The SoreArse Soapbox.

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I started to write this the other day when news filtered out of Arsenal HQ that Gabriel, injured with a hammy, went to Brazil for his treatment. What the fuck? Has it not been mentioned that the Arsenal have some of the best physios and doctors in  the English Premier League, if not in the world? Has it not been mentioned that we have a state of the art treatment and rehabilitation centre?

So why the fuck was he sent back to Brazil for treatment? Was it a little bit of voodoo magic, string up a chicken and cut its throat, spread the blood on Paul Easters’ bits that were painful, make a few chants and dance the pongo? Or was it a mud bath in the Amazon, with pigmies blowing darts from their blow pipes to see who could hit his hamstring?

Perhaps they had a big fat Momma witchdoctor in Sao Paulo, who chucked a few goats bones on to a stone floor and predicted that he would be fit again in two weeks?

Afficher l'image d'origine

He looked like this for a week

It just shocked me that he had to go there for treatment, does it say something about our medical center? What was better over there that we couldn’t do here? More worrying thing however, is did he recover quicker from visiting a voodoo doctor rather than staying at London Colney?

Perhaps he had to give up two ounces of his ‘Baby Gravy’ as in this scene….

I really can’t understand it….. did anyone else see the news, and if so, what did you make of it?


103 thoughts on “The SoreArse Soapbox.

  1. Good morning bum stuffers

    Firstly some bad news, GunnerN5 has decided to leave us…… blame for that is firmly on Cockies head for posting dirty disgusting porn photos. Shame on you Cockie man, you’ve managed to put off one of our best bloggers. Issue an apology immediately.

  2. Steve, I copied and posted your comment here, you posted on the last post, you fucking idiot 🙂

    stevepalmer1 says:

    February 19, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Morning all,
    I see we have lost one of our bloggers, Shame as we seemed after a long bickering kind of communication, that we had agree’d to disagree.

    Now its not for me to comment on why somebody stays or goes, they make their own minds up, Hope you find a site with your tastes mate..

    Always a sad time when a member goes, bit like when Cashley went, or VP even Henry Sagna Nasri Cesc. But they wanted pastures new hopefully they found what N5 is looking for.

    Little bit of Voodoo treatment why not as Wenger seems to have run out of idea’s, Maybe i could help plenty of Chicken bones here, had enough soup but still feel shit. 🙂

  3. Morning all, Spend a fucking fortune on medical facilities, only to find that Chicken bones is the answer. Well i did say, that the Mrs said chicken soup cures all ills. Lets hope Elneney keeps fit or he’ll have a trip to Egypt for soup made out of Mummies robes.
    Ozil will need anything with a German emblem stirred in his soup Ramsey anything with Potatoes, and Theo anything with Marshmellow 🙂

  4. I was reading a few months ago why top football stars seem to keel over at the slightest knock, apparently its because they are super fit Atheletes, Cockie can put us right here, as him and his planks have kept him as fit as a fiddle and his nearing Big 60.

    Its like when you have reached the heights of fitness Rocky running up them steps just before the world title fight ultimate power, And he gets a little chill, knocks him right out of the game, big strong fucker who runs through walls, but a sneeze and he hits the bed.

    My plan is to make sure no body is super fit in fact we should train not to be fit then any ailments we get wouldn’t make any difference to our performance. fucking simple. 🙂

  5. Just reading on Newsnow that Wenger has said Jack Wilshere is still 3 4 weeks away from playing. So he wasn’t ready for a comeback was he, And i doubt after a month he still wont be. Sell him while he’s fit for christs sake dont play him

  6. Well its nice talking to my self, preferred it when N5 used to come in with his words of wisdom, but life moves on. Norfolk making sure he keeps his head down doesn’t want to get involved and NB drinking as much as he can, Cockie planking himself off, i suppose the only chance of a bit of sanity is that fucking nutter Terry with a few words of wisdom, fuck it going for a bath may throw a few Chicken bones in sort my chest out. Laters. 🙂

  7. GN5 will be sorely missed Steve…. I enjoyed your little head to heads…. but we still have the fucking nutter Transplant and the porno king Cockie, and of course the level headed Norfolk 🙂
    Need to drum up some trade, new commentators and new thoughts… I’m working on it

  8. Not speaking about any one particular person, but most on here have had a run in with officialdom whether your being told that you should sound more like an Arsenal supporter , being censored, having a comment removed or they think you are a bit of a low life. I reckon we all fall into that category at some point. But what seems to get most peoples goat, is if you question the Arsenal Bible.

    In other words, being a fucking Doomer. Now what Happens to the Doomer as a transfer window looms, the bastard starts to smile, now this is something that happens twice a year and the Doomer smiles because there may just be the chance of a new face. While a doomer waits he fucking dooms and as a window gets to the final hours and still no word from the media the smile starts to turn into a grimmace, as those last seconds tick past the Doomer who has had many windows like that in the past starts to hear stories that we tried so fucking hard but the talent is just not out there. We have irons in the fire we almost have signatures on the contracts for the next window big name big players, we hear the names of superstar players who have almost scribbled their little monica on an Arsenal form, and have it explained that his girlfriend or his poor old Nan just couldn’t bare for him to move, or not quite the right time but next window is almost a given.

    Yes a Doomer listens he takes in the imformation he looks around and he see’s many non doomers Excited and longing for the new window, how wonderful its going to be. Doomers just get more angry they feel like they have been shafted again they feel that the next ticket they buy will be more, is there a shining light shining in the distance a Star of Bethlehem pointing out this is where it all starts, will it fuck, nope nope nope, no fucking signings, no fucking players, more fucking lies, and some fuckers getting rich. N5 you enjoy your new place, but look out for us at the next fucking window.

  9. GunnerN5 says:
    February 19, 2016 at 12:46 am

    Sorry guy’s but the blog has deteriorated into a quagmire.

    I really appreciate the work that NB has put into creating and maintaining his blog but I have no wish to be a part of a site that is turning into a porn football site.

    I’m off………..

    It’s not my place to determine “what is and what isn’t posted” – “or what is good taste and what is tacky” but it is my place to determine if I want to be associated with a site where soft porn is posted.
    My concern is that if there is no objection to it then it will very quickly go from soft porn to hard porn. If that is what NB and the majority of you want then so be it and I will be off. However my preference is to continue to blog here but not if porn becomes the norm.

    I prefer the great photography posted by NB and not the tacky shit. If I wanted tacky there are literally thousands of porn sites to choose from but that is not my choice. My choice is to blog on a football site where we can freely express our opinions but also where bloggers share a concern for the viewpoints of other bloggers.

    That’s all.

  10. We want you to blog here N5, I have seen everything in my time much the same as you i’m sure, I like nice pictures and some of the ladies are stunning. I also like football related text, as that is what i thought we were here for.

    People have different tastes, i can turn a blind eye to blatant porn photo’s but if the dialogue is good i put up with it.. Now for some one like myself i cannot be bothered to look for other sites who i know with my views i would probably piss them off before to long, but people we meet along the way, people with values people that have seen things the same can easily chat. As Norfolk said the other day when he said Steve likes to wind up, I have to say its never been high on my list to wind somebody up intentionally, but after reading his comment perhaps we all do it to a certain degree, especially when you start to feel a friendship is developing. Sometimes the recipicant may feel that he is being got at but its normally done to get a response and have a chat. No one on this blog wants you out N5. Yes cockie could tone it down a bit, but once we start that it becomes what we have seen on other blogs. and i feel closing eyes is sometimes the best way. I will miss you if you go and i know the other guys would too, not sure about Norfolk keeps his cards close to his chest 🙂

  11. I’m pretty much an open book Steve, I’m well traveled and I’ve been to most major cities in North America and Mexico some in Europe. I’ve been into more strip clubs than I care to remember and I’ve led a life close to the edge and sometimes I’ve tipped over. 😦

    I’m very liberal but there has never been any room in my life for porn and there never will be, yes I could turn a blind eye but that would be tacit approval. Why let an excellent and liberal football site be trashed by porn? it makes no sense to me :(:(

  12. Phew…. welcome back GN5, and some lovely comments Steve…. I had to get me hanky out ha ha 🙂

    So Cockie needs to be kept in line, I’m sure he’ll read this today and see sense. He’s a fucking van driving pie delivery man ffs, can’t have much of a life in the wilds of Cornwall, when he’s finished his deliveries he has to go for a run, do his planks, work on his abs and then, when he’s finished all that, his fucking missus gets him to clear the fucking horse shit out of the stables, brush the fucking things and then do the artificial insemination to keep the stock up.

    So it’s understandable that he takes his sexual frustrations out on the blog, I know I would ha ha
    But I’ll issue him a public warning, none of that fucking secret e mail malarkey.

    So Cockie, you are on a warning, pictures of you sucking Transplants’ cock behind Bounds Green Waitrose will not be tolerated by the GunnersoreArse inmates.

    This has been noted in your file and further offences will be dealt with accordingly.

  13. Norfolk you and myself are all retired and have lived very different lives but the one thing we have in common is our love for the Gunners – although we express it in different ways. I’m obviously the most tolerant, but that does not mean that I accept failure.

    I managed at the executive level for many years that even with the best laid plans things can still go awry, that is when you need a calm head at the top – and we have just that. I’ve served on several boards of directors and it’s not always possible to foresee issues that crop up and affect the final outcome.

    It’s so easy to say “well he should have foreseen that” but we are all very fallible human beings. :(:(

  14. First lesson for Cockie…. how to do tasteful:

    See, no flappy bits in your face, no mens tackle, no ugly boat race, just a beautiful picture that’s a joy to behold. How nature intended.

  15. GN5

    Not sure if you know this but some artists in the past have kept a private collection of their own paintings and sketches of erotica, some of it is really near the mark, some outright pornography. Rodin was a massive erotic / pornographic artist. Yes, Rodin who did ‘The Kiss’.

  16. NB, I really envy Cockie’s lifestyle and wish I could join him on his delivery runs and have lunch in those wonderful pubs.

    I sure hope that the guy’s don’t take offense over my views, I’m certainly not a prude I just believe that there is a time and a place for everything.

    This is the only site that I blog on – so I’m off to see what’s happening in the football world. Has Van Galling been sacked yet?

  17. ah Fuck it GN5

    Now you’ve gone and given Cockie an idea….. now he’ll post something really offensive but in black and white ha ha
    Don’t you dare Cockie man…. remember you’re on an official warning.

  18. Yesterday, before their Europa League match van Gaal stated that for them the Europa League is a priority. Then they went out and blew it. Honestly, you couldn’t make it up. 😀

  19. I just checked my books on artists NB and I have nothing on Rodin so I know little about him. I went onto Google and saw a few of his sculptures including The Kiss – incredible work.

    You may be interested to know that when my wife and I visited the Hermitage in St. Petersburg we were astounded by by massive collection of paintings and sculptures by the great masters. We were only supposed to have one day in the museum and then spend another two days visiting other sites in the city but instead we chose to spend the majority of our stay in the Hermitage. Among the highlights were the huge collection of Monet’s and Renoir’s – but one painting in particular stood out Madonna Litta by Leonardo Da Vinci the colours were amazingly vivid and I was amazed at how he was able to define the hair netting that fell over her shoulders – It was as beautiful as the day it was painted in 1490/91. Each area had a “watcher” but she was asleep so unbelievably I reached out and touched it 🙂 🙂

  20. One of the great things about the internet is the availability of wonderful works of art at the stroke of a key or two.

    One of my all time favourites is Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire. The colours, the composition and the ghostly hulk of the famous old Ship of the Line being towed to the breakers yard.

  21. No joking NB that was exactly how I felt, but I was astounded that the painting was uncovered and
    unprotected. I asked one of the curator’s how much the painting was worth and with a look of disdain on his face he said “there is no amount of money that would be enough to buy Madonna Litta”.

  22. GN5

    I often wonder how the Russians accumulated so many masterpieces …. most of them I supposed were taken from the Nazis who had plundered and stole them on the march through Europe?

  23. Yes NB it was all plundered from the Germans who have been advocating for it’s return for year – the Russian’s in turn question how it came into German hands in the first place?

    The Hermitage has over 4,000 pieces of art and during WW11 it was all crated and moved into the interior for safe keeping, after it’s return they could not fit all into the two palaces so much of it remains in the bowels of the museum still crated up after 70 odd years. The belief is that the crated art was pilfered in WW11.

  24. There’s probably only one thing better than visiting the great art galleries and that’s visiting the great sites of antiquity, to walk through the streets of Ephesus, or to descend into a pharoe’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings or just to sit and gaze in awe at the Taj Mahal in Agra. And ride up to the gates and into the main courtyard of the Amber Palace in Jaipur on the back of an elephant.

  25. NB, there’s a lot to be said for people watching and then there’s sitting outside Starbucks in Gentlemen’s Walk in Norwich and watching the fat, slovenly local populace plodding past eating their greasy hamburgers.

    Ghastly, old chap, absolutely GHASTLY!!!

  26. Right, if I can wrestle the remote off the missis I’m going to watch a bit of the South Africa/England twenty twenty.

    Au revoir art lovers.

  27. I’ve just been offered some work for the weekend…. but bugger, it means I won’t be able to watch the match tomorrow because KO is at 13h45 local time…. I’ll get a pre-match up before I leave in the morning.

  28. Evening all, nod off for a couple of hours and come back to find, the blog i use has gone all up market, Norfolk on his Elephant, NB giving up sex drugs and booze for the love of a canvas, that silly fucker N% back fucking encouraging procedings and Cockie about to throw a spanner in the works, Kelsea craftily creping in just to keep intouch, I think i’ll do my fly on the wall and see how things go 🙂

  29. NB: French women always have an exciting air about them, it’s the same when we visit Montreal or Quebec City the women all have that certain swish.

    NG: Greasy hamburgers being eaten by fat passers by sounds gross.

    NG: I’ve visited many old cities and viewed many buildings but the most astonishing was to actually walk among the Mayan ruins in Cozumel, Mexico they are over 2,000 years old. Being a bit of a tea leaf I have a piece of the ruins that I brought home with me, collecting rocks is a bit of an obsession with me I have them from many different countries and places. LA, San Francisco, Pebble beach California, St Petersburg, Cozumel, Boston etc………….

    But I agree with you NG I find it fascinating standing on some of these old sites and wondering just what it was like way back when, I get the same feeling when I visit old first nation settlements in Canada.

  30. One of the things about Canada is that when we go up North in Ontario on fishing or canoe trips it’s entirely possible that you may be the first human being to have been there the country is so vast that it’s entirely plausible.

    Steve imagine being able to fish in a pristine lake that nobody has fished in decades or perhaps ever? There are over 250,000 lakes in Ontario alone so it can happen. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  31. Half time in the cricket, GN5, I have a fist sized piece of rock with what appears to be the threads of good running through it, it’s not gold, I picked up at the foot of the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. My prize piece is a tiny fragment of tile from The Forbidden Palace in Beijing, there was some restoration work going on when I was there and I managed to get a piece from a workman’s basket.

    Tiny souvenirs that bring back memories.

  32. I also have a piece of Fools Gold from the Joberg Gold Mine it’s an abandoned mine off of the Groundhog River in Northern Ontario. My brother in law and I were on a canoe trip at the time and trekked into the bush to find the mine; on the way back we saw both bear and moose prints over our foot prints – believe me got back to the canoe in a real hurry – you don’t mess with black bears or an 800lb moose.

  33. Right, I’ve got to get a few tools sorted and get ready for some work tomorrow. PM will be up nice and early….. Cup football… on our journey to a third in a row and history. 🙂

  34. Not wanting to be left ,out but not on the same scale as our illustrious members. I had a mate who was a Stone mason when my work had dried up, he offered me a years work, how could i refuse.

    A week later i was at Leeds Castle on scaffolding with a Kango, I had worked in everything in my 50 years graft most of those years as a coded Welder, but when need must, you do what you have to Working on the battlements chipping out the pointing taking out corroded stones and replacing with new, i learnt very quickly and soon understood that with old buildings you replace with the same stuff that the original builders used, The scaffolding was above the moat fucking freezing it was often the moat was just ice. We worked on the walls to the left of the drawbridge and after we finished that part had to tender for the next.

    Looking at an old castle, and seeing the size of the stones its built with, you start to understand just how much stone had been transported in days of no vehicles.. Our walls had been refurbed restrengthens and ready to last for another thousand years, did i take a piece home with me, did i fuck. i had seen enough of fucking freezing fucking rock which had embedded itself in my skin, that job over and onto a few churches fucking hard graft not for guys of our age thats for sure.

  35. Hello old gits,

    One has to say something to catch attention even though it might not be the most courteous entre😀. Nothing for tomorrow’s game, any thoughts for lineup, will Eleny start and do Sanchez really need to rest for Barca?

  36. Here we go a stat that’s not confusing.

    Goals scored in injury time over the past 4 seasons.

    1-Arsenal: 18
    2-Everton: 13
    3-Man City: 12
    4-Newcastle: 11
    5-Chelsea: 10
    6-Man United: 10
    7-Swansea: 10
    8-Tottenham: 10
    9-West Brom: 10
    10-Liverpool: 9
    11-West Ham: 9
    12-Crystal Palace: 7
    13-Southampton: 6
    14-Stoke: 6
    15-Cardiff: 4
    16-Sunderland: 4
    17-Fulham: 3
    18-Norwich: 3
    19-QPR: 3
    20-Wigan: 3
    21-Aston Villa: 2
    22-Hull: 2
    23-Leicester: 2
    24-Bournemouth: 1
    25-Burnley: 1
    26-Reading: 1
    27-Watford: 1

  37. Hiya Corgi mate, word is Elneney will play a part, Not heard if Sanchez is in yet Danny gets about 70 minutets and i wouldn’t be surprised if Iwobi see’s the light of day. Wenger will have a full bench and i expect should the game go well we will see a lot of changes, apart from that i know as much as you mate. 🙂

  38. Aha a Welsh dog has appeared, I hope we put out our strongest possible team against Hull as they are no slouches – they are 1st in the Championship and have scored 47 goals and only given up 19 in 31 games.

  39. Evening Smeg Suckers !……………………………what`s been happening ?…..have I missed anything ? hahaha

    I`d like to say sorry to GN5, but I cant as I would be going against the freedom of expression blah blah blah… know the sort of thing……Je Suis Charlie Hebdo stuff thingy !.
    I do understand his feeling`s though and I hope he knows that everything I do on sites is primarily to have a laugh and anyway as always the last photo as in all my other one`s was Arsenal related !…….a photo of someone in an Arsenal shirt, a woman and little Dennis Wise !.
    Obviously I`m glad his leaving was very brief , he has given me some of the best posts ( on AA ) that I have read.
    Although just a Van Driver, I am an articulated one……not as in a articulated lorry as it`s just a van I drive !.
    Although not as good as `69er, I have painted in the past and have stuff on the walls and done some for relatives. I prefer working with green oak ….chairs, tables etc`, and have made some pieces which were sold at Duchy Nursery ( a long story that one where I stole my own work back ! ) and a few I kept for home .
    I love design and landscaping, have renovated plenty of houses and built three, doing all my own architect drawings for the planners. I prefer design and architecture of houses etc` to art and one of my favourite houses is Frank Lloyd Wright`s Fallingwater house which looks like a fresh piece of contempory design, but was built in the late 1930`s.

  40. What delightful social intercourse.

    See, this is what I signed up for, intelligent conversation with slight homosexual undertones, not the unalderatd filth that Cornwall posts.

    I assure you, that heinous image Cornwall posted of me receiving felatio without the sock, caused such trauma that I had no choice but to lock myself in the bathroom and conjour up the hated visual

    This post traumatic stress only broken by my visiting brother yelling through the door “Terry you Bastard, weres my fucking socks”

  41. Not quite Frank Lloyd Wright, but hey, I was on a tight budget when I designed my Sons Shaque D`amour !.

  42. Hey GN5 !………………………… there`s plenty of places in Canada where I could be the first person to have ejaculated behind a tree watching two grizzly`s making love !……………….beats that bush near my local girls art college !….I have to fight off other anoraks for the best position !. hahaha

  43. Le Coq – these are some facts about Bill Gate’s home in Medina Washington, I’ve driven by the home and I’ve also seen it from the water.

    1. The mansion took seven years to building and cost $63M.

    2. The swimming pool runs 60-feet-long and includes underwater music system. A locker room has four showers and two baths.

    3. The home includes a 2,500 square-foot gym, which isn’t crazy per se. But, have you seen Gates? There’s no way he’s A square-foot of that gym, let alone 2,500 of them.

    4. The dining room is 1,000 square-feet large. Chances are the apartment you’re reading this inside isn’t even 1,000 square-feet.

    5. When a guest arrives, they are given a pin that interacts with sensors in each room in the house. Depending on their preferences, the temperature, music and lighting will change in the house wherever they are.

    6. The home is also an “earth-sheltered house,” meaning it uses its natural surroundings as walls for temperature and to reduce heat loss.

    7. Bill Gates pays $1M a year…on taxes on the house.

    8. The house has a trampoline room with a 20-foot ceiling. We’re guessing there is a trampoline inside it, but, not confirmed.

    9. Located somewhere inside the house is Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th-century notebook, the Codex Leicester, which Gates purchased for $30.8 million.

    10. There are 84 steps down from the entrance to the ground floor. Of course you can always just take the elevator if you’re lazy.

    11. The 2,300 square-foot reception hall can seat 150 people for dinner or 200 for a cocktail party.

    12. The house contains 24 bathrooms. Twenty-four. Including ten baths. That is a lot of bathrooms, you guys.

    13. Speakers are hidden beneath the wallpaper and allow music to follow you from room to room, depending on where you go and who you are.

    14. The home comes with a 23-car garage. Twenty-three people can drive to his house, get their own parking spot and then use their own bathroom WITH ONE TO SPARE!

    15. Anyone in the house can “call up” a favorite painting or photograph on $80,000 worth of combination TV-computer screens that is run by several $150,000 computer-storage devices.
    That’s what can be done when you are worth $70 billion.

  44. Cor who’d have thought it, Cockie coming over all cultural and articulated 🙂

    Love the place you built for your son…. and the Lloyd Wright house is amazing. I am a fan of Charles Rennie Mackintosh furniture and also his watercolour paintings.

  45. No GN5. He never fucks, can’t pull anything. Which makes it quite fitting that I use his socks to exorcise filthy lustful images

    Also, evening Cornwall and Steve, but I have to go. Ime in Portsmouth at the moment with some new bird, so am hoping that my non sexually active brothers socks will for tonight, not be nessacary..

  46. The great thing about painting is that you can let your imagination run wild and free for all the price of a canvas, brushes and paints !………………..for me to let my imagination run free and wild in building a contempory house I need that Bill Gates money !………………..although I reckon I could bulid something special with let`s say …….half a mill !………….how much you worth GN5 and where do you live ?…..and wheres the grizzly cave ?. hahaha

  47. Bollocks !…………………he`s in Portsmouth with some bird !…………………sniffing around the naval yard more like it and I bet he`s never washed the sock !. hahaha

  48. Cockie…. this year I will be converting a 80 sq m tractor garage into an apartment, loft style, open plan, industrial, modern with a bit of squalor, I’ve costed it at €20,000…. I should be able to keep in within budget because I won’t be paying myself. I’ve done the plans, got estimates for the electrics and plumbing. Just waiting for the planning permission for change of use. 🙂

  49. Look forward to seeing the before and after pictures, `69er !. I love design and build and could knock one out to a nice crisp art deco building as much as Stretch could knock one out over some Calvin Kline socks !.

    I used to subscribe to this mag before the internet, now it`s like a porn site for me !. hahaha

  50. Steve let loose on Leeds Castle with a Kango !………………..fucking Philistine ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  51. Right !….time to spend some quality time with the wife………………..of my neighbour before he comes home !.

  52. I think we’re gonna go all out for change for tomorrow. Ospina in goal and Chambers and Gibbs in back line. Elneny and Le Coc as double pivot and Cambell, Iwobi, Sanchez with Theo as striker.

    Big guns Wellbeck, Giroud, Ramsey, the Ox on the bench. Might be wrong, been wrong before😀.

  53. I’m off to carve a large chicken which I’ve roasted for a family dinner, pretty simple – spicy roast potatoes, veggies and gravy. Creme caramel for desert.

    Nite all.

  54. Night Norfolk,
    Well fuck me sideways, we start the day with bad news, only to finish the day with a full contingent for our cup game tomorrow, Cockie and N5 talking buildings and design, NB swatting all night over a headline post , while drinking himself to sleep, we have had visitors who heard rumours of a spit in the camp and come over for a giggle, new bloggers actually talking football, Well i don’t fucking know it looks like we have a healthy blog on our hands, Cockie was the fly in the ointment, how would he react, a rough diamond that would fuck a frog if it didn’t jump, has turned from a Cornish Van driving pussy busting wanker, into an intellectual Gentleman who knows more about design art and architecture than Christopher Wren, fuck me where did that come from.

    Shows you, you cant judge a book by its cover can you. Now me speaking as an outsider, i kinda like it that everybody seems to be getting on, Cockie of course will slip up now and again, wouldn’t want him any other way, but i am now thinking i am out of my depth, fucking Artists designers executives and well travelled gentlemen are these blokes really fucking Arsenal supporters, i suppose they must be, so i better watch my tongue COYRRG’s night all. 🙂

  55. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, well done to get a post up so early and a good one at that.

    I really hope our lot are up for today’s game and Wenger doesn’t make too many changes. Ospina if he must but I would much prefer Cech. If Gabriel is unfit then I don’t mind if Chambers gets a game. Elneny? He has to play sooner or later, so today would be good and Ramsey could do with a rest.

    That’s about it for me other than few early subs if we get a few goals up.

    We are playing Hull City today. Forget Barca for now.

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