A Sunday match report

45 thoughts on “A Sunday match report

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, et merci beaucoup pour le resume.

    I think Theo was missed yesterday, although the Ox got in a couple of good crosses his attempts on goal were pathetic. Given the same opportunities Walcott would have made a better job of finishing them.

    Overall it was a satisfactory result, 1 – 4 away to any Premiership team is not to be sneezed at, even one as poor as Sunderland.

    The one blot on the landscape was their goal. The Ox lost possession and nobody made any real attempt to either regain it or stop the breakaway. Mustafi falling over didn’t help and Cech was left with little option than to bring the player down. Perhaps if Xhaka had been on the pitch the breakaway would have been stopped much earlier. As it was, too many of our lot had got themselves too far forward, an old, old failing of Arsenal teams for far, far too long.

    That said, I’m happy with the three points and the improved goal difference.

  2. Hi guys
    The result was needed, as our closest rivals both scored 4……
    Pick holes time, why the fuck didn’t we get a penalty after Alexis being pulled down in their box, then 2 minutes later he gives 1 to them, wanker.
    The Ox, drives me mad, he may well be a nice guy, but he is old enough and gets enough game time to show a bit more consistency, yet for all the good he does it often comes to nothing with a scuffed shot or wrong decision…good job I’m not the manager, he would be out the door in a flash.

  3. Poig, to be honest, do you really think Alexis was “pulled down”? To me it looked more like a tap on the shoulder and he went down, far too quickly, when it may have been better to stay on his feet. I thought he was lucky not to get booked for diving, if not for the “penalty” incident for one or two other groundings.

  4. Afternoon all, Yes Sanchez should have had a penalty but as soon as he felt the tug he went down like it was a Pheasant shoot. I feel it has to be said that our players should have been in the theatre as they are all poor actors. If we are going to have a moan, should it not be for the tackles they never make, or the headers many seldom make, one thing we are good at is walking backwards, or passing backwards and thats mainly because they dont like contact. I have worked out exactly why player like Coquelen and Xhakha get booked and thats because they actually make tackles and it stands out so much so a referee has to book the same players or on his stats it would look bad.

    Arsene Wenger must tell the player to play like this as it must help most to not get injured that’s why most injuries are self inflicted like hamstrings, if there was an injury for walking backwards they would all be injured. Ok thats my two pennyworth. apart from that they keep getting results and being top is a lot better than being bottom.`

    At times, this team can play exceptional football, we know they have the ability sadly we cannot play like that regularly.

  5. Steve, it’s not just Arsenal players who avoid contact, they are all doing it, the problem being the merest touch seems to bring them down and the refs fall for it too often. There will be five or six “dives” every game.

    The wrestling in the box has been rubbed out in less than three months, by the refs quite rightly penalising offenders. They should now take a stand against diving, penalise the offenders by awarding a free-kick against them and booking them.

    It would make the game better for everyone, spectators and players alike, even the refs would benefit, after a brief period they’d have less to do and the game would flow better.

  6. Maybe he did go down easily, but they should not be pulling them in the first place, it was in the box so yes I do think it warranted a penalty.
    There is a consistency issue with refereeing, there isn’t much.

  7. Evening all, Sorry been busy you know how it is.
    Football is changing we all know that, once the rules started being messed with, all it does is cause more problems. You all remember how difficult it was to interpret the offside rule when we used to play, to be quite honest i don’t think i ever knew how to interpret them anyway. I always tried to stay in front of the last defender, but even doing that i was blown up consistently.

    Your right of course when you say that referee’s are never consistent, watch 3 or 4 games over a weekend and you will see different interpretations from the last game. Wrestling in the box needed to be jumped on, since it started many older players would shout every time it happened, but young players had started to believe that this was the way you defended. and that is what the problem is.

    I believe that it got more difficult as foreign players started to arrive, and referee’s started officiating for European games as well as world football, as Europe’s rules seem different from ones we use, it seemed as if the FA started to incorporate a change and that has brought all the diving and play acting. Clear cut rules leaves the supporter with a clear definition of how to interpret each and every situation.

  8. Good morning, if a player goes down in the box and claims a penalty the ref should have two options, award the penalty and book the defender who fouled him or refuse the penalty and book the player for diving.

  9. Evening all, Apparently we have a few injuries, Walcott, Bellerin Monreal Cazorla whether there is any more i am not sure, Ospina is almost a certainty, Jenkinson may get a start, Mustafi and Kosi and i guess Gibbs, Xakha should be back, i reckon Coquelin will be rested so either Elneney or Ramsey and i reckon Elneney. Sanchez could do with a break , but he may just be moved out wide ,Iwobi Giroud,Ozil i doubt there will be any surprises. Not seen who has travelled so i may have it all wrong.

    Ludogrett’s we know about , we should be in with a good chance away from home, but i suppose it depends on how we turn up, if we play like we can, hopefully we can put our feet up for the second half.

    I feel that Wenger would like to top the group, so i expect a fairly strong side. A big game on tonight so don’t know if i can get a stream yet on my stream box asVIP BOX has gone a bit funny, and does not show a clear screen now as i found to my disgust last time i logged in. Hopefully my stream box will come good even if i have to watch and listen to a foreign voice, alright for some of our elites, as they speak a few Languages, thick as shit me, will just have to commentate myself.

  10. Hi Steve, I don’t have trouble with VIP box usually only if net goes wonky.
    We need to top this group or its Barca or Bayern for us again, and end of story this year.

  11. i feel tonight will not be a breeze, We have to be on our game and take the chances when they come, and keep the back door shut. Ospina has been great, but he has shown in the past that he can be a Garry Sprake, hopefully not tonight.

  12. Good evening my fellow Eliteonians, I’ve no idea what team Wenger will put out tonight. Whoever plays must be aware of the importance of the result. We need to win and win well, goal difference may decide who wins the group. We definitely want to win the group, meeting one of the giants in the first knockout round is not to be contemplated.

  13. Well Wenger loves Ramsey, that’s for sure. The bloke has played about twenty minutes football all season and he starts tonight. As do both Alexis and Giroud.

    Very odd selection.

  14. Whats the difference Norfolk, if we are to lose in the next group, or the end group we are still out, We have to win every game if we are to become champions. Ha ha ha. Arsenal have a squad of players that on their game can beat anybody. The trouble is they are not consistent, And there’s me telling everybody we are ha ha

  15. Wenger said that playing the pair together, gives the team options of the long ball plus the highball.

  16. Arsenal more back passes than a rugby team, This kind of football is doing my brain in, Ludogorets more direct when in possession, Our boys must be the best in the world for walking backwards, and never putting in a challenge. Even getting the two goals back, is no consulation, we should never have been 2 goals down but for dire defending.

    Ludogorets are not brilliant, but as soon as we play a good side, we could get a hiding. A fair result for the first half,. Hopefully Wenger can sort this lot out, so our forwards can actually press their defence., and our defence can make a challenge

  17. Apparently, Alexis Sanches is facing an investigation into tax evasion. for his time with Barcelona, could face jail time if convicted

  18. An ugly game with some nice goals, Not one of our best performances but an ugly win and 3 points

  19. Okay a win, that’s the important thing, I suppose we shouldn’t moan about the way the got the three points but there were three players out there tonight who shouldn’t be on the pitch.

    Gibbs, responsible for both Ludogoret’s goals. Turned his back to the ball to give away the free-kick from which they got their first. Fell over on the edge of the penalty box and let the player get away to cross for the second. Was poor going forward and left far to much space behind him.

    Jenkinson, clumsy, slow and poor going forward, slow to get back in position.

    Ramsey, an absolute liability throughout, negative passing, slow and liable to pass to players surrounded by defenders. Hopeless in defence, almost seems afraid to make a tackle. The only good pass all evening was the one to Giroud for his goal.

    I sincerely hope Bellerin and Monreal are fit for the NLD, with Gibbs and Jenkinson in the side we don’t have a hope. It would be great if Cazorla is fit but anybody would be better than Ramsey.

    One more game to go, a draw against PSG at the Emirates will do, but a win would be a bonus.

    Mesut is a genius.

  20. Steve, I’m happy we won of course, but I find that sort of Arsenal performance tedious in the extreme. Part way through the second half I was seriously tempted to switch off and read a book, but I stuck it out and was rewarded by having the pleasure of seeing Mesut Ozil score a sublime goal.

  21. I thought the free kick which led to their 1st goal was a little unfair, there was no intent on the “handball” it hit his arm and wasn’t facing him…that said the back passing has my finger on the off switch, it drives me mad.
    Not a fan of Ramsey either, but he is in the squad, so what can you do, he does seem a AW favourite for sure, must be brilliant on the training ground.
    A win is a win, but fuck me it’s eye bleeding bad at times.

  22. I watched on VIP box no bother i always use the 2nd link, it was Fox sport and an american commentator. Septics aren’t so biased in commentary as our home grown 1s are.

  23. Poig, I watched on BT Sport, the commentators and most pundits are absolute wankers, so I keep the volumn quite low. If I’m watching down the pub I switch off my hearing aids. Trouble with doing that is there is a strong tendency to doze off when watching Arsenal in the pass, pass, pass and lose the ball mode.

  24. Evening all, Sorry about last night, I had a pretty busy day at work, they had built up a few jobs for me and if i speak the truth, i was head down arse up all day and after the football passed out in the chair. I have to agree with you lads, as i have been moaning a bit about our play of late and felt that i was a little harsh after the results we have had, after all a wins a win but i felt i was being picky, so its nice to know that you guys are getting pissed off with this rugby style passing back.

    My stream box picked up B T sport with no trouble, but the picture did stick a couple of times and luckily my stream box had a back up stream as well, I was cursing as the last few minutes and the picture froze and we were still drawing and i rapidly changed streams to see Ozil celebrating and guessed i had missed the winner, but as luck had it they showed it straight away, I felt, i don’t mind them passing backwards sideways or any way they wanted just so long as they kept the ball, but the wankers just kept giving the fucker away, i screamed at the screen, and the old woman bollocked me, and at last that fucking whistle blew, thank fuck i thought.

    I laughed when i heard Wenger say, he just wanted Ozil to put it in, i thought that all fucking night, they fuck about and over pass why the fuck they can’t take a shot now and again God only knows, as long as its not Ramsey, he must wear cusion boots as it always seems like a passback or a fuck up, I have sung his praises in the past, but just wanted to strangle him last night.

    I wondered why we never seem to challenge when were attacked, surly its better to challenge outside the box rather than wait till their inside the box, Gibbs was left for dead because he backed off , who fucking trains these top players. I watched their team and they had time to pass anywhere they liked the guy receiving controls and looks about, combs his hair, and brushes his teeth and we just fucking watch, while our blokes just fumble and lose the ball. Surely Wenger cannot like that, i certainly don’t

  25. Morning all, One in the pipe, should you want a freshener.
    Had a look round and it seems that both us and the Spuds will have some player back this weekend, whether they start or come on later, who knows.

  26. Hi guys
    Its nearly Sunday, that special day in the football calendar when the spuds come to visit us.
    They will come with their heads held high, but leave with theirs tails between their legs, yes folks we are going to win tomorrow. I’m so confident that Steve you can leave your scarf off.
    No idea who will be selected or what the score will be, but we will get 1 more than them….:)

  27. Morning all, I slept with it on last night Poig 🙂
    A week or so ago, while taking my Mrs to Physio over the hospital, I saw Harry Kane going into the Tottenham training ground, went past in his Range Rover with his special number plate, so i guessed he would be ready for this game. I guessed that the Spuds would pull out all the stops for this clash, and probably be up for it.

    Spud Mates on Facebook have been rife, but they do sound a little hesitant on saying who will win, Its amazing just how many of them think the difference is our manager. Over the years he has come under immense pressure from our support, the strange thing is, is that my Spud mates have said that should he leave Arsenal, he would be welcomed there.

    Well i keep telling them that he is going nowhere , He knows how important these games are, and he like us, likes nothing better than a win. Who knows what he will do at the end of the season, but i am pretty sure if he is to go, he would like nothing better than to win this NLD.

    With Chelsea now sitting top of the League for the time being, it shows just how close things are getting at the top, and if we are going to do any good this season, this is the time to pull the stops out. Many teams are just a point or so from the top spot, and a run of bad games can take us out of the running, so we need the form we have seen a few times so fa,r to make headway and be the team at the top. All down to today’s game and i have my scarf on and my fingers crossed.

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