From Paradise to Highbury and back again in ten days.

Well here we are then….. smooth as ever. Don’t all choke on your morning coffee/tea/wine (delete as neccessary).

I’m in the Bar des Halles, having a chilled glass of white wine and thinking about my trip to England in eight days time. Flight from Nimes to Luton and hopefully customs will allow me back into the country, my passport is very convincing so it shouldn’t be a problem. Then it will be drinks with my brother and me planning to be at a pub somewhere in Highbury for the FA Cup semi-final on the Saturday…… all suggestions will be gratefully recieved and considered but at the moment I’m thinking The Arsenal Tavern.

Then a week of being a tourist in my home town, the Tate Modern top of the list followed by Pie and Mash.

So, who will be out and about in Highbury for the FA Cup game? I really was hoping to get a ticket for the home game against Sunderland but I’ve got no complaints with the Semi-final taking that game away from me. Then the following Saturday my brother and I will watch the Chelsea game at one of his local pubs in Bedforshire. No way will I be able to get a ticket for that one, so my dream of going into the Emirates for a game will probably not be realised. I may have to take the guided tour with Charlie George.

I’ve got a funny gut feeling about the final part of this season and on that feeling I’m going to have a tenner on the Gunners to win the league, a long shot I know but the odds are currently 22/1 so it’s worth a ten pound note. We still have to play the chavs at the Emirates and they could slip up at QPR this coming weekend.

The game against Liverpool last weekend really did my happiness levels a world of good, we played some lovely football and gave a real message to the others chasing a top four spot and probably put the frighteners up Chelsea.

I’m going to post this post today because I’m going to be rather busy preparing for the trip over in the next few days. I will have an internet connection when in the UK so will probably do a daily Travelogue…… something for all you wankers to look forward to eh.

Keep the faith you bastards….. GN5, help yourself to a single malt and stop fucking complaining.

I will check the blog over the weekend so anyone who fancies meeting up for a couple of pints/glasses of wine/cup of tea or coffee/glass of orange juice (delete as neccesary)…. let me know on here and then I’ll email you.