The NLD….. will probably be a boring 1-1 draw.

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                                    6th November 2016

                              Arsenal Vs Tottenham Hotspur

There may well have been fireworks last night, but there are bound to be a few more this afternoon.  For most fans of either club this is the big one.  It used to mean bragging rights in factory canteens all around North London, now it’s more likely to create alarm and despondency, or triumphant euphoria on blogs and social networks instead.

I’m not sure how the majority of players, both Arsenal and Spurs, view local derbies these days, few if any were born and bred in the area, brought up with a fierce loyalty to one club or the other.  To the fans though, there is no question about it, if there is one game they would give almost anything to win it’s this one.

You’re not reading this for a history lesson, so I’ll skip the stats except to say of all the meetings between the two greatest rivals in world club football, Arsenal have won more than Spurs.

Tottenham have been creeping closer over the recent past and could have, apart from a seismic meltdown, actually finished above us in the league for the first time almost in living memory last season. Currently we are three points and three places above them with a superior goal difference.  They are, however, the only unbeaten side in the league, how gratifying it will be to wreck that little run. 

          There will only ever be one team called “The Invincibles”.

There have been many great matches between the two clubs in the past, but the one that will forever burn brightly for me was on a certain Monday night in May 1971 at White Hart Lane. Ray Kennedy’s header went in off the underside of the bar and pandemonium broke out on the terraces as Arsenal celebrated the sweetest of title wins.  My wife and I along with Ted, my late older brother, and two mates from work had fought our way through the turnstile only moments before the gates were slammed shut with over fifty-four thousand inside the creaking old ground and thousands more left out in the street.
I don’t expect that level of drama today, The Emirates is a much more staid venue and the crowd much, much less vociferous.  The thunderous tackles of 1971 have given way to the powder puff taps and dramatic dives of present day football and footballers.

There will of course be interesting mini battles all over the pitch, with players such as Xhaka, Elneny and Coquelin facing the likes of Wanyama, Sissoko and Dembele anything could happen.  The referee will have to be alert to the propensity for diving by Doolally Alli and Lamela.  What are the odds of both teams completing the game with a full complement of players?

One of the mainstays of the Tottenham defence, Alderweireld, is not available through injury while Kane is a risky option to start as he can hardly be said to be match fit.  Both the Spurs full-backs like nothing better than bombing forward, so space behind them could be an option for Walcott and Alexis to take advantage of.

Wenger gave little away about injuries, at his press conference, but that’s entirely to be expected.  In one paper this morning a back four of Jenkinson, Mustafi, Gabriel and Koscielny has been suggested, that’s supposing that none of Bellerin, Monreal and Gibbs are available. 

I hope that we have Bellerin and Monreal back at least, they along with Walcott and Cazorla were due to be assessed  yesterday.

There are many intriguing combinations available for selection, I’m sure Wenger and his backroom boys will sort something out.  Whoever he chooses, they must start from the first whistle, get in Spur’s faces and dominate the game.

Can we do it?  Can we shatter their unbeaten run?  Of course we can!

C’mon The Glorious Gunners!!

Written by Norfolk Gooner.

44 thoughts on “The NLD….. will probably be a boring 1-1 draw.

  1. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, only two and three quarter hours to kick-off. Never mind the November blues, I’m feeling confident of taking all three points today.

  2. Morning guys
    Thanks for the pre match NG, like yourself I’m confident today, not felt as confident on this fixture for a good while.
    38 mins 🙂

  3. Here’s the line-up.

    Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Momreal, Coquelin, Xhaka, Walcott, Iwobi, Ozil and Alexis

  4. No Doolally Alli or Lamela in the line-up or on the bench, Kane to start though, shouldn’t be a problem as he’ll be as rusty as an old trawler.

  5. That goal was priceless ha ha
    We looked 2nd best for much of the time, and plenty of pashun in the game.

  6. Afternoon all, nice one Norfolk, I must admit i was not as confident as you guys, but a 1 goal lead has put a smile on my face. We have had good chances, but of course we only get one in ten chances. Still not happy with our closing down, and lack of challenging. All in all we are leading at the moment, and that is all that matters.

  7. Our passing was pathetic throughout, time after time clearances went straight back to opposition players. I doubt if we made more than two or three successful and legal tackles. We have to thank the Spuds for the donation of an own goal and a point, we couldn’t have done it without their generosity.

  8. We were rubbish right through the game, giving the ball away, and unable to string a few passes together They were poor just as well as this could have been embarrassing.. Not a very entertaining game, i would call it frustrating. This Arsenal team is just not good enough , i did feel that they could stand a chance but have changed my mind.

    A team that never challenges until it is too late deserve nothing, and that’s what i think they will end up with. Players who feel they only have to wear the shirt to warrant a fat wage, and the toughest thing they have to do is pass to one of their own, which they struggle to do. I dont believe what i just witnessed.

  9. Lot of discussion on whether Arsenals goal was onside or off side, and even after the rules are brought out they still cannot decide. This rule is for fixing a game and it is left to the referee’s decision.

    The FA have the offside rule so confused that even an ex
    Referee a defender striker and an ex manager cannot decide, does it matter, not really if the league is fixed as i feel it is nothing will change and the FA like it like that.

  10. Steve, the ex rereree in the BT Sport studio said that Koscielny was on side when the ball was played, there was a Spurs defender behind him playing him on. While Alexis was in an offside position he made no attempt to play the ball and so was not deemed to be interfering therefore the goal was entirely legitimate.

    If,when referring to the manager who was in disagreement you mean Old ‘Arry, he’s never grasped even the basics of the laws of the game, let alone the complexities of the offside rule.

  11. Already overtaken by Chelsea, with Liverpool 3 – 0 up at half-time against Watford it looks like we’re going into the international break in fourth position. We will need to do much better than today if we are to mount any sort of challenge n the Premiership.

  12. Hiya Norfolk, I feel our race has finished, Top class players do not play like that, I think the term is called woeful, cant pass, cant shoot, cant tackle, No top class outfit lose the ability to do any of those things, and we have showed that same form for 3 games. To be quite honest, i don’t understand how more goals have not gone in against us, as we have been embarrassing in my eyes.

    What i find more frustrating is how Wenger puts up with these kind of performances. The only shots on target are like passback s straight at the keeper. I honestly felt the referee made sure Tottenham had the best of the decisions, he stopped play for nearly every coming together and pulled play back even when the so called foul was against us, but that is no excuse to how we played.

    I have worries on our return game with PSG they have talent that could so easily punch holes in our defence, Knowing the form of our side, and also the weaknesses, i still dont think the strength in our squad is good enough to win anything, how we can keep attackers of quality out without so much as a challenge has me scratching my head Spuds were not good but they looked better than us.

  13. Please, please Soixante-Neuf put up another post,anything will do just to remove the present headline. It’s embarrasing.

  14. It’s November and the hoodoo has struck again, Alexis Sanchez has torn a calf muscle while training with Chile. He has been ruled out of the match on Tuesday and could be out for six to eight weeks.

  15. I hope thats a Chile 6 to 8 weeks not the Arsenal version. Wonder why he is staying there to be evaluated, he is either injured or he isn’t?

  16. Poig, I guess as he’s there he may as well have a bit of time with his family, recovery won’t be helped by another long flight. If the injury is serious it’s bound to be more than a few weeks, if it’s not he may well play next Tuesday. Time will tell.

  17. Morning all,
    Been a long break between Arsenal games, and i see nobody has been that interested with the Internationals. England managed to squander a 2 nill lead to get a draw against Spain and i must say a very poor Spanish performance. But as i said nobody probably noticed.

    Apparently we had some of our players involved and it looks as if some have picked up injuries, i did see that Belerin will miss a few games for Arsenal, but i am not sure if that was in his match or in training, so of course with Debuchey loaned out it looks as though Jenkinson will cover till he is fit to play.

    Debuchey loaned and Chambers Loaned it seems to me as though we have kept the weakest right back for cover , seems a bit daft, but isn’t that what we normally do. Manchester united this weekend, their manager seems het up with the way England and the FA have allowed some of the players to have a bit of a booze up, I assume Mourinho would need an excuse to drop Rooney, and Rooney duely obliged.

    What kind of performance can we expect from both teams this weekend is anybodies guess, but i am not expecting to many fireworks, after all most will probably worn out anyway. Got to say i have had very little interest in football as England were as embarrassing as Arsenal have been. They also like to play out from the back and then back to the keeper, in actual fact watching England attacking the Spanish box and then watching a player kick the ball all the way back to his own keeper was just breathtaking, so i guess were in for some of the same this weekend.

  18. 69er, Post e mailed as promised.

    Nice to see you back Steve, I couldn’t agree more about the England game, Rubbish!

    Bellerin was injured in the closing minites of the NLD by a late tacle by Rose..

  19. Thanks for the info Norfolk, to be honest mate, i switched over straight after the whistle. And in the England game i fell asleep when we were 2 up and found out the final score from the news paper next morning. Football at present seems a bit amateurish, For all their big wages, i feel that they show no heart at the moment, and that causes me not to care that much.

    I watched England Rugby, and saw triers, i watched Andy Murray and saw grit and determination, i watched Hamilton win the grad prix with full concentration and doggedness, perhaps i expect to much.

  20. Has the blog been stopped or what, Where is all of the elite, Christmas shopping. I am sitting here watching my football club, and we are having trouble passing a forward ball. In fact i used to think we couldn’t defend then we had no midfield then no strikers a time of shit keepers now we have a side with no bottle cant pass a forward ball and experts in giving the ball away. i think i should go out Christmas shopping.

  21. I have just witnessed one of the worst Arsenal performances i have ever seen, Arsenal were gutless and lacked all sense and purpose, too yellow to to put in a challenge and no movement . The amount of balls given away would break an all time record and the amount of back passing would also break records.

    It has to be said that United’s side is probably one of the weakest i have seen , but were made to look better by how poorly Arsenal played. Arsenal i would say had no one player who looked up for this match, even the expensive signings looked like players from a pub side and that is not doing justice to the pub sides.

    United’s goal scored by Matta, was because Arsenal was to yellow to put one challenge in and got what they thoroughly deserved. Arsenal were truly dreadful. Arsenal were lucky with their one one and only attack where substitutes Chaimberlain crossed a high floater and Giroud actually found a header going forward, to score the equaliser a 1.1 draw flatters Arsenal who really never deserved the point.

  22. Steve, I’ve had it with this site, if the owner can’t be bothered to put up a post or even a comment for two weeks, what’s the point.

    I ‘ve had no response to an e mail and a post previewing todays game sent yesterday afternoon.

    You may find me over on ACLF, under a form of transport.
    Cheers mate. Keep the Faith.

  23. Hello girls

    Norfolk , sorry I didn’t see your United pre match till this morning. This weekend has been my removals weekend so not much time to get on the internet…. sorry mate;… also girls, won’t have internet in my new place for a whille so don’t go thinking I’m brown bread 😀

  24. Morning all,
    It seems the blog has died, shame as the few who was on seemed like true supporters, the lack of the wide coverage of the web, to other supporters has not made this blog as popular as i had hoped for. I understand the administrator does have a life, and the blog has suffered , but thats life so i think i will just surf round and keep up with the latest Arsenal news without commenting. Back to just watching on matchdays and either jubilant or despondant. To the few thaat did use the blog and of course Northbank as well, thank you and keep well.

  25. It’s a real shame to see this bog fade away as it’s leader NB69 and the few who blogged here were true Arsenal fans. NB I wish you the very best of health and goodwill and truly hope that your move turns out to be successful.

    Seasons greetings to all other GunnersoreArse bloggers of old……………………

  26. Just come on here to try out some emogi`s so just carry on without me ! hahaha

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