the watcher.

    The direct approach which Arsenal fans have loved in seasons past, where a ball is quickly passed through the team and plays havoc with defending teams, has changed so that defending teams can formulate their two banks of defenders, in the case yesterday, those two Sunderland banks consisted of a back four covered by a five man wall, a side who have very little confidence, other than to defend. Arsenal didn’t exactly pressurise the Sunderland side until the second half, where Sunderland on the break away, broke through an Arsenal defence that were strewn all over the place, and in the end a struggling Petr Cech brought down the Sunderland attacker, for a penalty that Defoe struck passed him.

    The levelling goal woke the Arsenal side up, they needed to quell the Sunderland player confidence that had started to build, Arsenals errant negative passing had instilled belief into Sunderland Players minds and unless Arsenal were going to succumb, they had to inject a little more urgency to retake the lead.

    Arsenal as though a switch had been turned on, reacted right across the side, Going forward with more ambition, passing was sharper and more direct, one twos with players moving into space, and then a change up front. Giroud for a Miss fire ring Iwobi and as if by magic a cross from the left saw Giroud get his leg around the ball to place it in the back of the net, Arsenal had turned on the lights and started to buzz. Sunderland were stunned, and just after the restart another cross fired in by Oxlaid Chamberlain who in all honesty had played a bit part up till now, found the head of that man Giroud again, who got enough on the ball to sweep it over the Sunderland flailing keeper’s outstretched arms, and into the roof of the net. Arsenal had taken back complete control and were still hungry, Wenger was on the touchline grinning and clenching his fist .

    Soon after another Arsenal advancement, a string of quick passing saw the ball drop to Sanchez in the six yard box a simple shimmy to the left and right and Alexis wrong footed the Keeper and defender, and slotted the ball into the waiting net, game over and the wakening Gunners with all the points.

    After the game Giroud was asked if he was happy to be back and was he happy with his two efforts, where he replied i am, and i wanted to help the team. Giroud is back playing. Aaron Ramsey came on in the game and he to is now available. The injured Theo Walcott and the miss firing Oxlaid Chamberlain and the young Iwobi have now got competition, they all need to get their eye on the ball if they want to progress.

  21. Good morning Steve, I’m always happier with a draw than a loss and happier still with a win than either, so I can put up with a certain amount of passing for passing’s sake if it brings us three points.

    Like you, I get frustrated when the build up is slow but sometimes it can work as the opposing defenders will tend to move out a bit and give us a bit of room. It’s only when they are really disciplined and keep strictly to their plan that the tippy tappy gets my goat.

    Good news on another front, it looks like Mourinho has blown a gasket, already on an improper conduct charge, he was yesterday sent to the stand at half time and was then seen passing notes to the bench via one of his minions. With his previous, he should get a nice long ban as well as a hefty fine.

  22. Morning Norfolk,
    Mourinho is used to taking over sides that have a built team, I dont think he likes players to have opnions, so an out spoken player seems to be swept away. Rooney may be well liked at United but he has been there, seen it and done it, he has seen a few Managers since Rednose went, and i feel that Mourinho feels he is not getting the adulation his ego expects.

    Straight away Mourninho, brought in new players, now i am not saying they didn’t need to, just pointing out that to replace one known striker with one older, has in my mind underminded the situation, Granted Rooney was more Midfielder but Mourinho knew what Rooneys objective was and that was to equal and pass Charltons record, It seems to me that the Uniteds govners seem to like the Charlton record and will do almost any to keep it in tact. Mourinho seems to be pressurising all the players and it is still not happening for him , often the way when things are needed the last thing thay happens is that little bit of luck. Mourinho just seems to press that much harder and antagonises all around him, if he is not really careful he may just get worked out again

  23. Blinding Match report Northbank, thank you, and the pic of the scantily clad virgin has heightened my day, don’t mind logging on for a few days just to see her, I have commented on this post as it appears that you have not pressed the right buttons to allow us to comment on the new post,

    You have been missed by your absence, but its well understood that as soon as the bar opens, its a matter of when your move happens, to when we hear from you. Your Artist nature makes your presence worth waiting for as a bit of Art that you posted has lifted the spirits and should promote a few bloggers. Again thank you

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