The Wizard, the Witch and the Shadow Dwellers.

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Once upon a time a charismatic Wizard called Ranieros came to middle Engeland, to a small sleepy village called Leicestershire, snuggled in-between green hills and an enchanted forest full of daisies, wonderful animals and buttercups.

In the village were eleven valiant gnomes led by a prince called Vardious, a simple man who worked with steel and iron and dreamed of being a hero. He was strong and skilful, the local villagers adored him and the gnomes worked hard and diligently for their Prince. The Wizard invited the gnomes to the village hall one evening and told them he had a quest, he outlined an adventure of such daring and danger that the little creatures sat there in disbelief, hardly able to envisage what the wizard was describing.

He wanted them to travel with him over the length and breadth of the whole kingdom searching for a Golden Chalice, a Chalice that would make them rulers of the Kingdom of Engeland, it would be a voyage where they would have to do battle against Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, evil witches, dark forces, rich wicked overlords with venomous armies and other despicable creatures. Evil beings that would use every evil spell and trick to destroy them and condemn them to the land of ghost dwellers, a land of long forgotten defeated Kings and Princes, a land full of armies that had once ruled the land but had been defeated by the evil ones, a land called the Championship.

Ranieros had to work hard with his team of merry men, the tiny gnomes gave their everything to find the Golden Chalice, against the horrors they had to face, the battles they fought, and no one worked harder than Vardious, he was an inspiration to his men, a prince of such valour that it inspired them to fight against all odds, to beat the warlords, the Orcs, the rich wicked overlords and the evil witches.

They battled against the most vile of creatures and they had been successful, they had fought valiantly and with honour, they had lost only one battle on their arduous journey, against a famous, long lived  warlord called Arsènolio, otherwise known as El Profo. He was a goodly King but a leader who had been stripped of his fortune by an evil foreign interloper named Stan the wig. Thus El Profo was left with a depleted army of good intentioned warriors but ultimately they were weak, and despite defeating Ranieros and his valiant gnomes, it didn’t stop the Middle Engelanders from surging forward with their quest for the Golden Chalice.

Finally, Ranieros, Vardious the hero Prince and the brave and valiant Gnomes were approaching the final few battles of their long and arduous quest. On the battle field called Upton, in the land of Tower Hamlets, ruled by Belic, an evil warlord from the mysterious East and his army of Hammer swingers, the Gnomes battled valiantly and with heroism, fighting against all the odds and an evil wicked witch called  Moss, known throughout Engeland as Moss the Inadequate. A little witch of insignificant authority, Moss the Inadequate used very dark magic and the power of FA, an evil, venomous entity that uses mysterious magic which can turn the balance of power in a battle with just the flick of a wand.

And so it came about that Moss the Inadequate was able to seriously injure Vardious the Valiant Prince during the battle of Upton, and consequently turn the balance of power to the benefit of the the Shadow Dwellers, the evil, wicked, knuckle dragging army of the Dark Northern Region of Londonium, called Tottenringham. Ruled by an evil Latino King named Maurichioni.They are the final evil barrier that the small group of heros have to face, win their final four battles and the Shadow Dwellers will lose and the Golden Chalice will go to Leicestershire, Ranieros the Wizard and his little band of Merry Gnomes will be victorious..

But Moss the Inadequate has inflicted a serious set back for the charismatic Wizard Ranieros and his little army of brave gnomes. They are now without their hero Prince, the odds have been changed by an evil wicked Witch, and the Shadow dwellers won the battle yesterday against the vicious Orcs of the badlands, on the battle field of Stoke, a vermin infested village of the most horrible people you could ever imagine, a vile and contemptible  people who use sorcery and every evil trick in the book to win, to injure and to kill.

And now it is up to the Valiant gnomes and the charismatic Wizard Ranerios to fight to the finish against the Shadow Dwellers and without their Prince Vardious. It will be a battle of epic proportions, one which will be remembered throughout living memory, a battle which will unite the Kingdom of Engeland against the evil Shadow Dwellers, a final, bloody battle for the Golden Chalice.

Will good win over evil? Will the valiant gnomes from Middle Engeland get the Golden Chalice? or will the wicked Shadow Dwellers from the evil darklands of Totteringham succeed?

To be continued……..