Ludo gets fucked by the Arse

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Firstly, I have to admit I didn’t see the game…. my stream wasn’t good and I only got sound, so I listened. This match report is written therefore on what I’ve seen on the webby and from a telephone call with my big brother last night after the game.

Six nil eh, for fuck sake we’re looking good. My brother was gushing, very unlike him because he’s normally a bit of a ‘Kelsey’. He actually said he couldn’t criticise any one player and the Sanchez goal was a thing of beauty (I must find a video of said goal) . I’ve seen a video of Özils’ second and our 5th, assisted by Lucas and that wasn’t bad, but by then Ludo was well fucked and was just bending over and taking whatever came their way.

It was Mezuts’ first hat trick and well deserved apparently, he’s obviously playing well to justify being paid £250,000 per week ha ha, same goes for Alexis. If Walcott continues banging them in he’ll want the same.

So there you have it, that’s about as much as I can write from my perspective. PSG got a win and 3 goals to the good but it still leaves us top of the group on GD of +3, it looks as if the game against the Parisiens on the 23rd of November will be the crunch game to decide top spot. Next game away to the Bulgarians who will clearly want to prove that they didn’t deserve to lose 6-0.


39 thoughts on “Ludo gets fucked by the Arse

  1. Morning all, and thank you NB, Your brother was spot on NB, Yes no passengers, we could have been a bit quicker on shutting them down in the first half, but apart from that we did what was needed to secure the win.

    Six nil seemed to flatter us a bit i felt, not that we didn’t deserve the goals but i did feel that Ludo could play a bit and on another night could well have scored a couple themselves. I know we always big ourselves up with a scoreline like this, but i do think they merited a better scoreline.

    At the end of the day, a wins a win, the six goals helps bundles for goal average and also gives us a boost as goals have been missed for some time. Whats good at the moment is that chances we make a good percentage of them have been finished off where before players looked like they had two left feet.

    Over the years in this competition, we have been criticised by many for going out early, God forgive we get in on a regular basis, but in in the past we have met teams early as City did last night who are just different gravy. City took a hammering last night, they left Aguero on the bench for reasons only there Manager can answer, and they were well and truly Messied, a hat trick by the little maestro and finished off by the man we insulted with our offer to buy him. None other than Luis Suarez City missed chances but nobody cares do they just like they didn’t care when we missed ours at times. It goes to show that if you come up against the Barca’s early exit, hope fully we can steer clear of the big clubs for a while and hopefully watch a few giant killings before the end.

    Our forwards are scoring, and playing well The Ox worked hard last night and showed commitment, Theo got his customary goal but i still felt he should have done better. On numerous occasions a ball passed through to Sanchez sow him on his own and no one busting a gut to get up there with him, Walcott watching but not moving, Iwobi when he came on was a bit the same. The ox was one that did try and support, but a few times he was the one that supplied . Theo i felt rushed some of his chances, although a lot better he still lacks a proper football brain, his shot on target was sublime so not to much criticism.

    Top of the group in Champions League and Joint points at the top of the Premier, Long way to go still but in the right positions to pressurise our competitors. Just a quick one for David Ospina, Didn’t have a lot to do but what he did was very good.

  2. Hi guys
    A great result, I did feel we were denied a cast iron penalty when we were 4-0 up, but you can’t really blame the ref as it was pretty obvious we were going to win.
    No one really to pick holes in the team as they all played well generally, the odd hiccup but thats football.
    Nice to see Lucas get minutes and didn’t disappoint with his contribution, he can only get better with a run of games.
    I think this season is the first in whatever that we have a squad capable of “competing” and not before time, given we have not been skint for ages, so while credit for our results this season so far have to be given to AW, the failure to fill the holes in our squads and making do is what my gripe with him has been.
    The next problem we face I think is managing to give rests to certain players, rather than running them into the ground, but thats another days work. Happy to be a gunner 🙂

  3. Good day you happy souls, six nil eh? What’s not to like about that?

    It’s obvious from the press and all those expert pundits that we played like shit, should have scored a dozen and we can only do it it against minnows. Well bollocks to them all. We hit six in a Champions League game, we didn’t concede a goal in a Champions League game. We’re top of our group, so all those experts can suck on that!

    Alexis goal was an absolute gem. Walcott hit a beauty, the Ox got into the right place at the right time and looked as cool as a cucumber as he took his goal. What can we say about Ozil? A super hat trick! The term World Class could have been coined for him alone.

    Ludogorets ran themselves into the ground in the first half,produced nothing and couldn’t stop our lads scoring two goals. The second half was a massacre.

    The only bum note was when Cazorla went off his left ankle was immediately strapped up, it didn’t look good.

    £250,000 a week each for two of the best players in the world? Why not? And give Bellerin at least £100,000 a week, he’s worth every penny.
    All that and there are still

  4. Hi NG
    You should know by now that fecker won’t delete anything, even if it drops you in the shit ha ha

  5. Hi Poig, yeah a silly request, he’s probably well into the second bottle of Pastis by now. He was having trouble with his stream last night, I know that feeling but a good urologist could probably help him.

  6. Morning all, I know its early, but she got me up at ten to four to put an ice pack on her knee. For all you people that have had to do caring for some one, you have my sympathy’s. I know they would do it for you, if the boot was on the other foot, but it can wear you out pretty quick. Washing ironing cooking cleaning, helping then to the loo and washing them, and as soon as you sit down they want something,

    I know it must be frustrating, to be in pain and unable to do to much to help yourself, but this caring lark is hard work. Cooking breakfast lunch and dinner and then being criticised’ can get up your nose, but of course, a carer has to be thick skinned, I think the world of my old woman, but could easily strangle her at times.. A week of this , but i feel we are over the worse, i have to start to be a physio, and get her doing exercise, nurse came in to day to change her dressing and so far no problems, healing nicely although still painful, sorry got to go and take the ice off, catch you all later, Up the Arse.

  7. Right, ice pack off and medicated, now tucked up four another couple of hours, so back to the football. Watched United last night, Virgin had it on for free last night, typical , A Europa league game and they think they are doing you a favour. 70 odd thousand at Old \Trafford the largest turn out for a Europa league match so far, and they were treated to a game that started off as one of the most boring games of football i have witnessed for some time, but for a couple of Penalties in United’s favour, the game could of been the most boring game so far this season.

    Van Persie was back, Playing for \Fenabachy, of course the wanker was welcomed by the \United crowd as a long lost proper United man , Of course it took a while for the commentator to mention that he was an Arsenal player before, but no fucker really wanted to know.

    After the two penalties the game got easier for United, and although this must be the worse Fenabachi side i have ever watched United got another couple but did let one in to Van Persie who celebrated and was clapped by the United supporters, The Portuguese Midget strolled about like he owned the place, while Aladyce cosies up to his old sparing partner Rednose, a couple of right dodgy ex managers there, Cant say i enjoyed the game that much, but from what i saw of Rooney up front, i can understand the need for Ibrahimavitch who was rested. Pay him all that money a week and he gets rested to watch Rooney. Madness. Gonna try and catch an hour in the chair before i start again, Laters.

  8. Hiya Steve,just to let you know I woke up only ten minutes ago. Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. Keep up with the housework. 😀

  9. Morning guys
    I resisted the temptation to watch Utd last night, by the sounds of it I didn’t miss much.
    You have my sympathies Steve over your nursing career, its not something everyone can do with a smile, I know I make a piss poor patient.
    I read that if Hull get taken over by the Chinese crowd, Allerdici is their 1st choice manager, unbelievable how someone who is disgraced can easily walk into another job…football operates in a vacuum, the norm just doesn’t apply. What can you say?

  10. Evening all, Duties over for the day 🙂
    Lucas has a football brain and a turn of pace, Pace is good if you have a good head, Perez should be a good prospect. Not had a great deal of time to look for News, but am sure somebody will have had a look, and will tell us in the morning. That’s it for one day, night all

  11. Morning all, Morning jobs done, and time to have a look round for Arsenal news, and i have found that Lucas Perez has admitted that he would have liked to have seen more game time than he has. Word has it that Wenger has told him that while the two players up front Sanchez and Walcott keep on delivering, he will have to be patient. Having said that i feel we may just see him today.

    Santi Cazorla has a problem with his leg and is still feeling the effects of the knock he got against Ludo, so he and Xhakha who misses through suspension will not be playing. The word is that Le Coq and Elneney will be shoring up the midfield. Aaron Ramsey could also see some game time, as he had a run out in the week with the reserves. Middlesborough have been having a good run, so this will be a tough test for us , but this should be doable.Alex Iwobi has also ben in form so we may see him as well. Like the Ludo game, if all goes well, we should see a few changes, i expect Cech to be back, but Ospina has done nothing wrong so far, so Wenger might just give Ospina another game.Back 4 should speak for itself. come on you Gunners.

  12. Good morning you mugs

    I know I said yesterday that I woulkd write a pre match today but I went out last night and just got out of bed

    Will this do…. we play ‘boro’ today and it should easily be 3 points…. but don’t think we’ll get six goals ha ha

  13. Well as Soixante-Neuf says it’s Middlesborough at home today with a traditional 3pm kick off. That means I won’t be watching the game live but as Northampton Saints are playing Castres on Sky Sports at 3.15 I shall watch that instead.

    Before that there’s the chance to watch Bournemouth (avec Le Wilshire) take on the Spuds. Guess who I’ll be cheering on, yup The Cherries.. they could do us a big favour by taking all three points, hopefully Jack Wheelchair will have a blinder and hit a hat-trick, wouldn’t that be a laugh.

    Don’t know a lot about the ‘Boro, one of those clubs forever hovering just above the relegation abyss, with a bit of luck we’ll be able to help them on their way a bit closer to doom.

    Expect a penalty or three today, referee Mike Dean has awarded nineteen in only fifteen months. He’s not my favourite by any means, but he will sort out any wrestling in the penalty box. Kos and co. to take note!

    I expect the usual starting eleven, with the exception of Elneny for the injured Cazorla and Le Coq for the suspended Xhaka.

    We should be too strong for Middlesbrough, but need to start well and keep them under pressure for the whole game.

    I’m going for a home win, 3 – 0.

  14. Half-time still 0 – 0 but a tasty game with plenty of tackles and yellow cards, Lammella lucky to be on the pitch, he should have had a second yellow, definitely on his last chance. Vertongen could also have had two bookings,

    Hopefully they’ll both cop it it in the second half.

  15. Goodish result for us, 0 – 0, Spuds look toothless without Kane, another Spud got away with a blatant elbow, definite red card.

    Watching Wilshire I can’t see him getting back into the Arsenal side, doesn’t have the pace to play midfield, and certainly not a number ten.

  16. ha ha…. excellent result for the Cherries…. and it means that the spuds have played an extra game and still didn’t move above us…. we just need our 3 points now to put as top till City play tomorrow.

  17. A bad afternoon, Saints 13 – 0 down and not looking like scoring, seven minutes to halftime.

  18. Afternoon all, Bad first half i felt lots of possession with no end result, I get annoyed when we let them come forward without challenging and our forwards never even try to win headers. Walcott is having a bad afternoon and needs replacing Lucaz needs some game time, and hopefully he will get amongst it, Negative play from us and knowing that they can all do better is really frustrating Cech is keeping us in this game with our defence looking like its their first game together, they are playing as if they believe its a stroll and changes need to be made soon.

  19. Consolation try for Saints under the posts, conversion okay but castles go straight down and score yet another try and convefion, 34 – 7.

  20. Really disappointed with that result but credit to Boro…. they could have even won it. But we still go top for now with one point more than City…. have to hope Liverpool don’t get a hatful against WBA

  21. have to say that that was a pathetic performance. Yes i am a bad loser, and although we haven’t lost, it feels like it. We are top of the league and they are down the bottom, and we cannot impose our game on them. In actual fact Middlesborough pushed us, and through Heroics from Koscielney and Petr Cech it could easily gone the other way.

    We have very talented players who at times show no feel of touch, a simple pass is hit like a rocket and a cross or shot is hit straight at the defenders or goalkeeper. Our players seem frightened to commit to a challenge the never win a fall in the air in fact they dont even challenge for them, where they are on us straight away we let them take the ball down and control it and then back off.

    Theo Walcott has scored in our last couple of games but he is not a player for the future, he frustrates me every game he strikes me as a weakling who shuns away from contact. Poacher comes to mind, he is an expert on the sideways backwards pass, say he see’s himself on the flank but never goes there and never takes on defenders, unless he cannot pass back. The man has no heart, talks a good game but disappoints over and over. Bellerin c overs and runs the wing but far to much to do alone as Walcott does nothing in defence..

    Mustafi was lucky not to have been sent off, a diabolical rugby tackle should have seen him walk, today our sharpness was not the best our final ball was atrocious and our shooting at goal was non existent, Yes i was not happy with the team today.

  22. Steve I expect some of our players were a leetle beet tired after Wednesday night. Perhaps we were not eefeecient with the final ball. All a load of bollocks of course, we just have too many off days, all the confidence from a six nil win goes straight down the toilet for some reason.

    What possible excuse can there be for playing such a shit game against such a limited side as Middlesbrough?

    I expect Wenger will talk about how we are unbeaten since the first game of the season, but that’s just papering over the cracks.

  23. That’s my lot for this evening, large gin and tonic, some roasted cashews and a Ruby to follow, might have a Becks with the Chicken Madras.

    I’ll look forward to reading 69er’s match report in the morning.

    Good night Eliteonians.

  24. Morning all,
    One in the pipe if your desperate, Got a couple of birthdays today, out for lunch with my Mrs’s Daughter Celebrating, and later on with my Grandaughter, so only about this morning after duties 🙂
    Yesterday saw us hire a wheel chair as the Mrs wanted to get out of the house, A trip round Tescos, did you know they have special wheel chair trollies, no me either, looked like an Australian road train, the longest shopping nightmare you could wish for. then to the post office then a multi story carpark to a building society which was shut, and muggings here picked the heaviest wheelchair in the shop, if any time you have to hire one, which i hope you never have to, pick a light one.

    Dont suppose anybody is up yet so catch you later.

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