Arsenal…. no fight, no passion and no fucking bollocks!

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For a team with a very good chance to win their first Premier League title in 12 years we showed very little spirit against a depleted Man United who basically fielded a team of teenagers.

What’s gone wrong? Why did we look so ordinary? What the fuck has happened to Sanchez?

Where is our normal fluid accurate passing and why are we slowing the game down so much by passing the ball backwards all the fucking time?

These are major questions that I want to see answered, either with a statement by Wenger or some better performances in our remaining games.

I’ve never really been a Wenger out supporter but my fucking patience is being severely tested after our recent run of results. No one is pulling their weight and Wenger just makes his normal comments that we’ve all heard before, “.. don’t doubt this”…. and “you can’t question that”.

Well yes Mr ‘fucking’ Wenger, we are questioning this and we are questioning that, yesterdays performance lacked so many things and the buck ultimately stops with you.

Furthermore Mr Wenger, perhaps you haven’t noticed but the Spervs from N17 could possibly finish above us or fucking worse, win the fucking title. Have you no sense of North London pride? Of being in charge of the greatest team North London has ever seen?

Mr Wenger, I think you need to consider what will happen to you if there is no St Totteringham Day this season, things could get rather heated and nasty. If you love the Arsenal as we fans do then things need to be turned around fairly sharpish, you need to get your boys performing to a higher standard before we travel to the shadowlands next weekend. You have one game on Wednesday against Swansea to make sure they have passion and fight in their balls before what is probably going to be the most important game of the season.

We may be losing our battle to win the league title but that’s irrelevant, what is most vital is that we go to Shite Fart Lane and beat those scumbags and stop them from winning the league and from finishing above us….. now is the time Mr Wenger, to stand up and be counted, to show us that you too have the bollocks when it comes to a fight, to show us that you are…………… ARSENAL.



Man Utd v Arsenal…. another MWG?

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These Must Win Games are becoming boring….. but I suppose as we are currently in contention to win the English Premier League, every single one from now until the middle of May will be the same. The  Arsenal do not have a good PL track record at Old Trafford in recent times, in fact, we haven’t won there since 2006, lost 6, drawn 2. We did however, beat them on their ground last season in the FA Cup. It’s unbelievable that in our last 23 league games at OT, we have only scored more than once on one occasion, and that was our 8-2 defeat in 2011.

So what do all those stats mean for todays game? Fuck all…. that’s what they mean.

We go there with a strong first eleven and they are having an injury crisis, they could be without De Gea and we will have Cech, they could be without Smalling and we will have Koscielny, they could be without Martial and we will have Welbeck. However, they are coming into the game after a convincing win against Midgetland ( please, no laughter in the audience) in the Europa League and we play the game after losing to Barca in the Champions League.

So what does all that mean for todays game? Fuck all…. that’s what it means!

Todays game is not linked to any of that statistical crap and we all know it, todays game is linked to just one thing….. which team plays the fucking best and which team scores the most fucking goals.

Team wise I expect Wenger to field the strongest eleven, tactics wise I expect Wenger to play attacking, possession based beautiful football which will tear through the United defence like a hot knife through butter. I expect Wenger to change tactics if necessary and to make the right substitutions to improve our chance of winning.

So what do my opinions and expectations mean for todays game? Fuck all…. that’s what they mean!

Todays game is not linked to my fantasy opinion and high expectations, todays game is linked to Arséne Wenger and the team that play, if they have the bollocks to go to Old Trafford and win, if they put all recent results against our opponents out of their minds and play the type of football we know they can play, then the 3 points will be ours and we will stay in the race, just two points behind those ‘wanna be’s’ who are currently first and more importantly, still level with the Spervs! (if they beat the Swans)

So what does todays post have to do with todays game….. Fuck all, that’s what!

What I write is all a load of fucking bollocks just to make me think that on occasion I can be clever and intelligent like people on other blogs. To keep you small group of bloggers supplied with a discussion topic…. which you bastards very rarely discuss. So what will be todays result….. how the fuck do I know, but I’ll make a wild guess just in case I get it right and then you can all chorus, “You clever fucking bastard NB69…. you got the score correct”.

Therefore, I feel in my bladder that we will win 3 – 1 today…. it means fuck all really. I don’t care what the fucking score is as long as we have more goals than them, I’ll still be riveted to the PC screen at 15h 05 French time, screaming my fucking head off, willing the boys to get a goal and put the game to bed, hoping that the ref is unbiased and treats both teams equally and that when the final whistle is blown…. we leave Manchester with three points in our pocket.

Come on you Fucking Gunners.

My DNA is called ARSENAL..

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Arsenal v Hull… sometimes it happens!

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A brick wall is a fucking brick wall…. how can you get through it? Perhaps Steve could do it with the Kango he used to demolish Leeds Castle.

Hull City came to the Emirates with one thing in mind, defend  and go home with a draw, sometimes a team can perform beyond their normal capabilities against a better side and this is what happened yesterday. I don’t think we could have asked more from our boys, they performed admirably and  the eleven shots they had on target would normally have given us a goal tally of at least 2 or 3, but on this occasion they were saved by a keeper on top form.

We had nearly 70% possession and 24 attempts on goal, some of those shots were wayward and on another day would have gone in, it just wasn’t our day. The Tigers were tigerish in their defending and for most of the game had nine or ten players packing their defence, not a lot you can do about that tactic in my opinion.

There were also two clear penalty appeals turned down by Dean, that was expected when it was announced he would be the referee for the game. At the end of the day we had a brick wall to try and get through and a ref who wasn’t going to do us any favours.

The only way I can look at it is to give credit to Hull for the way they fought tooth and nail for the result but don’t blame the Arsenal for failing to win the game, it wouldn’t be fair  on our boys. There were a couple of outstanding performances from Gibbo, and Elneny in particular, the Egyptian fits into our midfield similar to Cazorla, he controlled and distributed, tackled and won the ball back and overall, had a very good game.

Welbeck and Theo both had good games and on another day would have been on the score sheet. The only question mark I had was Sanchez when he came on, he seems to have lost some of his sparkle since his injury, he was wasteful and failed to make an impact. Perhaps we’ve become used to his normal game and therefore, there is a larger contrast when he has a bad day. I hope he finds his usual zest soon.

Anyway, that game has to be put behind us, we didn’t lose and we have a chance to put it right in the replay. The team now have to focus on Tuesdays game against Barca, which will be much more open and allow us to play our normal attacking style.

The replay will add to our already busy schedule but I’ve looked at the fixtures and I think the game which will be moved is Swansea at home, so it won’t be a major upheaval.

Therefore, I say to all those who may be disappointed about yesterday, don’t blame the boys in red, but instead, praise Hull City for sticking rigidly to a tactic and gaining a commendable result.

Bring on Barcelona…..



Arsenal vs Hull City….. again!

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Hull City again, the third time in three years…. is it an omen that we are about to win the FA Cup for a third consecutive time? and in the process making English football history.

Not sure about anyone else but as a Londoner I pronounce Hull like ‘Hole’….. which is quite apt really because I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s a shit-hole. Apparently, despite this, Hull is to be named the 2017 UK City of Culture….. the mind boggles!

Hull City AFC are nicknamed the Tigers, currently in the Championship but looking likely to gain promotion to the PL. Their highest achievement was in 2014 when they played us in the FA Cup final and gave us a bit of a scare by quickly going 2-0 up, eventually loosing 3-2 in extra time. Remember Santis’ superb free kick?

This season they are doing well in the division below us and will not be a pushover, expect them to give us a good game and consequently, should not be taken lightly. Even Wenger said this week that they are like a Premier League team.

So last weekend we went Fox hunting and this week we are hunting Tigers, we’re on quite a safari at the moment. I expect some rotation for todays game, it’s been mentioned that Ospina will deputise for Cech and perhaps Gibbs, Chambers, Welbeck and Elneny will be included in the starting eleven. But I would hope that’s the extent of any changes. But one eye will be on the midweek game against Barcelona, where we will need our strongest side.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Welbeck starting with the Egyptian, could be an excellent combination. Koscielny has been deemed fit to play so perhaps the BFG will be rested and Chambers will step in. Perhaps we’ll also get a glimpse of Iwobi.

We do have a strong side at the moment with people coming back from injury, I don’t see us losing this game but it will be a tough one.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch the game due to a work commitment, but will try to get regular updates.

Come on you fucking Gunners.




The SoreArse Soapbox.

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I started to write this the other day when news filtered out of Arsenal HQ that Gabriel, injured with a hammy, went to Brazil for his treatment. What the fuck? Has it not been mentioned that the Arsenal have some of the best physios and doctors in  the English Premier League, if not in the world? Has it not been mentioned that we have a state of the art treatment and rehabilitation centre?

So why the fuck was he sent back to Brazil for treatment? Was it a little bit of voodoo magic, string up a chicken and cut its throat, spread the blood on Paul Easters’ bits that were painful, make a few chants and dance the pongo? Or was it a mud bath in the Amazon, with pigmies blowing darts from their blow pipes to see who could hit his hamstring?

Perhaps they had a big fat Momma witchdoctor in Sao Paulo, who chucked a few goats bones on to a stone floor and predicted that he would be fit again in two weeks?

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He looked like this for a week

It just shocked me that he had to go there for treatment, does it say something about our medical center? What was better over there that we couldn’t do here? More worrying thing however, is did he recover quicker from visiting a voodoo doctor rather than staying at London Colney?

Perhaps he had to give up two ounces of his ‘Baby Gravy’ as in this scene….

I really can’t understand it….. did anyone else see the news, and if so, what did you make of it?